The Axis of Resistance: How Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah Support Palestinian Liberation



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  1. #1 by michael mazur on 08/12/2014 - 9:34

    Total fiction.

    Amongst much else deceptive in the article, there is no way anything even small – like musical instrument wire, can get into Gaza as it is a well guarded prison, and here in this article all manner of heavy ordnance can get in ?

    The author would do well in exploring just one question; while there is plenty of cctv in Gaza capturing the many many eruptions by Israeli half ton bombs, complete with the wider context of foreground and middle ground in the video, making locations unmistakable to locals who happen to be living overseas, there is ZERO comparable cctv out of immensely wealthy Israel – meaning they can far better afford it than can desperately poor Gaza, showing Hamas rocket warhead impact eruptions AS they allegedly happen on Israeli cities, identifiable by unique foreground and middle ground bldgs in the context of the impact of rocket explosions.

  2. #2 by Stephen on 08/12/2014 - 9:34

    I think there are some dead zionist swine that may not agree.

  3. #3 by michael mazur on 08/13/2014 - 9:34

    Stephen, they did not send infantry into Gaza. To send infantry in would be to shoot people for just being there, which would be the only explanation, as there was no opposition, but that would not sit well with a vanishingly very small minority of the IDF, and it would leak out eventually.

    As the plan has always been to kill kill kill indiscriminately, therefore, under the cover of aerial bombardments, it is always claimed that weapons caches were the target.

    Likewise, under the cover of the forward movement of armoured vehicles – tanks and APCs, it can be claimed that Hamas operatives were seen at engagement distances far greater than that encountered by infantry, and accordingly collateral damage to civilians is unintentional.

    Consistent with the above, they sent in conscienceless snipers who – at distances of hundreds of metres, just drop people for fun, and know to operate just when the aerial bombardments are close by. Yep, perhaps a bomb fragment.

    The above, with the complete absence of cctv out of Israel – itself proving the complete absence of rocket impacts, plus with the parties of war tourists from the cities to the north, partying, while comfortable on the sofas and recliners they had brought with them, watching, in induced ecstasy, the IAF’s bomb eruptions, not 2km away across the border in Gaza – itself proving that neither rocket nor bullet came their way, prove conclusively that there were NO Israelis killed in this latest round of sacrificial mass slaughter to yhwh.

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