Charlie Hebdo attack the inevitable backlash of Zionist-engineered mass murder in Islamic countries


  1. #1 by NLG on 01/10/2015 - 9:34

    It is a form of “black magick,” this manipulation of perception to create death and destruction.

  2. #2 by Konrad on 01/10/2015 - 9:34

    Excellent comments, MG. My viewpoint exactly.

  3. #3 by MJ on 01/10/2015 - 9:34

    Why Should Muslims Apologize for Other Peoples Crimes?

  4. #4 by Human Melody 1 on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    Superb commentary from MG, again! And this time, his key points are foundational, and my most earnest wish is to see all Resistance deliberations out there converge on these very points in the immediate term, because that’ll really put out the false fire that Israel is trying to flare again.

    Konrad’s illustration, as always, drives the point home. It really angers the conscientious human being to see this degree of blind, remorseless arrogance. The average Judaized Westerner has [unknowingly] become just like the inhuman Jew (“we can bomb others’ children by the millions, but we are ‘chosen’ to be ‘above’ any blowback”)! However, this makes me respect the segment of Westerners who are not like this and still have a conscience they vocalize, even after living among the arrogant and apathetic ones. In a hundred-year glimpse, God’s bestowment of wealth and abundance upon the West was just a Test, just as it was for every [perished] nation/ civilization before this, because life is a Test. And selfish complacency and moral laxity always yielded failure.

  5. #5 by nooralhaqiqa on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

  6. #6 by Human Melody 1 on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    Really nice post MJ. … O’Brien just demonstrated the power of ‘thought’. People gave up ‘thinking’ along the way since WWI, because the head-rush in the rat race towards ‘progress’ and modernization was too distracting for humanity.

    You may find this interesting … Yesterday’s Friday sermon was addressing the Charlie Hebdo false flag. The Imam (one of my favorite sources of continued inspiration in my own life-schooling) is outstanding — one of the few men out there who places courage and wisdom above ‘Ilmu-Facts-and-Kitab’ only. And his message was similar to that in this video. … After the prayer, in a conversation with a brother re: the topic, I stated firmly and bluntly that it was the Mossad, not “us”. [My rationale is simple and Qur’anic : anyone who goes by “our” name (like Adam Pearlman al Baghdadi etc.) but worls with “them” == “them” not “us”.] … The brother abruptly ended the conversation; he didn’t want to talk about this! … It’s that same “fear of the Establishment” (or fear of the “Sayeeds” out there 🙂 ?!) and “I don’t want to get into trouble” weakness (Surah-Nisa: 72) …

    In my own life, btw, I talk to everyone I meet/ come across exactly the same way as I do here at TUT. I’d rather be hated for who I am (the case of a Believer) than to be loved for who I’m not (the case of a Jew/ Zionist/ Munafiq). I only care for the Love of my Creator. And the people who run away are actually being filtered away from me by God, really … because those people are part of the real reasons why the Jew has come this far in Munkar/ Evil… and those people deserve to go back to apologizing to their real god, namely : “other people”.

  7. #7 by Human Melody 1 on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    @NLG … I agree with you completely. And it is serious! By the way, the ‘chemtrails, GMO and fluoride-in-the-water’ part of their aggression ACTUALLY aids that black magic. … …

    I really wish the early scholars of Metaphysics (like Al Ghazzali), or the true Christian monks of up until 1500 years ago, were alive today (or that the Jews/ Qarmatians didn’t burn down the last treasure Archives of Basra, Iraq in 923 AD). … If we had such resources today, we could’ve stalemated the Zionist ‘Jewcifers’ in not time.

  8. #8 by Konrad on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    @ HUMAN MELODY 1: I looked again at that image I did earlier, and it occurs to me that its point was not clear. I did not mean to say that we are “as bad as” the Muslims that we slaughter, or that “We share in the madness. They hit us, and we hit them.”

    No, the point of the image was that the true madness lies in us (i.e. in Jews and average Westerners). It is insanity to slaughter and harm millions of people (including women and children) and then call it “madness” when they eventually strike back in some way.

