Jonathon Azaziah’s ‘Rage Of The Caged’

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

No, not again/Don’t pop it in/Even when you do it slow I feel my brain jolt go pop then spin/Not a tube for feeding, it’s a tool for demons, it’s the brutal reason my soul rots and slims/Soul’s gotten dim/All of my light has fried in Guantanamo and I am in a hole locked with jinn/Gangrene build up, I feel a roach squat within/No, not my limbs, I would rather just wither up and die/Feeling the tube as it jiggles in my eye/You forcefeed us like this was the circus and we’re your creatures, isn’t this a crime?/Censored our names so your public never knows what this hunger’s like/Gitmo to Palestine, our hunger strike against the “war on terror’s” rabid lie is madd alive, we ain’t gonna run from this fight/

Locked away for life in this shameful bid/Animals assaulted my wife and they maimed my kids/Asked not to take their daddy away, that is all my angels did/Bulldozed our home and set ablaze our figs/It ain’t the first time though, I’m a ‘48 refugee that came from Lydd/ They told me to move, and I said no/They told me to move, then I yelled out “Zionist dogs, listen, over my dead soul!”/Carted off to one of their dungeons and then raped/Sack covered in urine and feces smothering my face/Tortured with electric shock, I screamed so loud/Ya ALLAH, I finally know the definition of evil now/The eagle’s down, clearly I’m boxed in/But the day I’m free I swear I’m invoking the Algeria option/I miss my 7abibty and when she cooked me couscous and lubia/One are the prisoners and we want deliverance, so from Falasteen I’ll boost truth for Mumia/

Being Black in America, I already knew justice didn’t exist/But imagine doing 30 years in prison, death row as a matter of precision for a crime that you didn’t commit/My conviction was overturned in ‘01, why didn’t it stick?/Did I kill Daniel Faulkner? Please, that’s a sickening myth/Am I a murderer? Please, you are crazy high/Do you really believe the Philly police? Same killers and creeps, who done bombed out MOVE in ‘85/Same death-dealers and freaks, who assassinated Kenneth Freeman in an execution/To keep me subjugated, in a tainted climate with the best confusion/I was framed/So my heart bleeds for my Gitmo and Palestine fam, but I assure you brothers, very soon we will rise in defiant rage/

  1. #1 by Ronald L. Waldron on 02/07/2014 - 9:34

    By Ronald L. Waldron on February 3, 2014 – 4:03 pm


    We support our TROOPS–Theme by FOX & Main Stream Media? We witnessed such on Super-bowl Sunday, BUT do we support our Veterans & Families of the previous WARS.

    Please do a documentary on the Veterans in nursing homes
    with the worse of the Worst conditions. The veterans living in
    complete poverty. The veterans disabled, needing much better
    medical treatment, and not getting it. The amount of mental
    sickness, medicated living in the streets “HOME-LESS”.

    The jobless vets, unemployed, or under-employed making
    minimum wages.

    Peace is not achieved by WAR, and more WARS.

    The Sun comes up in the East, a new day is born, yet
    yesterday will be remembered by its VICTIMS. RLW

    For WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and the
    WASTE, WE WITNESSED the atrocities of each WAR.

    My diligence for the last 13 years

    My story:

    I have worked several hours each day for the last 13 years.

    All against Zionism and atrocities they have committed against humanity.

    The partnership of the United States, and rogue State of Israel.

    Google: Fighting Terrorism at Home & Abroad.


    Google: Ronald L. Waldron

    My work includes broadcasting such info internationally.

    Sent to every individual, agency & organization I could find (Pro. or Con) World Wide.

    I sent between 800-1000 different letters to USA never received correspondence in return from any member.

    The USA Home-Land Security, Interpol, and the U.N. also received my correspondence.

    Only people that have contacted me is the US Secret Service, on two occasions.

    I have knowledge of what the NSA has been looking for
    when searching Data from 2003 on.

    Some of what Snowden reveled is relevant to such.

    I have the proof recorded on (4) hard drives. Also printed material, & soft-ware.

    Such is for sale. Which includes the six books published, copyrighted, with the numbers. All rights such as movie, documentaries etc.

