The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs

ed note–apologies for some of the racy images in the intro.

  1. #1 by NLG on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    No doubt. I am convinced more than ever of 2 things. 1. Putin’s ascendancy was by divine mandate. There was no way, in hell, literally, that these snakes, who had completely rigged the game, saw his true nature; they were blinded by their own god-like sense of self-worth. Through Putin, they were smacked down. 2. Putin is perhaps the deepest of the deep players. He knows exactly what “Israel” is and he is completely aware of Israel’s designs to become THE world power in a unipolar world: and understands how this is being machinated through the USA. He truly gets it. But, he “gets it” in his soul, without having to think about it. Every real Christian, uncorrupted by Dispensationalism, I think, would accept him as really one of the few true leaders left in the world who actually serve their people. God bless Putin, God bless Russia. They have been through hell and back.

  2. #2 by annebeck58 on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    So, they did in Russia essentially what they’ve done here. Problem? WE haven’t kicked them out. Putin is much more wise than any of our presidents.
    What I hate is that these jerks are still able to run Russian businesses from Israhell and GB (and probably the US too.)
    WE need a Vladmir Putin on OUR (american) side!

  3. #3 by bigcree1 on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows. Never had any clue that it was the thug Boris Berezovsky who first introduced Vladimir Putin to the Yeltsin Administration! What irony! He’s now deceased. Putin has reached a zenith in his career with much more to come!

  4. #4 by nooralhaqiqa on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    Excellent movies. A Putin type is just what America needs. The footage late into Part 2 showing the early days of him with Yeltsin and his way of relegating and dealing with power is enlightening. He seems to do everything with a subtle smile of genuine humour every once in awhile, he is indeed a ruler who licks no one’s boots. He does not bare his posterior to all and sundry in power as do our leaders in the West. And if no one cannot see the comparisons between Wall Street & the bankers and the Oligarchs of Russia, they are mad. This is truly educational for anyone with even only one eye open and a good insight into Putin.

  5. #5 by Ingrid B on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    Let us hope that western countries follow the example of Russia..

  6. #6 by annebeck58 on 04/13/2014 - 9:34

    I watched a very good documentary, today; The KGB Dissident. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Russia’s move from Communism to Democracy, and the (insane) growing pains, created by the fact that the leaders of their Communist police were simply moved over into the, “Democratic police force”.

    I’d love to say more about it, but don’t want to spoil the ending, which is pretty awful. Here’s a link to it, in hulu (but I bet you can find it, ad-free, in yt.)

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