The Victory Hour Broadcast Jan 25, 2015

If you want to know the situation in “Ukraine” today through the eyes of ‘Dmitri’, a hard-core fighter for Freedom and for the Russian cause, you are in the right place. As we have maintained since Fall 2013 with the beginning of the “Ukrainian Conflict”, the ugly truth is that the “Ukrainian Movement” is actually rabidly anti-Russian and anti-nationalist.

As for our comrade Dmitriy – he is one of the brightest representatives of the Malorussian people, who–in the classical, historical and geographical sense of this term, represent the CORE area of Russia, where the Russian Nation started her ethno-genesis.

We hope, you`ll enjoy today’s program.

Listen Here

  1. #1 by kittie kittie on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    Theme behind the 1812 Overture is interesting: composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky reflects the mood of the French invasion and their defeat at Moscow through divine intervention.
    Blessed during the coronation by Pope Pius VII, Napolean I made a pact with the devil (Grand Sanhedrin). Guess the Russian Orthodox patriarch was one step closer to God than the pope in this instance 😉

    French Revolution –>> Emperor.
    Russian Revolution — General secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
    Chinese Revolution –>> Chairman.
    Funny how the revolution results morphed into totalitarian states.

    Sergei Prokofiev, a 20th century Russian composer, was born in eastern Donetsk (Russia proper at the time and home of the Don Cossacks hence the name). Wonder what Sergei was really thinking when he composed Peter and the Wolf under the Soviets.

  2. #2 by Mary Louise on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    Donetsk is now in Eastern Ukraine, it must have a high percentage of ethnic Russians.

  3. #3 by Caleb Wolfram on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    Ukraine is “where the Russian Nation started her ethno-genesis.”

    You have no idea how true this is. Unfortunately, Muscovy (first called “Russia” only by Mason Peter I!) was a creation of the Mongols founded upon serving said Mongols, whereas Kyivan Rus’ (and Novgorod) long struggled against Moscow’s anti-European, anti-Slavic, pro-Mongol agenda.

    In fact, in the Russian language there are two nouns that get translated into English as “Russia”: Русь (Rus’), corresponding to adjective русский (russkij), and Россия (Rossija), corresponding to adjective российский (rossijskij). The former (Rus’ and russkij) refer to ethnically European/Slavic conceptions, and thus include Kyivan Rus’. The latter is imperialistic (ergo anti-ethnic!), encompassing Putin’s Russia, the Soviet Union, and sadly even the Tsars’ Russia (although this was at least not demonic like the USSR, nor full of jewish oligarchs, plenty of whom, contra some misguided anti-Zionists’ myths, support Putin*) — even as it oppresses non-Russian ethnicities (eg. Finnic Mari-El, or more obviously the Chechens, whose city Grozny was TWICE reduced to rubble [once by Putin, once by Yeltsin] and with whom /Ukrainians/ fought against Russia on principle — yet this blog, purporting to encourage Christian-Muslim unity though it does, ignores Urkainians’ heroic, selfless attempts to free the unrelated Chechens from neo-Soviet tyranny and instead talks up CRIMINAL torturer Kadyrov), it dilutes Slavic culture with a neo-Soviet “Eurasian” sham!

    *[eg. from the top 30 people in Russia with known assets today, 9 are confirmed jews, 1 more strongly suspected: Pyotr Aven and Mikhail Fridman (also an oilman in addition to banker banker) of Alfa Bank, Putin’s personal friends Arkady and Boris Rotenberg (partners in “judo”, hahaha, as well as banking and real estate moguls); other jew oligarchs who support Putin include Viktor Vekselberg (oil, metals), Herman Khan (banker, oil), Leonid Mikhelson (gas and chemicals), Aleksandr Abramov (mining, steel); Leonid Fedun /appears/ to be a jew as well (head of Lukoil). Of course, jew oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov (claim to) “oppose” Putin, but this is more tribal infighting than fear of a principled Gentile — for instance, Abramovich presented Putin with his first yacht in 2000, and Putin says he’s personally fond of this Parasite fraudster. Putin, by the way, has FOUR yachts, 20+ official residences, and /possibly/ upwards of $50B in personal wealth]. And let’s not forget that Putin has plenty of jewish officials — Aleksandr Voloshin, suspected jew, has long advised Putin and probably contributed to Putin’s crackdown on press freedoms; Putin’s current intelligence head is a jew by the name of Fradkov, etc.

  4. #4 by Caleb Wolfram on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    A brief history of Rus’, Ukraine, and Rossija:

    Yuri Dolgorukiy, son of Kyivan prince Monomakh, became prince of Suzdal and took a Turkic wife. His son, Andrey Bogoliubsky (ironically meaning “lover of God”), despised his father’s Kyivan origins and, in 1169, sacked and destroyed Kyiv. Of note, there is some evidence that the tribes populating the area of Moscow were not Slavic but Turkic, calling it Moskel (sounds similar to the Khazar capital “Sarkel”).