    I’m on a fixed income. All has been at my own expense.
    I do not have the money for proper marketing, thus
    will relinquish all rights & royalties in the sale of such.

    Possibly you may be able to help find a buyer who would be interested. Of course you would be entitled to a finders fee.

    With any luck it will be out there by USA election time. (Oct-Nov)

    Thank You for Your Courtesy;

    Ronald L. Waldron


    Corruption has led to complete failure of our government.

    Why our congress has an approval rating of only 9%. They have relied on who they perceive as the worlds best trained intelligence agency. To train, give leadership to our agencies, and work with our military intelligence. That of course being Mossad’s take-over.

    Next, how well they have been manipulated by lobbies, again the largest is the foreign lobby,AIPAC.
    It not only shows the ignorance of elected officials, but the self-serving agendas of most.
    It took just 50 years for our government to be taken over with out any resistance from Washington, DC. It just took money,
    campaign funds, personal gifts, trips, vacations, and any other forms of gratuity.

    Prosecution of the criminals will not happen,the reason why not, corruption has a solid grip on all agencies including our Supreme Court.

    WE need to remove the criminals, and the polarized. Do not re-Elect anyone with over 8 years in office, we the voters will set the term limits ourselves if we have any sense.
    No one should have a life time appointment to any position
    that has a direct affect regarding our Constitution and its

    Congress has carried out the orders of Rothschild and his sub-agent Zionist billionaire George Soros to the letter. There has been a coup d’état by Zionist traitors. Zionist now control both political parties, both the Senate & house, Wall Street, Hollywood, The media, our food chain, TV, YOUR GUNS, JOBS, education, religious leaders, and now attempting
    to control the internet. Thankfully we can communicate with
    each other on the world wide web, the only means to expose
    the lack of morality, ethics, & integrity in our governments.

    Biblical misrepresentation by Zionist
    Where in all this “Hog-Wash” does it mention that Israel shall
    occupy any part of the United States, its government, its media,
    its financial institutions, its educational system, its market places,
    its military defense system, its laws of the land, or its faith.

    Where does God relinquish his son Jesus for them to murder, and to murder him again upon his return. Where do we find where they shall break all laws of the lands they were exiled to, or to form the largest crime syndicate that crosses all borders and to commit every immoral act humanly possible. Acts that no other could possibly dream up. To completely demonize the lives of all others.

    Now we can certainly separate Zionism from Judaism.
    Judaism, the true Torah Jews (Gods chosen people) will inherit
    their lands from God with out force, after Zionism and followers
    are destroyed.

    Where in Gods word do you find that anyone will be raptured out of the Armageddon. Such belief came in the 1950’s, after Zionism created and carried out the Holocaust of Torah Jews, that refused to take part in a forced take over of Palestinian land.

    WE need to remove the criminals, and the polarized. Do not re-Elect anyone with over 8 years in office, we the voters will set the term limits ourselves if we have any sense.
    No one should have a life time appointment to any position
    that has a direct affect regarding our Constitution and its

    PEACE can only be achieved by removing the WAR mongers
    from official capacity. Change in foreign policy regarding
    Israel and set PEACE as the agenda !

    Is Change possible in Israel?

    To change Israel we need to change things in Washington DC.
    USA foreign policies: No more foreign aid to Israel, no more trade agreements, no more fighting
    their wars, no more AIPAC/J-Street lobbies, registered as American instead of foreign.
    No more veto’s of UN sanctions on Israel. (67 of them to date) No more duel citizenship candidates in any USA government position.
    Audit the fed, Follow all campaign contributions made by Zionist.
    Break-up their monopoly & control of media. Remove all mossad from our agencies, Home-land
    Security and pentagon.
    Let Israel know that non compliance with international law, WILL result in sanctions and military might as well as any other terrorist regime.
    We need to insist on inspections of their nuclear weapons, sign a non-proliferation agreement,
    the same as Iran has agreed to.
    It is little wonder that Israeli spy Arnon Milchan is now so openly boasting about his years spent pilfering American nuclear weapons technology.
    President Johnson gave Israel 200-300 war heads shortly after taking office, and the assassination of President Kennedy. President Kennedy had denied such.


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