The Victory Hour Broadcast June 16, 2014

Espana Una,
Espana Grande,Espana Libre!
Arriba Espana!Arriba por siempre!

Victory Hour – Russian Front hosts are very honored to invite

Jose Manuel Perez Valdes, tough veteran of the Spanish Foreign Legion, for our weekly show.The topics we discussed:-         Caudillo Francisco Franco and his epoch;-         Friendship and collaboration of Francoist Spain with the
Arab-Muslim World;–         Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and “Fascist” Spain;

–         Spanish Legion – one of the most hard-core fighters in the world;

–         The USG/CIA bloody war against Spain, which started
literally since the OSS` years;

–         Basque terrorism as the tool of globalism and American imperialism;razz

–         Catalonian separatism and its friendship with Zionism and Israel;

–         Spain today: politics, economy, diplomacy, and dirty secrets of the Royal Palace;

–         GAL – how to deal with terrorism in effective way;

–         Geopolitically important problem of “Spanish Sahara”;

–         Otto Skorzeny and Leon Degrelle personally;

–         The noble and clear genius of Cervantes – Don Quixote and
Sancho Panza as two embodiments of the Spanish national character;

–         The crazy and dark genius of Salvador Dali;

– and much, much more during 2 hours of our discussion.

More to come later!

Bienvenidos, senores y senoras! Muchos gracias!

Listen here

  1. #1 by Dante Adenz on 06/17/2014 - 9:34

    Thank you all for this wonderful show. I enjoyed it so much,I listened twice. Today,Spain has been high jacked by the NWO/International Jews/NATO. You guest reveals another time,of a free,and independent Spain.One where poverty did not exist,but pride,and culture did. One where the nations money,was not under Rothchilds of London. But people fall for the LEFT/RIGHT-‘Freedom”,lies. The recollections of Colonel Skorzany,and Degrelle were most exciting:Please see THE EPIC STORY OF THE SS,By Degrelle: YOU TUBE,and SKORZANY/YOU TUBE.,.. his stirring Spanish Funeral in 75 is on there ! I like that your guest does not use the term:Far Right-Francis Parker Yockey in the work IMPERIUM opposes this. Valdimer confirms this,as he speaks often of how the Zionist NWO,were being purged in the old Soviet Union. The people want a united,non-left/right front against the NWO. The genius of NS,whick broke that Judaic Construct. The people of Europe must forge a system tha ttakes them out of NATO,and Central Banking. Uniting with a Nationalist Russia. Hopfull from Britain to Vladavostock. But from at least the Channel! Since Britain has stayed stubborny under the Judaic world view since the 1600s !

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