Greystone and NATO mercenaries guide Kiev’s Takfiris into Ukraine’s largest loss of life since World War II.

After running street battles, 100 Resisters are trapped in Odessa’s Union Trades Building.

Thirty die in stairwell infernos and five more die jumping from windows.

Survivors fleeing the building are killed or beaten and arrested.

46 murdered. A beloved babushka, High School kids, local workers, men and women alike.

Hundreds of Russian volunteers, all veterans, have evaded Russian border guards and joined the fight for Humanity in Ukraine.

A lonely abandoned mine guarded by a tank platoon and 500 troops holds Ukraine’s small arms arsenal.

Can Kiev trust these soldiers?

Playing right into the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the world’s Trotskyites will find themselves in the dock in People’s Courts.

We’ll hang them in Nuremberg.

Listen here

  1. #1 by bigcree1 on 05/08/2014 - 9:34

    Appreciated greatly. From the horses mouth. The entire ugly scene playing out there by the Neo Bolsheviks pretending to be ‘Nazis’ whilst they murder literally by firs (holocaust) innocent people in buildings and other unspeakable acts of violence to provoke Russia into a Third World Fire. I agree with Dennis. I want them destroyed and yesterday!

  2. #2 by Ingrid B on 05/08/2014 - 9:34

    Read an article earlier on Press TV by Wayne Madsen, entitled “Obama prepares to smash BRICS during his last few years in office”, here is an excerpt pertaining to the situation in the Ukraine:

    “The Baltic Times, which adheres to the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty/George Soros/CIA line of thinking, has already published an article suggesting that NATO blockade Kaliningrad, or Konigsberg as it is increasingly being called in the Western propaganda media, unless Russia withdraws from Crimea. The following was published on the Baltic Times website on April 28: «Why not block Kaliningrad from the Baltic Sea and station troops around its entire border? This would cut off Kaliningrad from Russia giving NATO a strong card to play in demanding that the Crimea be returned to the Ukraine and to halt all Russian efforts to invade the east of the country». ”

    Personally I think that all those who are pro-Russia, should cross over into Crimea, and lock down the borders. The Ukraine means nothing to “the west” without Crimea..

  3. #3 by Carol A. Valentine on 05/08/2014 - 9:34

    There are only 2 options.

    Either They will hang

    Or we will hang.

  4. #4 by JM on 05/08/2014 - 9:34

    Thank you ver much gentlemen. So terrifying. Get Ukraine back. Now it is them, Next time it is us
    Honestly how do human beings manage to be like this. I cannot get these Images out of my mind.I go to bed in tears with all the human suffering. We do not have a choice. I am not violent either, but they are forcing us to act, for our sakes and for our children and their children…………They are playing so dirty, there are no nornal elections even in the so called democratic countries. What an insane world we live in. We are being backstabbed constantly.

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