TUT Broadcast Dec 23, 2013 with author Gilad Atzmon

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  1. #1 by NLG on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    Gilad has a kind of nobility about him because really does want to be “just a human,” and not some Zionist construct. He’s a real individual.

    Great show, Mark. My prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you all and protect you all.


  2. #2 by Tony on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    Regarding Snowden, do you think Putin believes your version of events or the MSM?

    ed note–my hunch is that Putin would agree with my interpretation of the Snowden affair but is going to utilize it for his own political purposes nonetheless, meaning that he is going to go along with the JMSM’s version of it.

  3. #3 by Ingrid B on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    Jesus was a Capricorn
    He ate organic food
    He believed in love and peace
    And never wore no shoes

    Long hair, beard and sandles
    And a funky bunch of friends
    Reckon we’d just nail him up
    If he came down again

    Have a really nice christmas everyone, and I wish you all the best for the coming year..

  4. #4 by bigcree1 on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    NLG said it. Nobility! Humble, kind and honest. Great qualities make great people. Gilad made several points in this conversation with Mark Glenn regarding jewish Identity Politics and “israel” the ‘jewish State’. Calling itself a ‘Democracy’ is one of the fallacies he did not mention. But the Apartheid aspect as most of us have been openly alluding to indeed has much more meaning than we thought. It’s actually a major genocide which is ongoing rather than Apartheid. At least in Apartheid South Africa the indigenous people there were left to their villages and bantustans to live unmolested and were not daily terrorized by their oppressors. Although after a close listen to a recent guest on Max French’s Victory Hour named Theuns, the jewish hidden hand was definitely there stirring up trouble between the Afikanners and the Indigenous Blacks. On the Topic of Netanyahu and his ‘hard right stance ‘as it were amongst his fellow travelers, I am in agreement with Mark Glenn. If he keeps it up, he’ll wind up assassinated like Rabin before him. His arrogance is malignant even to other jews. The damage he has done to their alleged ‘image’ is irreversible and due for an epic fall soon to come. It’s too late for them to try an put the proverbial genie back in the bottle at this point. It’s simply over and only remaining time will see this racist criminal enclave collapse like dominoes. An inevitability.

  5. #5 by MJ on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    Interestingly enough in Islam there are many levels of the hellfire and the lowest are reserved for the hypocrites……because they can do more harm then the enemy. They were your colors and undermine you from within. (this is in reference to the fake Sandy Hook truthers discussion but can be applied holistically)
    The flip side is that paradise has many levels as well.
    Thanks for an informative talk, abu kosher is a classic…:).

    We will reserve the houses of the hereafter exclusively for those who do not seek self-glory in this life and do not cause oppression and corruption to spread. The final outcome belongs to those who fear (Allah). [028:083: Al Quran]

    Say, “In fact, my Lord has forbidden all kinds of lewd and obscene acts whether committed openly or in secret: (all sorts of) sins and wrongful oppressions, associating anything (or anyone) with Allah for which He has revealed no sanction, and attributing to Allah that about which you know nothing.” [007:033: Al Quran]

  6. #6 by toirama on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    After criticising sandy hook kooks Mark goes straight to wild speculation re snowden-Israel 9/11 Boston USS liberty. No hint of irony. While that shitty lil country Israel is guilty of countless atrocities n intrigues, Mark hasn’t any evidence or facts. 46 yr anniversary of USS Liberty? Like the NSA would grow a pair n suddenly want justice. Should take his own advice.

    ed note–yes, there is a difference between ‘wild speculation’ such as what took place by the Hookers and ‘informed speculation’ that we are engaging in here. If you had bothered to listen carefully to the evidence I cited in outlining my thesis, the NSA/FBI HAS INDEED played a role–albeit not as large as some of us would like–in nabbing Israeli spies in recent years, i.e. Jayne Harmon, Stewart Nozette, Ben-ami Kadish, Keith Weissman and Steve Rosen of AIPAC, etc, etc, etc.

    And there is nothing ‘wildly’ speculative about noting the fact that NOTHING Snowden brought to light is new and then asking relevant questions such as ‘why now?’. Your remarks here reveal that–just as in the SH event–you and others are letting your emotions do you thinking for you rather than your reason. If you applied 1/10 of the energy you devoted to screaming about SH to looking at the Snowden affair you would understand why there are good reasons to be skeptical about it and to speculate in the very same fashion as took place on last night’s program.

  7. #7 by NLG on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    Well, Mark, I believe in your wise words, that we should keep our focus on family, spending our time and energy with them. But what do you when you give into temptation and check the news, discovering that today, in retaliation for an Israeli being shot (forget about all the Palestinians that have been shot and even run over just this month), Israel war planes drop bombs on Gaza, killing a two-year-old girl standing outside her home in Gaza, and also injure her family? To say nothing about the flood of sewage, lack of electricity, fuel, everyone is dealing with. I tried, man. “Just when I think I’m out, they keep pulling me in.” I mean, it’s just another flagrant violation of every know.n civilized law–except for the Talmud–you don’t slaughter innocents for another’s sin. The US, UK, France, Germany will say absolutely nothing about this war crime.

    ed note–I hear ya bro. I doubt I will be following my own advice as well and will therefore be checking in on the news during the day’s events with family.

    God save these poor people


  8. #8 by GDL on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    MG, pay little mind to these barking dogs re Sandy Hook. They have egg on their faces after making complete idiots out of themselves in front of the whole world and now are grouchy about it. You and MCP warned them what was coming their way and they didn’t listen, so let them sit their and wallow in their embarrassment.

  9. #9 by Ingrid B on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    GDL says, “egg on their faces”, the Norwegian equivalent being, sitting in the postbox with a beard..

    I agree with NLG, this assault on Gaza is too much to bear.. I want them gone, every last parasitic jew, gone from Palestine..

  10. #10 by Tony on 12/24/2013 - 9:34

    I foresee a book written in the not-so-distant future, with the title;
    “How the Sandy Hoaxers Destroyed the 911 Truth Movement”

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