    Suppose I murder 2,200 people in the Gaza Death Camp, and I maim and cripple many more. And then someone in the Death Camp fires a bullet over the wall that hits someone on my side. And I say, “The prisoners in the Death Camp are all insane!” My hate, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness would be extreme to the point of psychosis. But that’s how all Jews and most Westerners are…psychotic.

    That was the point of the image. It is not Muslims who are insane. We are. Average Westerners.

    “The average Judaized Westerner has [unknowingly] become just like the inhuman Jew (“we can bomb others’ children by the millions, but we are ‘chosen’ to be ‘above’ any blowback”)!


    To those who say the Jew has “taken over,” or “the Jew controls us,” I say, “YOU are probably a Jew.” Ours is a nation of Jews.

    It is not enough to condemn war, and greed, and Israel and so on. If you do not also condemn Jews and their atrocities and their lies (such as the holo-hoax™) then you are a Jew. If you compare Jews to National Socialists, then you are a Jew, for you support Jewish lies.

    If you use the term “Israeli” or “Zionist,” and you avoid using the term “Jew” because you do not want to seem racist or “anti-Semitic,” then you are a Jew.

    If you place balloons, flowers, and teddy bears at the site of a public shooting, but you avoid looking at homeless people in the street, then you are a Jew.

    If you hold a sign that says, “I am Charlie,” then you are a Jew.

    If you repeat any Jewish lie for any reason, no matter how benevolent, then you are a Jew. (An example would be, “I agree that Hamas rockets are evil, but…”)

    If you refuse to empathize with others who are in pain, then you are a Jew.

    And so on. Ours is the Era of the Jew. And the USA is Jew Central.

  9. #9 by Edward on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    The “Don’t Apologize” video should be widely disseminated. It is very appropriate.

  10. #10 by mikael on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    This Video Dont apologize is one of the the best I have seen for years, short and above all, shows the truth.
    A true brother and warrior for peace.



  11. #11 by Human Melody 1 on 01/11/2015 - 9:34

    Konrad … Yes, I understood you perfectly, originally. [You clarified : “I did not mean to say that we are “as bad as” the Muslims that we slaughter, or that “We share in the madness”.” ……… I didn’t think at all that you had implied anything like that originally. I’m completely in tune with your main messages by now.]

    Everyone who gravitates to Truth and the movement will have their most natural type of ideal/ slant. E.g., out of the list of parameters/ behaviors of Jewishness that you shared, the following are starting points for me, personally:

    – “If you refuse to empathize with others who are in pain, then you are a Jew.”

    – “If you place balloons, flowers, and teddy bears at the site of a public shooting, but you avoid looking at homeless people in the street, then you are a Jew.”

    I agree with every one of them on the list. But as an individual, the above two are the first ones that hit me, usually… because I naturally focus first on the ‘inner person’/ soul of anyone I interact with… and then their ‘mindset/ worldviews’… and the exterior factors last. However, the world is mostly full of people who were raised/ programmed to focus/ prioritize in the opposite order [viz., the mostly and primarily judge by the exterior, with little regard to the inner person]. And that’s what made the world spiritually blind.

    Some of the parameters you mentioned (from your insight) are completely invisible to the majority of sheeple (or, even if they sense it, their conscience or independent intellect is next to dead). And that’s why (much as some pragmatists like to dismiss this) I often insist that this condition of the masses is [explained by] something Occult and sinister. … E.g., I was looking at your most recent post, and [the illustrations of] the swarming parade of people in Paris … and I couldn’t help but think: “Damn! It’s just like the movie WWZ!”

  12. #12 by MJ on 01/12/2015 - 9:34

    Right HM1 the masaajid especially in the states have gone into hibernation mode so that is why these ‘intelligence’ agencies need retards or those on psychotics to proceed with false flags. Unfortunately what most of the sheeple do not understand is that they are joining the criminals in degrading world peace and ensuring a future of perpetual war and enmity within their nations and outside.

  13. #13 by raven51 on 01/12/2015 - 9:34

    Judy Andreas

    53 mins ·

    Who Ordered The Attack Against Charlie Hebdo? : Information Clearing House – ICH

    Thierry Meyssan, French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace…

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    Judy Andreas The strategy of “the clash of civilizations” was designed in Tel Aviv and Washington. 52 mins · Like · 1

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