Jobbik: New Ukrainian government is ‘chauvinistic and illegitimate’



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  1. #1 by kittie kittie on 03/05/2014 - 9:34

    Who wrote this headline? LOL Mark! Jobbik says worse about the west in the article.

    Clicking around the jobbik website and found this:

    THE LIE: Jobbik are anti-Semitic, Jew-obsessed holocaust deniers, who engage in conspiracy theorizing over the level of Jewish influence in Hungary.

    THE FACTS: First, Jobbik has never denied the holocaust, and persistently refutes as absurd the idea that it is anti-Semitic. Nevertheless, it was not a Jobbik party member that chose to fly to Tel Aviv’s Hilton Hotel on 10th October 2007, to disguise himself as Simon Peres, and then make a public statement pretending to be the head of Israel, to say that it was “buying up Hungary.” No. The Israeli President managed to do this all on his own. And the indignation that resulted from it in Hungary has been a product of what was said, not who said. As Hungarian nationalists we would consider it an unacceptable statement had it come from the President of Denmark, the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, or the Sultan of Oman.

    Furthermore, the significant role played by Israeli companies in terms of receiving lucrative government contracts, and the Hungarian property market, is beyond denial. Some 70% of all property development in Budapest is conducted by Israeli owned firms. Twenty separate Israeli companies dominate the Budapest property market,* and own the vast majority of our capital’s shopping centres, office blocks, and prestige hotels; in addition to most of the recently constructed residential blocks in the city.

    Extensive levels of fraud, bribery, underselling and corruption has taken place in order to make all this possible; both at the local- and senior-government level. To say nothing of the fact that the face of the Hungarian capital, which used to be regarded worldwide for its classic architecture and the strict building regulations that it observed, has been changed completely by this construction boom of mostly modernist buildings of cheapest possible manufacture. The lowliest council functionary, up to the highest levels of government, have been implicated in this affair e.g. the troubling relationship between Israeli property magnate Joav Blum and both former Prime Ministers Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai. These are simply the facts.

  2. #2 by rehmat1 on 03/05/2014 - 9:34

    How could

    In November 2013.the Zionist-Jewish world was overjoyed for being called “big brothers of the Church” by the kosher Pope Francis. At the same time the so-called “Jew hater”, Gabor Vona, president of Hungary’s White nationalist opposition party Jobbik was in Turkey, calling for Christian-Muslim unity.

    Speaking at the Sakarya University in Turkey, Vona said that Turkey and Hungary are sister nations. He also stressed that neither religion nor earlier historical conflicts can interfere with the task of carrying both the European and the Asian point of views. We need to develop closer ties with Turkey that go far beyond diplomatic and commercial relations.

    “I didn’t come her to talk to you about the transitory subject of diplomatic and economic relations, others will do that on behalf of me, I came here to meet my brothers and sisters, to offer a fraternal alliance and bring you the good news: Hungarians are awakening. Our common mission and the universal task of Turanism are to build bridges between East and West, between Muslims and Christians, to be able to fight together for a better world – to show to the world that Christians and Muslims are not enemies but brothers and sisters. No one can accomplish this mission more effectively than Hungarians and Turks because we are connected by common blood,” said Vona.

    Vona, is depicted as the “far right” and “Israel-hater” by the western Islamophobes and Jewish controlled mainstream media for “good reasons”. Hungarian Gabor Vona and Geert Wilders are both anti-colored immigration, but politically and culturally far apart. While, Wilders considers Israel as defender of “Western Values” – Vona believes Islam as “the last bastion of mankind’s traditional culture”

    Vona, a Roman Catholic, in his book ‘Born on August 20′, says: “If Islam fails, then almost all light will vanish, and there will be nothing to counter the darkness of globalism, and then history will truly end.”

    In the book he also says that “Israel has nothing to do with Judaism, and neither has America with Christianity. From this point of view the traditional Muslim society, that reveres Mary as a Saint and sees Jesus as a prophet, stands much more close to Christianity than America and Israel with their continuous wars to maintain their hegemony and calm their thirst for booty.”

    Ahead of April 2010 elections, Hungary’s Jewish lobby groups had accused Vona having ties with Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad and that if he became prime minister of the country, he will invite Iranian Revolutionary Guards to hold joint military drills with Hungarian Guards.

    Jews were expelled from Hungary in 1349 – but were allowed to return in 1364. In 1494, 16 Jews were burned at the stake in Tyrnau for sacrifying Christian children as part of Jewish rituals (Blood Libel). In 1541, Hungary became part of Ottoman empire. According to the ‘Jewish Virtual Library’ site: “The Jews were treated well under the Ottoman regime. However, in the late 17th century when the Hapsburgs captured Hungary, the anti-Semitism grew with the expulsions of Jews from cities“. Read more here.

    Hungarian tribes learned about Muslims through wars with Tatar leader Batu Khan – over three centuries before Turk Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificient, defeated Hungarian army on August 29, 1526. Ottoman Turkey ruled Hungary for nearly 150 years. Read the Turkic-Hungarian history here.

    Nation’s capital, Budapest, has a small Muslim community. There are a few masaajid and prayer rooms in the city. The Dar Al Salam Masjid is the most prominent masjid in the city. The Masjid Taubah and the Budapest Masjid are the other masaajid in the city. The shrine of the Turkish saint Gul Baba Turbeje, Sultan Suleiman’s companion and famous Ottoman poet, is located in the city. There are a few halal restaurants in Budapest where you can find Turkish, Pakistani, Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

  3. #3 by Isaac on 03/06/2014 - 9:34

    I like that there is still some one there who can tell the truth with no fear. The truth is coming out even in our Congress and Senate who are now divided on this issue.

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