Time of Israel publishes and then deletes article by Jewish Australian lawyer who wants to “wipe out Palestinians”


GENOCIDAL Jewish Australian lawyer wants to “wipe out Palestinians.” Times of Israel publishes his article then removes it…now archived on the link below. “Whenever I’m asked how many “Palestinians” Israel has killed, I know the answer instantly: not nearly enough. Until there is not a single “Palestinian” left breathing, that answer will remain the same. “Palestinians” are a plague upon Israeli civilisation, and they’re a plague that needs to be wiped out. My friends, the time to kill “Palestinians” is long overdue. Grab your weapon today and let’s take out this “Palestinian” scum. The “Palestinians” are parasites and pigs. It’s time to take the pigs to the slaughter. Death to all “Palestinians” and death to anyone who stands in the way of the Jews.”

ed note, TUT–at this point we don’t know if this is real or a spoof, but we find it interesting that The Times of Israel has removed ALL posts from Bornstein, who–as of at least 6 days ago–was a regular contributor.

If it is real, praise whatever god you worship that Judaism has once again spoken loud and clear as to what it’s true intentions with/feelings for Gentiles really are.

If it is a spoof, recognize as well that it is only being done because the ideas contained in his piece are now being discussed more openly and this obviously has them scared.

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Times of Israel

Understanding the Idea of Israeli Land Under Talmudic Law by Josh Bornstein

Josh Bornstein

Recently, I have begun to intensely study the Talmud, and it has proven to be a very spiritually enlightening experience. The Talmud has much to teach us about God, Jews, Israel, and daily life. “It’s a central pillar for understanding anything about Judaism, more than the Bible,” says Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, one of the world’s best known Talmudical scholars. “The Talmud is not a divine gift given to people. The Jewish people created it. But on the other hand, it created the Jewish people. In so many ways, we’re Talmudic Jews, whether we believe in it or not.”

All practicing Jews are Talmudic Jews, as the Talmud is the very core of Judaism. The Talmud is the rock which forms the base of Judaism and Jewish law. We can see the Talmud’s influence all over Israel today, from Israel’s calendars to its legal codes. In the words of Herman Wouk: “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe – whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists – we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

Make no mistakes about it: under Talmudic divine law, Israel absolutely has the right to exist. In fact, Israel has more than the right to exist. Under Talmudic law, Israel actually has the right to FAR more power than it currently has. An examination of the Talmud and what it teaches us about the rightful place of Israel can be very enlightening and eye-opening to those of us who are not yet aware of how Talmudic law works.

Studying the Talmud is currently something associated almost exclusively with Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism. That’s a shame, because all Jews – including the most ultra-reform Jews – have much to learn from the Talmud. Again, the Talmud is the foundation of all Jewish beliefs. How important is the Talmud? So important, in fact, that Israel is now basing much of its legal system on the Talmud.

A Jewish state fully endorses the use of the Jewish Torah and the Talmud as the laws of the land. Last year, as part of a series of moves designed to make Israel’s Jewish status crystal clear, Benjamin Netanyahu publicly stated that he aims to make Israel’s legal system based on the Talmud, as it should be. In Netanyahu’s own words to the Likud party’s ultra-Orthodox member Yaakov Vider: “We will legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system.”

As the Jewish state, Israel’s Jewish essence must be felt in every single aspect of Israeli life. The Talmud is the divine law of the Jewish people, so it’s essential that it also be the law of Israel – the Jewish state. Regardless of one’s feelings about Netanyahu, his commitment to following Talmudic law and cementing Israel’s Jewish status is truly something to be admired.
However, by acknowledging the idea of “Palestinian land,” Netanyahu is betraying the Talmud and Talmudic law. If there is one term that I truly cannot stand to hear, it’s the term “Palestinian land.” Talking to other people in the Jewish community, I often hear the term “Palestinian land” thrown about, and it always deeply irks me. Any Jew who speaks of “Palestinian land” clearly has a very deep misunderstanding of Jewish law. The Talmud makes it very clear that all land belongs to Jews, and that Jews may seize any land that they so desire. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: “All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.” This is directly from the Talmud. Why, then, should the “Palestinians” be entitled to any land? Why should they even be allowed to exist?

