The Victory Hour Aug 3, 2014

The one and only Jonathan Azaziah joins the show with a blistering analysis of the supremacist Jewish origins of the cartoon neo-nazi Kiev junta.

The false-flag MH17 operation is also mercilessly dissected.

The North and South global Axis of Resistance has read the Empire’s playbook.

Always 10 moves ahead, the only possible outcome?


Listen Here 


  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 08/04/2014 - 9:34

    Wonderful program. I admire all,and Jonathan,thank you,for recognizing the difference of REAL National Socialists,from the stupid caracitures of such ,who obey the Hollwood Jewish version therin. As for the Third Reichs Ukrain Policy,it must be understood,that Ukraine,had been viciously abused by the REDS in the 1930’s-the starvation program,run,by Jews,and many wanted seperation,at the time,of Barbarossa. Hitler tried to oblige this,but not fully,as he said:”After the war the Kingdom Of Poland will be restored”. Thus no link with Germany,would be possible. This latent Anti-Russian feeling,like the’cartoon-Neo Nazis-‘in the pay of Mossad,is what the NWO cleverly cultivates. Jews exploit all ideologies. When one learns, that Jews are not. LEFT/RIGHT ,religious/athiests,but JEWS FIRST,(See:THE EDUCATION OF A CONSERVATIVE;Revolo Oliver) as Adolf Hitler did,than we might be able to see daylight. “We march against REACTION(Right),and the Reds-Horst Wessel.(see: You Tube) Putin,I believe has read Otto Spangler,who predicted the power of the East.leading a nationlaist Europe… so did Francis ParkerYpockey,in hos book:IMPERIUM.. Barnes Review Books.Com.

  2. #2 by Insomniac on 08/04/2014 - 9:34

    If you remember Cryptome said that they were going to release the Snowden docs that could avert a war in July during the HOPE conference in NY (July 18-20).

    Lo and behold on Thursday July 17th MH17 went down.

    I don’t know what ever happened to those documents though. Just a thought.

  3. #3 by Todd Raine on 08/04/2014 - 9:34

    “A clue to the answer is afforded in part by the fact that the immediate postwar goals of the Nazi International and the Anglo-American elite are one and the same: the creation of a European federation under German economic dominance. Jim Marrs, in his best selling book The Rise of the Fourth Reich, puts it this way, After the war a devastated Europe looked to Germany for economic leadership. The economic steps taken that became the Common Market took the shape of prewar Nazi plans. “(S)omehow the Germans had the answer originally in 1942 when they were melding the economic institutions of the Continent into their own design,” noted Manning. ~~~It is interesting to note that the present European Union (EU) began as merely economic measures.” ~~~ from “Babylon’s Banksters” by Joseph P Farrell. This book also documents, ” there is another significant figure present in those first meetings as well(The Bilderbergs)- That man is Deutschebank chairman, Sovereign Military Order of Malta member, and I.G. Farben, Daimler-Benz, and Siemens board of directors member, Dr. Hermann Josef Abs. ~~~ since Abs’ private bank was the very bank that managed the accounts for the Reichschancellery, and thus paid Adolph Hitler’s salary as Chancellor!” pages 64-65.

  4. #4 by truth4ever99 on 08/04/2014 - 9:34

    When my heart was wrenching in pain and I felt outraged by what IsraHell with America’s help has done to the defenseless and helpless Palestinians in Gaza, I was so emotional drained; then I heard Max French, Jonathan Azaziah and Alexander on the victory hour, it was a really uplifting experience. It gives me hope. As Jonathan said, it may take 5 years, 10 years or even longer to our grandchildren’s time, “Humanity” will eventually triumph and the complete eradication of the Int’l Zionist Criminal Network from the planet earth will be accomplished.

    Thanks to Max, Jonathan, Alexander for the inspiring program.

    Victory to Truth, Justice, Peace, Love.

  5. #5 by Alex from Russia on 08/05/2014 - 9:34

    Dear Mister Ardenz – actually not a single Ukrainian died during “”Holodomore” [btw Stalin, who had no “total” power up until 1938-39, vehemently opposed violence during “collectivisation” – you may ck out his essay “Головокружение от успехов”] – victims were MALOROSSIYANS [now everybody call them “Ukrainians”], Russians, Cossacks [like my granny from Dad` side who died in 1932 or so], Kazakhs, so on. And in “Ukraine” [Malorossiya actually] “Holodomore” perpetrators were … UKRAINIANS! The sadistic enforcers of the “Ukrainisation” on the millions of the MALOROSSIYANS. Now these Malorossiyans are fighting valiantly in Donbass AGAINST Ukrainians – pawns of these damned USA.

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