The Victory Hour Feb 2, 2014


TVH-European Front.

Egeria reports on the finance based slavery now creeping from the third world, to the second world on now to the first world.

With total domination finally within the grasp of The Beast, will humanity react and save itself?

The answer is a resounding yes!

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  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    Thankyou for this program. The Rothchilds control the planet. “Icare not who makes a countries laws,if I control its money”.said by Anschell Rothchild says it all.The USA fought them off in the Civil War.History never taught. These supremicist Jews where backing the South. Jew Judah Benjamen,Secratery Of State for the Confederacy was their agent ! They owned the slave trade,and wanted the cotton.The USA was than lost in 1913,when they bribed there way back in with the FED.They hated nationalist ,Imperial Germany,who purged them in 1900. The Czars of resource rich Russia was always a target.They lied the USA into WW1,and backed the Commie/Jews to overthrow Russia. The traditional upper class,manufacturing economies,and the Middle Class their target,under the LEFT,and the NEOCONSERVATIVE FLAG WAVING RIGHT ! Who have the same CONTROLLERS ! Italy,Japan,and of course the Third Reich DEFIED THEM ! All three did not suffer,or RECOVERD like no other countries on earth,from the Jew Feds Great Depression in the USA.Germany NATIONALIZED THE BANKS. Sold Bonds to the public,had socila programs,zero interst loans to families,health care,and a 35 % tax rate! THAT ECONOMY WAS NOT LEFTOR RIGHT !Production,and wealth wennt to the whole !

  2. #2 by bigcree1 on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    Hmmmm, that cartoon image above. Would that be old Amschel Baur nee ‘Rothschild’ himself?

  3. #3 by Grand Republic on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    The Left/Right game is what has confused us.. The worse today,are the very dangerous ‘Right Wing Patriots’. This began with the phony John Birch Society which covered for the Jews.The TV PreachersFOX(Rothchild) Vatican 2 Catholics,and assorted Tea Party/Conspiracy types with the KOSHER SEAL OF APPROVAL… Beck,Alex Jones and that trash crowd. They distract,and lie about who holds the power. The Neoconservatives are looking for “Nazis”,:Marxists”,Muslims”,and pick on the poor ;on already cut welfare,and struggling people on Food Stamps,which that spending HELPS THE WHOLE ECONOMY. All the while the Rothchilds 57 % US FED runs THEIR LIVES into the ground ! Yeah right! People can work where there are NO JOBS ! The Jews sent them abroad. But watch out: THE FLAG WAVING RED NECKS ,AND SUBURBIA HOLY TYPES ARE NEXT ON THE JUDIAC AGENDA !

  4. #4 by MJ on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    Max and Egeria enjoying the many topics you brought up issues of concern such as the private ownership of banks, education-debt slavery, third world economic and resource slavery and the fact that we in the west were untouched but that now it is here. (structural adjustment programs are devastating).

    Max good education ideas ( credit system) online ed will be a growth area, also cost saving.
    The main thing though is that money as debt, the fiat currency system has to boycotted and stopped creatively.

    Concerned that Muslims first and then immigrants will be scapegoated instead of bankers.
    Banker should be a dirty word and politician should be a dirty word because these people are thoroughly compromised morally, moreover, they are feeding off the flesh of billions of utterly poor people.
    Thanks Egeria for highlighting Ken’s beliefs
    (If you ever had to give a person begging for water and food, but especially water……you realize the shock of it.)
    Egeria 90% of the bankers in Muslim banks do know exactly what their doing but they try to get fatwas to support their new positions and circumventing others. Many don’t care, in this day and age it takes a certain kind of individual to be at the highest levels of finance, banking, corporations and politics. Arrogant Psychopaths.
    they use loop holes like “necessity” loopholes because the shariah allows a person to go around a forbidden law in cases of necessity. Eg. a guy with 10 kids will not get a landlord to rent a home for him/her hence he is allowed in his special circumstances to get a mortgage. PS the vast majority of the scholars will say no interest bearing loans and a few might allow it in such a case. This however has now led to many people who do not fall in the necessity category getting homes through this loophole,
    2 videos that I recommend are the Four Horsemen documentary and the College deception.
    Here is the video on the Four Horsemen:

  5. #5 by bostonblah on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    israeli security in charge of superbowel and sochi security , banned haaretz article

    just a reminder

  6. #7 by jm on 02/03/2014 - 9:34




  7. #8 by Egeria on 02/03/2014 - 9:34

    Thank you dear friends and brothers for all your caring comments and useful information.

