Two IDF tank officers killed overnight


Deaths of Captain Dmtri Levitas, 26, and First Lieutenant Natan Cohen, 23, raise IDF toll in Gaza to 29

Times of Israel

Two IDF officers were killed during fighting in the Gaza Strip late Tuesday, bringing the total number of soldiers killed to 29.

Captain Dmitri Levitas, 26, who commanded a tank company, was shot dead by a sniper.

First Lieutenant Natan Cohen, a 23-year-old platoon commander in the Armored Corps, was killed by “terrorist fire,” according to the IDF.

Levitas will buried at 3 p.m. in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery. Cohen will be laid to rest at 6 p.m. in Modiin

Levitas arrived as a new immigrant to Israel from Tashkent, in Ukraine, when he was one year of age, Ynet reported. His mother lives in Jerusalem and his father in the north of the country. More recently, Levitas lived in agricultural community of Gesher on the Golan Heights.

A friend of Levitas said that the soldier had recently finished a company commander course and also played as a goalkeeper in a local soccer league.

Cohen, from the town of Modiin, was planning on marrying his girlfriend soon, according to a friend who spoke to Israeli news site Walla.

“Natan was very social, the most social person I’ve ever seen,” a friend told the news site. “He got along with everyone, offered everything without arguing with anyone.”

Another soldier, Avitar Torjeman, was killed in fighting earlier Tuesday.

The IDF death toll is now 29, with one more soldier missing and presumed killed. In the past 24 hours three soldiers were seriously injured, nine suffered moderate wounds, and eight were lightly injured.

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8 in an effort to stem rocket attacks by Palestinians in Gaza on Israeli towns and cities. After days of airstrikes a ground offensive began last week with thousands of troops entering the Hamas-controlled enclave.

Palestinian sources say over 600 people have been killed in Gaza since the start of the operation just over two weeks ago. Gazan terrorists have fired over 2,000 rockets at Israel since the operation began with warheads striking the south, Tel Aviv, and central regions of the country.

  1. #1 by William Crain on 07/24/2014 - 9:34

    All Israeli’s are Illegal Colonizers ~ Kill every last one of them

  2. #2 by NLG on 07/24/2014 - 9:34

    This guy was actually born in the Ukraine and grew up on the occupied Golan and died as an IDF soldier killing the indigenous population. His existence encapsulates that of Israel itself!

  3. #3 by Dante Ardenz on 07/24/2014 - 9:34

    Boo hoo. Only Jews hurt,bleed,and die. Nobody else counts.

  4. #4 by bigcree1 on 07/24/2014 - 9:34

    Hamas has all the rights in the world under the Geneva Conventions Rules of Engagement under Article 60 as being under occupation. The “israelis” the occupiers/Squatters are the aggressors and now getting their commupance in the form of real time fight back. They made the decision to send ground forces into Gaza against the wishes of even some of their top ‘Officials’ wishes. Now they will pay the price. There is no going back and Hezbollah is keenly aware of what is taking place there. I would not doubt if they will soon come to the aid of the besieged Palestinians. Other Arab Nations are doing nothing and that is very disturbing. It indicates their complicity in this egregious wholesale slaughter of innocent people, many of them just children and even infants. I find it even more disturbing how the ‘Rabbis’ call for the total annihilation of a population they stole from and so blithely pronounce their ‘superiority’ over this civilian populace who never harmed a hair on their ‘precious’ heads. What I really cannot fathom is the sheer depravity of a mind to carry out in such a perfunctory manner a ruthless killing in the way they are doing it of people who have little to nothing. In this it is most deplorable and unconscionable on the part of anyone condoning it.

  5. #5 by michael mazur on 07/24/2014 - 9:34

    Michael Mazur · Top Commenter · Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
    I don’t believe any glib Israeli claims of deaths of IDF soldiers, for it’s very important to demand of Israel as high a standard of visual proof as is freely made available by the Palestinians in respect of their own deaths. Israel continues to make these claims because otherwise 750 Palestinian dead to 0 Israeli dead more completely proves its a unprovoked massacre of innocents. Yes, unprovoked, for there are NO Hamas rockets out of Gaza, nor have there been these last six years, and israeli evidence of damage on the ground is pure, pure fakery, and so obvious. That’s how it’s been for six years now. That is, this was true in 08/09, and in 2012. Who says all this ? I do, and on my own responsibility, irrespective of whether anyone else does or not, as i’ve been paying attention.
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 3 minutes ago

    I stuck this on the T o I page, which then also appears on ‘my’ page. Just a small note, though, fb are real snakes in the grass, like you showed yesterday by way of illustrating something else, in that they have me as IUPUI. This is not true, and i can’t delete it. Fb put it in there to try and embarrass me with those who know otherwise.

