UK government faces unprecedented lawsuit over arms sales to Israel

Mideast Israel Palestinians


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  1. #1 by Mark Propheter on 08/19/2014 - 9:34

    Can not help but wonder what would have happened if BiBi would have cranked this despicable action down two weeks earlier.

  2. #2 by michael mazur on 08/20/2014 - 9:34

    There was a picture from January 2009 of a bunch of them coming back from ‘duty’ in Gaza with grins which could not be wider, as clearly they had sustained no losses, while complying with their mandate of ‘one shot two kills’ whenever they saw a pregnant abdomen.

    Their rifles were not standard issue, but looked to me sniper type – heavy barrel, and their dress looked of irregular cut.

    The other thing i’d like to say is when they flaunt the logo of ‘deployed destroyed enjoyed’, it’s not as if they’ve taken any casualties to give them pause for thought for their fellow murderers.

    I again repeat here that their claim of 67 dead is a lie. Zero. It’s not as if a relative of a dead Israeli is going to tap the guy on the shoulder there in the cafe and suggest, “It’s a bit insensitive, given that my brother/son/husband was one of those killed in this”.

    Truly, when we see in the TimesofIsrael for 31/7 that “ninety-nine percent greatly to somewhat support air strikes on Gaza”, it proves that Israel is a rats’ nest, and that what is happening there is a full dress rehearsal for us in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe, and for NO reason other than that they can.

    That is to say, this means that for an Israeli to commit mega murder in the future would be pure euphoria.

    Recall van Creveld’s remark in 03 that all of Europe’s capitals are within reach of Israel’s nukes.

    Why such a gratuitously obscene remark, unless they truly are a despicable people, by which i mean that they will do this especially as there is NO threat to Israel from Europe at all ? Absolutely NONE, and there was no censure of him at the time, as he kept his post as lecturer in Military History at a university there.

    By chance i saw him recently on a rt interview program recently exhibiting insufferable arrogance to the point that he abruptly withdrew midway, constitutionally unable to comply with the rule that all participants have equal time.

    Harking back to my thread; they will do this, first to the US next, for fun, when the US is no longer useful; the other countries can wait, as, like Gaza, not being a threat at all, literally adding to the fun of bombing.

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