In the words of top Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.” Likewise, Rabbi Ya’acov Perin has publicly stated: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Shocking? It shouldn’t be. This is Talmudic law as well. The Talmud makes it very clear that the life of a non-Jew has no value, and that gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Baba Necia 114, 6: “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.” Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”

This is directly from the Talmud, and these are just a few of many examples. Jewish divine law makes it very clear: the “Palestinians” not only have no right to any land, but the “Palestinians” are not even human beings and thus have no right to even live at all. The “Palestinians” are worthless subhuman beasts and vermin. Jews are human beings, but gentiles are subhuman beasts whose only purpose is to serve the people of Israel. The only reason that goyim have to exist is to serve Jews. If goyim cannot serve Jews, then they should be exterminated. We allow Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans to exist because they serve Jews and they serve Israel – and, when they get out of line, we attack them, like we did to the Americans when we sunk their USS Liberty. In the words of former Israeli Knesset member Yossi Sarid, “We control US politicians like marionettes.” Countries like the US, Sweden, and Australia play valuable roles not only in protecting Israel, but also in serving as dumping grounds (or garbage cans) where Israel can send Sudanese, Syrians, and other subhuman waste who seek asylum in Israel. Multiculturalism in the West has ultimately been of great benefit to the people of Israel, as it allows Israel to ship off invaders to the West rather than having them infiltrate and invade the Jewish state of Israel, thus threatening Israel’s Jewish character. Multiculturalism is something that exists strictly for gentiles. It is NOT something that should ever be attempted in Israel. Israel is the Jewish state, and allowing ANY non-Jews into Israel would be unthinkable. This is precisely why, when African baboons come to Israel, they are sterilized, shoved into crude containment facilities, and eventually shipped off to gentile nations like Sweden, Canada, and Australia – as they should be. Their inferior monkey genes are not wanted anywhere in Israel, as they spread nothing but crime, destruction, ignorance, and misery.

Non-Jews have absolutely no place in Israel, and they have absolutely no place attempting to boss Israel around. The life of a non-Jew is disposable, and Jews are entitled to take the lives of non-Jews whenever necessary. Again, the only purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. If non-Jews are not able to serve Jews, then, under Talmudic law, they should be exterminated. “Palestinians” do not serve Jews in any way. In fact, “Palestinians” do the exact opposite. “Palestinians” are the single biggest threat to the continued existence of the Jewish state that there is. As such, it’s time to stop pretending that “Palestinians” have any rights whatsoever. It’s time to deal with the “Palestinians” the exact same way that we would deal with cockroaches, termites, fleas, ticks, and all other parasites: through swift and merciless extermination.

The Talmud clearly states (Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772): “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” Isn’t it time for a mass sacrifice of ignoble “Palestinian” scum? Isn’t it time to cleanse the land of Israel – which rightfully belongs to the Jews – of all inferior subhuman vermin? What we need to do is to round up all “Palestinian” cockroaches and slaughter them like cattle. We need to take immense pleasure in raping, torturing, and murdering “Palestinians.” We need to boil “Palestinians” alive in boiling human feces. We need to take “Palestinian” babies and stomp them to death in front of their parents. We need to cut open pregnant “Palestinian” women, put their fetuses on pikes, and leave the fetus-pikes all over “Palestinian” neighbourhoods. We need to anally rape “Palestinian” women with butcher knives in broad daylight. We need to burst into “Palestinian” hospitals and butcher “Palestinian” newborns right in front of their helpless mothers. We need to stuff pig’s heads with explosives and throw the explosive pig heads into “Palestinian” mosques and community centres. We need to take Uzis, bust into “Palestinian” preschools, and slaughter every single “Palestinian” child and teacher inside. We need to mutilate, rape, beat, and torture “Palestinians” in public, while other “Palestinians” watch helplessly. We need to massacre “Palestinian” men, women, and children without any mercy or pity. The Talmud orders us to do so, and any Jew who disagrees has clearly never read and understood the Talmud.

The thing to be done about the “Palestinians” is to KILL them, exterminate them, get rid of them. How do we deal with cockroaches? We don’t argue or debate with them. We exterminate them. If we exterminate cockroaches because they destroy the foundations of our houses, why shouldn’t we also exterminte “Palestinians,” who destroy the foundations of the Jewish state of Israel? Shouldn’t “Palestinians” be treated even more harshly than cockroaches, termites, and other smaller parasites? “Palestinians” are, after all, a much more powerful and destructive breed of parasite. Whereas cockroaches and termites merely destroy buildings, the “Palestinian” virus threatens to destroy the entire nation of Israel and the Jewish people along with it. Shouldn’t we treat the “Palestinian” cancer the same way we would treat any other cancer? Shouldn’t the “Palestinian” parasite be swiftly and violently exterminated, the same way we would exterminate cockroaches or termites? The answer is yes, and the Talmud clearly agrees with me. The Talmud says (Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5): “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” Under Talmudic law, Jews are permitted – and, in fact, encouraged – to kill Christians, Muslims, and anyone else who denies the Torah.

