The Victory Hour Jan 25, 2014

The Motherland Calls.jpg

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) oversees the deployment of hundreds of misled Canadian takfiris to Syria.

Those few that survive annihilation will return to Canada and the West to practice their new crafts.

Rabid dog, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits the Hellish State. In amusement and disgust, Canadians and the civilized world gaze with satisfaction upon a dying entity.

In a spectacular triple ‘quenelle’, supporters of French comedian Dieudonne bring down three pro-Israel websites.

Always fluid, the fight against Supremacist Jewry always has more adventures in store!

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  1. #1 by bigcree1 on 01/26/2014 - 9:34

    Be warmly greeted Alexsander & Max, my brothers in arms! It is a very busy and volatile era we now embark upon with the enemy clearly in our sights at every crook & turn all over our dear little blue planet. The intrigues, infiltrations, infestations in to world Govts, organizations and camps is thorough. So much so they have even managed to infect Islam. We need this last bastion of resistance to their poison. The recreation, the monstrosity known as Wahabism/Salafism; the Takfiri rabid creatures sent to murder, rape, cannibalise and slaughter wholesale for their jewish masters, from within the matrix of their Think Tanks, funded by THEIR bank$ and trained by their evil designers, we must be on guard at all times. Your conversation on this matter alone bares much vital discourse. I will share this very stimulating and informative podcast with others. When one uses the term ‘Islamist’, it is with this very artificially manufactured Frankenstein, we refer. They are not genuine adherents to Muhammed’s teachings and are an abomination to all that is sacred and pure. The story of the young man who was followed for nearly two years by the ISI (Intel) before being ‘guided’ and recruited into the takfiri forces in Syria is very revelaing as I often wonder how so many of them keep manifesting and where they originate. Thanks for that tidbit.

  2. #2 by Ingrid B on 01/26/2014 - 9:34

    I think the difference between those who care, and the cult, plus followers/apologists, is conscience..

  3. #3 by Ingrid B on 01/26/2014 - 9:34

    “In amusement and disgust, Canadians and the civilized world gaze with satisfaction upon a dying entity.” : I really hope so..

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