    MJ, dear brother – I know perfectly well what you mean by saying (quote):
    “If you ever had to give a person begging for water and food, but especially water……you realize the shock of it.”
    Yes MJ – I can confirm it is a terrible shock, and when you experience it I assure all of you that you will stop worrying about yourself and start caring for those who suffer.
    And yes, I found Max’s proposal for education solutions absolutely fantastic.
    Thank you also for the ‘Four Horsemen’ video – am watching it now – I might use some info provided there for future broadcasts.

    Hahaha Bigcree Shadowhawk, dear brother.
    Personally I find a striking resemblance with Alan Greenspan in that cartoon.
    Look at the pic on this link:

    Thanks again to each one of you, especially for the concern you show for those who suffer.


  8. #9 by MJ on 02/04/2014 - 9:34

    Thanks, Egeria for your kind words, yes it is the lack of water that is a bigger shock……stopped buying extra stuff that I do not need, esp clothing we don’t really need that much to be clothed. PS I am sis….:)

  9. #10 by A-TP on 02/04/2014 - 9:34

    The jews believe that when they “have the key to all the world riches” their king will come and rule the world.I guess,as long some valiant nations still issuing their sovereign currency,it wont happen.

  10. #11 by sftx on 02/04/2014 - 9:34

    EXCELLENT Egeria ! This is one of your best, of those I have listened to. I missed the live broadcast, and am listening still now. You and Max are so GREAT.

  11. #12 by Ingrid B on 02/04/2014 - 9:34


    Just a few thoughts on what you have said so far, on today`s podcast..

    Taxes.. I`m not sure what the tax systems are in other countries, but here in Norway, our incomes are already taxed when paid into our bank accounts..

    Student loans.. It is probably an almost universal problem..

    It occurred to me that one way of combatting both systems, would be to encourage the young student/work forces of the jew occupied countries to study in non occupied countries. Russia, and Iran spring to mind, but there must be others. Also unemployed, underpaid, present, or future, taxpayers, would do well to apply for visa`s to work in non occupied countries, such as Russia, and Iran, pay their taxes to those countries, thereby strengthening the economies of less militant, more peaceful nations. Farming comes under this category..

    Fear.. Yes, the ptb are, at present, trying to instill this type of fear into the people of Scotland, by saying that a break with the UK, will lead to a break with the EU, and would negatively affect the Scottish economy. It was said somewhere that Putin was working with Cameron on this project, I find that hard to believe..

    National Banking.. We should all contact governments which care, government employees, who are, by right, our employees, to nationalize the banks, and to stop privatizing institutions, such as the health services..

    Heard yesterday, and you probably did too, that Yemenis are angry with the so-called government, for signing a contract, which sells off their resources cheaply, they want the contract broken, I hope it happens, power to the people..

  12. #13 by Ingrid B on 02/04/2014 - 9:34

    PS.. Deudone, (hope I spelled his name correctly, has been banned from entering the UK, excuse/reason, his gesture is “anti-semitic”.. he, himself, has said that his gesture is anti.zionist..

  13. #14 by A-TP on 02/05/2014 - 9:34

    Ingrid,to contact “governments,employees [..] to nationalize banks..”,it is not going to happen this way because the international jewish money-lender cartel is not allowing it as it would cut at the root of their power and income.Only a complete change in financial,economic policies,a turn away from current judeo-freemasonic democracy with its easily manipulated majority can do it.

  14. #15 by Egeria on 02/05/2014 - 9:34

    Allow me to thank those friends I have not mentioned earlier and those who have posted their comments after my first reply: Dante Ardenz, and Grand Republic, and Bostonblah, and jm, and A-TP, and sftx, an Ingrid.

    So MJ, you are a lady, not a ‘brother’ as I called you, right?
    Well, pleased to meet you, dear sister.

    INGRID, dear friend and sister, we are going to touch on the subject of taxes, most probably on the next Victory Hour episode. It is a very painful issue indeed, as in all our countries our taxes are being arbitrarily deducted from our paychecks, without us having any say in it, or control over their destination.

    Thank you again, all of you dear friends, for caring to comment and for all the precious information you have provided.


  15. #16 by Ingrid B on 02/05/2014 - 9:34

    A-TP, I also e-mail reporters of regional newspapers, and regional TV channels, but I will say this, there are many Norwegians speaking out against privatization of the health service here..

    Egeria, look forward to your next report from Roma..

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