  6. #6 by nooralhaqiqa on 07/25/2014 - 9:34

    Over at J Post, these soldiers are lionized in the media. Images of the usual screaming boys, girlfriends curled up over their graves buried in flowers, etc. Nothing they do can compare with one nameless victim of these soldiers…. Israel is losing the PR war. Those darn telegenic holocausted corpses…. There are no tears to be shed for these young men.

  7. #7 by annebeck58 on 07/25/2014 - 9:34


  8. #8 by gaston rahier on 07/25/2014 - 9:34

    karma can be a nasty mean old bitch btw tashkent is in uzebekistan not the ukraine

  9. #9 by David Northam on 07/25/2014 - 9:34

    I mourn at loss and suffering. A great human carries his fallen enemy to aid, and wears the shame of having had to use his obvious superior strength. And sleeps for evermore in his actions. All suffer in the end, winners and losers in the consequences of consciousness.

  10. #10 by William Crain on 07/25/2014 - 9:34

    I rage physically and mentally ~ i don’t feel mourn, because the suffering is all perpetrated intentionally by the deranged base of the Zion/Judaists ~ gawds chosen Barbarians, choose to inflict this pain this Genocide ~ i loath and despise, no room for mourn or suffering.

  11. #11 by Isaac on 07/25/2014 - 9:34

    I hope they kill more. I wish some one would help the Palestinians to kill as many Jews as they can. That diabolical race needs to be wiped off the planet and it will happen, its just a matter of time. Read the book of Jeremiah where the same god of the Hebrews coursed them and damned them for being the most wicked beings on this planet. That is besides Jesus who also coursed them and damned them.

    “Oh house of Israel” declares the Lord, I am sending a distant Nation against you, and ancient and enduring nation. A people whose language you do not know and whose speech you do not understand. Jeremiah 5 – 15

  12. #12 by michael mazur on 07/26/2014 - 9:34

    Hey, i’m trying to tell you guys that the Jews are LYING.

    There have been NO deaths or injuries amongst them, as all is theatre, with only the Gazans providing the real graphics of their own deaths, many hundreds of them, but you seize on the CLAIMS of Israeli deaths as if wishing they are true.

    They are not, for they provide NO credible visual evidence – acquire hard eyes, therefore it is not true.

    None of it is. Don’t have them laugh at your gullibility !

    Not even the initiating claims early in June in respect of the three Israeli teens having been abducted and murdered are true, for the event did not happen.

    Why didn’t it happen ?

    With total control of the media, especially in that closed den of iniquity called Israel, any abduction story can be conjured up, sold to the outside world, and not have it cost the life of a single Israeli teen, let alone three.

    All psyops.

    By adopting this overall forensic approach, the ‘score’, six weeks later, is adjusted to a very very unheroic 900 Palestinians to 0 Israelis, meaning we can stick to them the charge of mass murder, thus flicking aside their descriptor of conflict which implies contenders, albeit uneven.

  13. #13 by mlo on 07/27/2014 - 9:34

    To say that NO israeli soldiers have been killed is pure hogwash. What are they, invincible? Doubt it. Although the score is so incredibly lopsided, I bet money there are some dead Jew soldiers. Let’s give the Palestinian resistance some credit here.

  14. #14 by annebeck58 on 07/27/2014 - 9:34

    mlo. I do believe some zid-soldiers (freaks) have been killed, but, when it comes to the iOF, we have seen that at least 10 out of 12 are dead due to, “friendly fire”. So I would disagree with Mark on this point.
    And I don’t exactly agree with Hamas that they took out thirty or forty of them… I think they got lucky,as usual, and the dinks have been offing their own (like I said, as usual.)

  15. #15 by michael mazur on 07/27/2014 - 9:34

    #13, how many is some then ? And why don’t you believe the rest of the Israeli claims ?

    And, yes, they are invincible, as the Palestinians have neither firearms nor rockets, and so can’t take credit for anything.

    It follows that you believe the story about the three Israeli teens from early last month ?

  16. #16 by michael mazur on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    Anne, there are no friendly fire incidents there for the reason that the tank crews and armoured personnel crews feel themselves like game wardens amidst a herd of beast to be culled – they can be leisurely about it, no risk of a fast moving projectile – let alone a wall of them, coming at them from the other direction, or being caught out, from the sides.

    There are no infantry there.

    Why ?

    For to shoot masses of people like that comes over as premeditated.

    Better to murder people as a indirect result of striking buildings, and having the falling masonry crush them, as, well, that’s unintentional, of course, as it’s really the Hamas arms cache we’re after.

