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Petro-dollar era is officially over as Gazprom begins sales in Yuan and Rouble

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visit In China

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Ted Cruz Calls Obama A ‘Kitty Cat’ Next To The Russian Bear

September 26, 2013

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Israel confiscates 1,000 acres of Palestinian land south of Bethlehem

ed note (Tony)…Perhaps it would be best to put a copy of this article in your wallet or purse, the next time you engage in conversation with a pro-Israel type of person. They always say “Those Ay-Rabs want to wipe Israel off the map”.

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Coming soon to a newsstand near you, or in other words, Why Americans are too stupid to care about what’s really important



Jon Stewart: I am not anti-Israel


Daily Show host sat down with ‘Hollywood Reporter’ ahead of premier of his directorial debut, “Rosewater.”

Ed note–a few weeks ago when the Judaic bloodbath in Gaza was in full swing, a sizable number of ‘activists’ were wetting their pants with glee over all the ‘Jews of conscience’ who stood in opposition to what was going on. John Stewart was one of them. 

As we pointed or then and as we remind the readers today, being against the bloodbath is not the same as being on ‘the right side’. There are some on the pro-Israel side who are more shrewd about how they voice things and who are uncomfortable with the kind of ‘full disclosure’ that Netanyahu and Likud represent. Just because they seem to speak our language does NOT mean they are part of our team. 

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ICC: Palestine is a state, can file war crimes complaints against Israel if chooses

ICC Prosecutor writes in ‘The Guardian’ that “Palestine could join Rome Statute”; endorsement of possible Palestinian application does not mean for sure Israelis will be indicted.

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Another 1,000 acres in West Bank stolen by the Jewish state


Peace Now says move near spot where three teens were abducted is a ‘knife in the back’ for moderates in the Palestinian Authority

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