“SOLIDARITY” by Jonathan Azaziah

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

Solidarity, solidarity with anyone who won’t submit to the Empire!
Solidarity, solidarity with anyone who has that resistant fire!
Solidarity, solidarity with every single nation of the Global South!
Solidarity, solidarity, take your colonizers and throw them out!!!

Salute to Syria first, everything, that is what Syria’s worth, because it is the front line of the battle/Bless to the Syrian Arab Army, eat rebels at lunchtime, we’re with you as you crush lies into gravel/Bless to Mugabe, and Zimbabwe, we know you got that heavy revolutionary thunder, it is clear/To Kim Jong-un and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/Struggle with no fear to defeat the disgrace in the South/Their plunder is severe but we know that you make them shake in amazement and doubt/We are with you ‘till Korea is whole again, and all the Empire’s bases are out/United Snakes of Israhell, what, you don’t see these cavaliers looting?/Traitors, you support their accursedness, me? I implore the alternative, I ain’t here for blunder brother, my solidarity, is with Mother Russia under Vladimir Putin/Smashed up the Zionist oligarchs, if they remained, things would’ve gotten messier/Blasted international spin, after the win, over the Saudi-Israeli plot in Chechnya/ Fought hard for the unity between Muslims and Christians/Only the hypocrite haters have overlooked this position/Shielder of Iran and the shielder of al-Sham/Abu Ali Putin said Russia is the shielder of Islam/Forces of the Christ and the Mahdi united as it was revealed in the Qur’an/


To Hizbullah of Lebanon, defenders of the Levant and descendants of the Twelfth Imam, protector of the valleys and the mountains and the pure shores/Fighters of another caliber, the valor of infinity, the mallet on the enemy’s head, you have astounded all the warlords/ Ana ba7eibbak ya Sayyed Nasrallah, I kiss the very ground that you have walked on/Not another man on this planet is as magnanimous or righteously gargantuan as you, nothing is as bountiful as your Nour/Thinking of Ghaleb Awwali and the other members of the Party who were martyred, their achievements are eternal/Anyone insulting them is vulturous, deserving of the sulphur in the sick fruit, of the Zaqqum Tree in the inferno/To the Bolivarian states, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and, of course Cuba/Brazil and Argentina too, Commandate Chavez is more alive than ever so, if you don’t, see it bleeding through then please, buzz off loser/India and Pakistan, your unity is needed bad, this really ain’t no type of mystery/Pakistan, gotta end discrimination, corruption, obliterate the destruction occurring due to drone strike complicity/India, stop your tortuous occupation of Kashmir and your war on the Naxalites/Cut every connect to the Zionist entity, this is for the soul of your nation, it is more than a sacrifice/End the colonial divide and reunify, so you’ll be restored to your classic might, yeah/To FLN Algeria, you still make your enemies wanna crawl into the roughest hedges/Your victory over the French will always be the stuff of legends/Iran, you are the example and the magnetic north we follow, after your revolution swallowed the Shah, and his evil was rendered mute/Not a day goes by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini that, we don’t remember you/We pray that the whole entire Ummah will scope and learn from your gifts/He who gave the life to Resistance, a beaming blaze of light who overturned the abyss/“Arab Spring” undermined our discourse but now we’re leaving it with burns/Solidarity and revolution, we’re giving back all the meaning to the words/Palestine compass, defeat the beast at the peak then we’ll reach for liberation triumphant, that is where the vibrant prism lies/And so we will struggle until Zionism dies/

  1. #1 by Christopher on 12/01/2013 - 9:34

    Love your song Johnathan,great lyrics and powerful theme, keep it coming.I hate rap but this is something else and I look forward to purchasing your album when it comes out.


  2. #2 by rehmat1 on 12/02/2013 - 9:34

    Is Imam Khomeini provided a role model for the unity of the free world.

    “Zionism has a much uglier face than fascism and its biggest supporters and abettors are America, Britain, France and other European countries. All of them would one day have to be answerable for their deeds,” Imam Khomeini quoted by Iranian Consul General Agha Mahmood Zamani during his address at a large gathering commemorating Imam Khomeini’s 21st. death anniversary on May 31 in Karachi (Pakistan).


  3. #3 by Richard Edmondson on 12/03/2013 - 9:34

    Great song, Jonathan. I have reposted the video:


  4. #4 by dianrazak on 12/04/2013 - 9:34

    LOVEE IT!..

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