    Now that they’ve read this, watch for a psyops 2sec clip – before we can take it in, from another time and place intended to convey that there are infantry there.

    While i’m here, Hamas – read Israeli intel, are the Gaza people’s worst enemy, for it is they who make possible these periodic bouts of religiously driven mass murder.

    The Gaza people have no leaders.

  17. #17 by michael mazur on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    Sorry, i meant armoured personnel carrier crews.

  18. #18 by Isaac on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    Michael mazur. After reading all the lies the “Master of Deception”, the Jew have told us for so many years, I believe you. That there were no 3 settlers death. Many articles disclaim those assertions. And just think. How is it possible that Hamas had fired thousands of missiles into “Israel” (Palestinian Occupied Territory) and there is no casualties and no damage to any building?. Some people think that the so called “rockets” have been fired by the IOF (Israel Offensive Force) to blame it on the Palestinians. They all fall in open fields where they can’t damage any one and that is the reason why no one have been hurt and no building damaged.

  19. #19 by Isaac on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    Israel does not have the right to defend themselves because they are the thieves, the usurpers, the killers, the invaders. A bunch of thieves invade your house and kill just about every one and they corner you in a spot where you can not go any where, they block you all the entrances and confiscate your money, they ration your water, your food and check 24/7 on every move you do. If you kick them out or if you kill one of them, by law those thieves do not have any right to defend themselves. The same is happening in Palestine.

  20. #20 by William Crain on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    i’m not sure what i’m reading ~ are you saying Hamas is setting Gaza up for crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Zionist Israeli’s for religious reasons?
    i feel that the crimes against humanity are being perpetrated for full spectrum dominion … with the Star of David as their banner of worship but i don’t see Hamas as succoring this ~ the Zionists will use whatever reason, if it compromises anything it’s good and Hamas is compromised as it leaves your lips… what evidence is there that Hamas is a shill for the IDF?
    thank you,

  21. #21 by annebeck58 on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    At this point,I don’t agree that there have been no IOF (ITF) soldiers meeting their deaths. I do think there are always some in different batallions that others *including chiefs* do not like and would prefer to see them dead, so there are at least a few they wouldn’t mind losing.

    I do, however, agree with you on Hamas. IT actually is a political party which the US and the lunatics set-up as an excuse to kill more Palestinians. Hamas is, “the boogeyman”, so each and every death *OR NOT as in the case of the three teens* can be and is attributed to them. It’s like in WWII. Every dead Jew was the fault of Hitler. But, don’t you think some of these jews took out at least a few of their own? C’mon… Hamas is being used in exactly the same manner, though Hamas or the kids who actually did (whenever- long ago) shoot qassams into the lunatic-state, but, they murdered NOBODY.
    Even in the 2012 attack on Gaza, it was not Palestinians who shot actual rockets and did kill one or two jews. THAT Was done by Egyptians. And this is why Sisi was installed by the freaks of Israhell and by the US jerks/

  22. #22 by William Crain on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    Thank you Anne for responding to my query… Saying Hamas is the ‘boogeyman’ does not make it so. It is not inconceivable that the US State Dept would package such a boogeyman in fact it’s a trade mark ~ everything is camouflaged as something that glitters or not. US State Dept/CIA selling Coke in the LA Ghettos or the Neo-liberal model ala /strauss-friedmen Central Am Everyfuckingwhere, ~ Is there some source to confirm your suspicions?
    thank you,

  23. #23 by annebeck58 on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    I’m just thinking back to when Hamas was running to rule Palestine. Even the, “US newzz” shows were out there, basically cheering-on Hamas. Now, as soon as the Hamas candidate (winner) was in, the US (again newzz sources) began this story of them wanting to kill Israelis.
    Regarding the rest, I did see a piece in AJ-enginst, of some, “Hamas militants”, in full IDF uniform, dead, in Gaza. I wish I could recall the name of the town, but it is in the Eastern part of Gaza and the whole place has been obliterated.
    Were those murdered actually Palestinian? Were they IDF (IOF ITF) instead?

    Go back to ABC, CBS, etc.., from 2005. The Palestinian election was big on the US -newzz scene, and Hamas was the, “beloved underdog”, yet they somehow found themselves elected. And, really, it turned on a dime the very next day.

