Arthur Topham interviewed by Kourosh Ziabari for Fars News–Majority of the Canadian Media Are Controlled by Zionists

Syria Under Fire: Zionist Destabilization

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  1. #1 by Ron on 03/08/2014 - 9:34

    *What City will you as a Republican vote for, to have the *REPUBLICAN PARTY CONVENTION HELD FOR 2016.

    Ronald L. Waldron

    Shared publicly – 11:19 AM

    I voted for Columbus because it is located near the center of Ohio. I belief Ohio will be the swing State again the next two elections, loose Ohio, loose the election. No other city will have the same impact, with the exception of, what is the capital of the State of Israel: Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? I’m sure that is where 90% of us Republicans would really rather hold our convention, It would make our cause so much more about our alliance with Israel. We would not last a day with out the support of Israel, AIPAC, and their Zionist billionaires. We have to use every dirty trick possible again, to try and hold off the Democrats and the working class Americans. We beat the hell out of unions with Regan, but we do not have the same strength, they just do not believe our lies, or trust our decisions. The tea party should have been about closing ports, and boycotting goods from Israel, Russia, and China. Where have all our assets, and principles disappeared to. We would find all the answers we need if the convention were held in our capital of the State of Israel. We as a party must support Israel’s policy of WAR against IRAN, even though Israel maintains 300 Nuclear war heads. Even though there is no evidence that Iran is in violation of international law. We must support Israel and the violations, even with the atrocities committed by them against her neighbors , Palestine, and the millions of HUMAN RIGHTS violations.

    We are “CHRISTIANS” WE HAVE A DUTY TO FIGHT AGAINST ANY OTHER BELIEF. iT must be in our Bible somewhere. If not Pat Robinson and the rest will put it there.


  2. #2 by rehmat1 on 03/08/2014 - 9:34

    CNN is American and not Canadian. It’s controlled by the Jewish Lobby.

    In Canada, 60% of media is owned by the CanWest, a pro-Israel Zionist Jew family.

  3. #3 by Eco on 03/08/2014 - 9:34

    This is disgusting that Canadian government allow that!!!!

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