    When the Mongols conquered modern-day Russia, the princes of the cities of Vladimir, Suzdal, and Rostov not only became the Khan’s vassals, but even helped him attack further westward, deep into the heart of Europe!

    Aleksandr Yaroslavich “Nevsky” grew up in the Khan’s court, married a daughter of the Khan, and became “blood brother” to a male descendant of the Khan. He is famous for defeating Germans (although realistically he was too young to actually have partaken in the battle). Ukraine has always had close ties with Germany, from the days of Mennonite immigration to the aftermath of WWI to WWII, when Galicia and OUN-B fought against Judaic bolshevism.

    In contrast, the ideal Kyivan monarch of the period was Danylo Halytsky. He did his best to preserve Kyiv from the ravages of the Mongols.

    In time, Tartars, Mongols, and other non-Slavs became somewhat assimilated into Russia, converting to Orthodoxy, etc.; however, by the “Russian” Revolution, it was estimated that at least 25% of the nobility was recognizably Tartar or Mongol. This does not mean they were bad people (I’m quite fond of Rachmaninoff’s music, for instance), but their identity has always been anathema to Kyivan Rus’, since their very presence in this land was an act of cultural-genocidal invasion! At best, you could call them Rossijan.

    In 1654 Ukrainian Cossacks under the Hero Bohdan Khmelnytskyj (who had just succeeded in freeing their Folk from jewish parasites of the Arenda system, who enslaved Ukrainians through tax farming and promoted alcoholism through their monopoly on liquor distillation) signed a treaty of military alliance with Muscovy that was supposed to maintain Cossack independence. Guess what? As if they were reading from the jews’ script of double-talk and betrayal, Muscovy stabbed Ukraine in the back, conquering it only a few years later.

    Freemason and genetically-defective Pyotr I of Russia stole the flag of the Netherlands, the name of Kyivan Rus’ (being the first to call Muscovy “Russia”, by falsifying the Konigsberg Chronicles), the coat of arms of the Roman Empire, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of enslaved Rus’/Ukrainian/Slavic Cossacks to build his marsh city Saint Petersburg.

    While the Tsars were vastly superior to the jewish subhumans who overthrew them, unfortunately many repressed Ukrainian culture within Ukraine. For instance, in 1876 the publishing of all books (save liturgical materials) in the Ukrainian language was forbidden! If Ukraine is just “Little Rossija”, why the need to eradicate Ukrainian culture?

  5. #5 by Caleb Wolfram on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    I’m glad to see this subject discussed on TUT, if for no other reason than, as an ethno-nationalist, I believe all nationalities should have their own land, ethnic determination, etc. (and though a Ukraineophile, I actually support the devolution of Crimea to Russia — Tartars and ethnic Russians, not Ukrainians, make up the vast majority of that island, and I think it’s a positive good for all parties involved, not least Ukraine, to see it leave Ukraine!). In fact, Joaquin Flores (a brilliant researcher, even if I disagree with him) has noted that it’s NOT in Putin’s interest to see “Novorossija” separate from Ukraine, because then he’d lose influence in Ukraine! This most certainly extends to Russians of various sorts (personally, as a self-taught Russian speaker with many friends in Russia, I believe that plenty are Slavs, but others who prefer Asiatic, unfree/leader-worshipping societies are probably Mongol/Turkic in ethnic makeup, and while they equally deserve a state that reflects their identity, they have no right to oppress Kyivan-Rus’ Slavs.

    I would respectfully ask to be allowed to do a show with the press secretary of Right Sector (whose English is pretty good and for whom I can translate to and from Russian as necessary) in which we debate Aleksandr Mezhentsev or any other comers regarding the history of the Ukrainian idea, the nature of Putin’s government, or even discuss current events in Ukraine (admittedly not my forte ATM, but I will read up). I don’t believe this show has ever had an alternative, pro-Ukrainian/Slavic voice on it. Failing that, you could do a show with Father Matthew Raphael Johnson, a Putinophile and translator for Novorossija (!) and Russian Orthodox priest who nonetheless has been banned from pro-Russian websites for his fair treatment of the Ukrainian idea and kind words for Banderism.

  6. #6 by MJ on 01/27/2015 - 9:34

    The crazies really want that psycho global war……

  7. #7 by Caleb Wolfram on 02/03/2015 - 9:34

    In a debate on Facebook, Aleksandr Mezentsev jokes about the Holodomor and about extermination plans for “khokhols” (Rossijan derogatory slang for Ukrainians, namely patriotic Ukrainians who don’t want to be part of Rossija). Personally, I consider this fomenting of hatred between Ukrainians and Rossijans highly irresponsible, being no way to reduce the current violence (and would condemn any jokes about Rossijan national tragedies or desires to exterminate them all in equally strong terms).

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