  24. #24 by annebeck58 on 07/28/2014 - 9:34

    (darn it- AJ-English)

  25. #25 by William Crain on 07/29/2014 - 9:34

    i believe Hamas is under a lot of pressure. i don’t believe they are shills for the ticks (Israeli’s)… i don’t believe they are being used willingly or wittingly but they could be manipulated … like in Hopey Changy ~ i haven’t watched Tee Vee since 2000. My Recall of the Hamas election was awaited with baited breath and in a blink of an eye was the perpetrator of criminal intent as per the fucking bloodsucking ticks. i will continue to investigate ~

  26. #26 by William Crain on 07/29/2014 - 9:34

    I found this in the pile of religious 2 state zealot E-trash ~ i watch what i can of these self-serving hypocrites… not a fucking one mentions Justice! or land theft ~ these are the shills witting and unwitting /dimwits god-pleazers ‘n priestcrafters trying to put lipstick on this pig/bloodsucking Tick called Israhell. They don’t mention ~ Occupied Territory ~
    i don’t buy the grim israeli slayer put on Hamas thou i wish they’d finish the job unscathed and take all their land back.

    Israel’s best weapon against Hamas: Giving the Palestinians hope
    Peter Beinart, Ha’aretz
    July 23, 2014

    It’s easy to criticize the Israeli government’s response to the rockets launched from Gaza in recent weeks. It’s harder to offer an alternative. But honest critics have an obligation to try. So here goes.
    The short answer is that I’d treat the rockets as military symptoms of a political problem. That doesn’t mean Israel shouldn’t return fire. If Hamas and Islamic Jihad can attack Israel with impunity, they may never stop. But returning fire—or even invading Gaza—will never make Israel safe.
    Israel can destroy Hamas’ rockets, but Hamas will eventually rebuild them bigger and better, as it did after the last war, and the one before that. And in the relatives and friends of the Palestinians killed in Operation Protective Edge, it will find plenty of new recruits willing to fire them. Israel can overthrow Hamas and then pull back, but it will leave in its wake Somalia-like chaos that gives groups even more radical than Hamas free reign. Israel can overthrow Hamas and try to install Fatah, but doing so will harm the latter as much as the former because any faction that rides into Gaza atop an Israeli tank will lose its public legitimacy forever. Israel can overthrow Hamas and try to govern Gaza itself, but that would require Israeli 18- year-olds to permanently patrol house-to-house in a territory where they’re constantly at risk of becoming the next Gilad Shalit.
    So what would I do? First, I’d seek a cease-fire that eases those aspects of Israel’s blockade that have no legitimate security rationale. (That doesn’t mean acceding to Hamas’ cease-fire demands but it means recognizing that a cease-fire that does nothing to address the blockade – as Israel wants – won’t last).
    Here are a couple of examples. Since 2010, Israel has made it easier for goods to enter Gaza. But it still makes it extremely difficult for goods to leave. According to the Israeli human rights group Gisha, only two percent as many truckloads leave the Strip as did in 2007. If Israel wants to check those trucks to ensure they’re not carrying weapons, fine. (Last December, the Netherlands tried to donate a high-tech scanner for exactly that purpose).
    But essentially barring Gazan exports to Israel and the West Bank — historically Gaza’s biggest markets — is both inhumane and stupid. It’s helped destroy the independent business class that could have been a check on Hamas’ power, and left many in Gaza with the choice of working for Hamas or receiving food aid.
    In addition to goods, Israel should make it easier for people to leave Gaza, too. A quarter of Gazans have family in the West Bank. Yet even before this war, Israel allowed Gazans to travel to the West Bank only in “exceptional humanitarian cases.” Yes, Israel can restrict the travel of terrorists. But preventing young Gazans from studying in the West Bank – like preventing Gazan businessmen from exporting there – is self-defeating and inhumane. It feeds the isolation and despair that Hamas exploits.
    Second, I’d let Hamas take part in a Palestinian unity government that prepares the ground for Palestinian elections. That doesn’t mean tolerating Hamas attacks, to which Israel should always reserve the right to respond. But it means no longer trying to bar Hamas from political participation because of its noxious views.
    It’s common to hear pro-Israel hawks ridicule Mahmoud Abbas for lacking authority over Gaza and for serving the 10th year of a four-year presidential term. But by opposing Palestinian elections, Israel creates the very circumstance its supporters bemoan. Without free elections — which means elections in which all major Palestinian parties can run — Palestinian leaders will never enjoy authority in both Gaza and the West Bank nor the legitimacy to make painful compromises on behalf of their people.
    Israel wants Hamas barred from any Palestinian unity government, and any Palestinian election, until it accepts the two-state solution and past peace agreements. But as I’ve suggested before, the current Israeli government probably couldn’t meet those conditions.
    There’s a better way. What’s crucial is not that Hamas as a party endorse the two-state solution. After all, Likud as a party has not endorsed the two state-solution, either. What’s crucial is that Hamas promise to respect a two-state agreement if endorsed by the Palestinian people in a referendum. In the past, Hamas leaders have told the media they would. Israel, or its Western allies, should get that pledge in writing, and, in return, allow the free elections necessary to produce a Palestinian leadership with the legitimacy to make a deal.
    Finally, Israel should do everything it can — short of rigging the elections — to ensure that Hamas doesn’t win. Already, polls show that Abbas would defeat Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh easily. (If Israel really wanted to crush Hamas, it could release jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who has strongly endorsed the two state solution, and who in polls defeats Haniyeh by an even larger margin). But Israel could also help ensure Hamas’ defeat by showing Palestinians that Abbas’ strategy of recognizing Israel, and helping it combat terrorism, actually works. It could do so by freezing settlement growth and publicly committing to a Palestinian state near the 1967 lines with a capital in East Jerusalem. That would give Abbas an instant boost.
    Hamas’ great ally is despair. It grows stronger when Palestinians decide that settlement growth has made the two-state solution impossible. It gains strength when Palestinians decide that leaders like Abbas and Salam Fayyad are fools for helping Israel police the West Bank while getting only massive settlement subsidies in return.
    Nothing would weaken Hamas more than growing Palestinian faith that through nonviolence and mutual recognition, they can win the basic rights they’ve been denied for almost half a century. Israel’s best long-term strategy against Palestinian violence is Palestinian hope. Unfortunately, as effective as Benjamin Netanyahu has been at destroying Palestinian rockets, he’s been even more effective at destroying that.

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  27. #27 by michael mazur on 07/29/2014 - 9:34

    Anne, in November 2012, the Israelis claimed that a total of six of their own had died.

    Each time one was claimed i looked at what they proffered as evidence; there was no evidence, just a claim.

    No Israelis were killed in that Pillar of Defense assault on Gaza.

    In December 08/January 09 – during Cast Lead, they claimed 13 Israelis dead – civ and mil. None of it was true, made up on the run. Again i paid attention to each claim as it was made, and dismissed each as propaganda designed to obscure the fact that all this was wanton slaughter of the Gaza people, there being zero opposition from this totally helpless population, just to make the Holocaust people’s religious ecstasy that much more orgasmic.

    There never have been rockets out of Gaza, all psyops. Those smoke trails rising with no horizon in the lower part of the frame, or often out of focus if visible, and if visible a very general horizon.

    The totally safe option for the Israelis is to launch at their leisure – for the video cameras pre positioned, from mil proving grounds, having the rocket fall somewhere down range and still on the same expanse of semi desert.

    Notice that given all the security consciousness of Israel, no cctv ever captures a Hamas rocket striking any bldg ? The Israelis can’t afford it ? Of course they can, and they are there.

    Here’s how i know;

    Gazans are very poor, right ?

    Yet we see cctv capturing many many pictures of explosions as they happen in Gaza.

  28. #28 by annebeck58 on 07/29/2014 - 9:34

    I do agree on the rockets. Do not believe there are any of them coming into the “jewish state”., at least not in years.
    But, I don’t know what kind of proof there would be in the case of any milittary death, except for the claim. I mean; other than reporting it, what else is there? Hell, in the US, dead soldiers don’t even have their names called, anymore.

    But, as far back as I do recall, dead military are only mentioned once.. unless it is someone who’s well known or circumstances are such that it would warrant more.

    I DO NOT believe there are ANY ROCKETS hitting the hellhole. I have been insisting each idiot who posts about this PROVE IT. Not ONE of them has sent me a photo or video of even ONE of them. And, yes; they do have cameras trained on EVERY PART of GAZA, 24.7. SO they are full of garbage.

    I’d like to prefer that they lost at least twenty, this time, given the hell they have perpetrated in Gaza.. I HOPE it is true.

  29. #29 by michael mazur on 07/29/2014 - 9:34

    Exactly, Anne, as there are no rockets falling on Israel, there is no reason for Israeli infantry to go into Gaza and perhaps be hit by someone throwing a brick at them.

    The second reason for there being no infantry going in, is that the killing of Palestinians by infantry could not then be described as unintentional, therefore, by using bombardments from the air and shelling by tanks, it is maintained that it is to destroy Hamas rocket supplies, and any deaths of civilians is unintentional and regretted.

    Conclusion 1/ The killing of Palestinians of all ages and both genders – all of whom are civilians, in Gaza IS intentional.

    Conclusion 2/ There are NO Hamas fighters (Al Qassam Brigades are a fiction), and any presented as such are Israelis hurriedly dressed up in crisp uniforms, head bands, then handed rifles, and informally assembled for a video/photo shoot.

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