The only use that “Palestinians” could possibly serve would be as test material for medical experiments. Normally, we wouldn’t be able to conduct medical tests on humans if those tests cause significant pain. But, since “Palestinians” aren’t humans, we can cause as much pain as we want to them. We can inject “Palestinian” children with unstable chemicals, we can chop open pregnant “Palestinian” women, we can strip the flesh off of “Palestinian” babies – we can do whatever we want to these worthless subhuman vermin. And, by conducting medical experiments on “Palestinians,” we can obtain medical knowledge that will ultimately be useful in providing medical assistance for Jews. Not only that, but it would also be a lot of fun to do. Could there be anything more satisfying than the helpless screams of a “Palestinian” child as it’s torn apart by Jewish doctors? I certainly can’t imagine anything more enjoyable. The Talmud (in Yebamoth 98a) clearly says: “All gentile children are animals.” Under Talmudic law, “Palestinian” children are not human. They are subhuman beasts and we are thus free to rape them, torture them, and kill them as we please.

I will never condemn ANY act – no matter how cruel or savage – committed against a “Palestinian.” The “Palestinians” are inferior subhuman beasts, and are not even worthy of breathing in Jewish air. The life of a “Palestinian” has no more value than the life of a flea or a tick. They are vile, filthy, disgusting, worthless, parasitic, subhuman vermin and they need to be violently purged from the face of the Earth, which rightfully belongs to the Jewish people. We need to hate them, we need to segregate them, we need to discriminate against them, and, most of all, we need to kill them. Israel is not going NEARLY far enough in its attempts to wipe out the “Palestinians.” We need to have ZERO mercy or pity for these vulgar subhuman parasites. If we do not exterminate the “Palestinians,” they will exterminate us. History has taught us again and again that gentiles pose a major risk to the existence of Jews. Have we learned nothing from the Holocaust?

The “Palestinians” could very well perform another Holocaust against the Jewish people if we do not exterminate them first. The Nazis successfully killed six million Jews. The “Palestinians” could kill even more – unless we kill them first. Are we really going to sit back and simply wait for the subhuman “Palestinians” to carry out a new, even deadlier Holocaust against the Jewish people? Is that a risk that you want to take? If not, then it’s time to wipe out the “Palestinians” once and for all, and in the most brutal, violent manner possible.

“Palestinians” deserve nothing more than a slow, painful, and agonizing death. There can be no “Palestinian” left alive. We need to utterly exterminate the “Palestinians.” Then, once we butcher every single “Palestinian,” we need to dig up “Palestinian” graves and burn their bones. Israel needs to focus all of its energy to ensuring that the “Palestinians” are completely and utterly wiped off of the face of the Earth. The only good “Palestinian” is a dead one.

I am sick of hearing “Palestinians” complain about “oppression” and “genocide,” even though Israel has never once come anywhere close to giving these Arab cockroaches the real genocide that they so richly deserve. These two-faced, terrorist-supporting “Palestinians” NEED to suffer a real genocide, and, if violence against “Palestinians” ever goes viral in Israel (and I know it will), I myself will not hesitate to move to Israel, join the IDF, and take an AR-15 to the nearest mosque, especially if on a Muslim holiday like Ramadan. I would love nothing more than to savour the screams of “Palestinians” as I invade their “safe” places and mow them down with advanced Israeli weaponry.

“Palestinians” have proven via their anti-human behaviour to not be humans. We need to legally change the definition of the crime of murder so that killing a “Palestinian” is not murder and carries no penalty (since “Palestinians” are not human). We need to encourage all Jews in Israel to butcher “Palestinians” without any mercy or pity. In fact, we should even give out rewards for people who kill the most “Palestinians.” We should hold contests to see who can kill the most “Palestinians” in the shortest amount of time, with money rewards for the best and most effective “Palestinian” killers. We should offer Jews cash incentives to kill “Palestinians,” like, for example, giving out shekels to any Jew who kills “Palestinians,” with more shekels being rewarded for more “Palestinians” killed.

Whenever I’m asked how many “Palestinians” Israel has killed, I know the answer instantly: not nearly enough. Until there is not a single “Palestinian” left breathing, that answer will remain the same. “Palestinians” are a plague upon Israeli civilisation, and they’re a plague that needs to be wiped out. My friends, the time to kill “Palestinians” is long overdue. Grab your weapon today and let’s take out this “Palestinian” scum. The “Palestinians” are parasites and pigs. It’s time to take the pigs to the slaughter. Death to all “Palestinians” and death to anyone who stands in the way of the Jews.

  1. #1 by duncan lucas on 04/09/2015 - 9:34

    For all those Jewish apologists -read that !! thats the truth inside all Jews dont think anybody will arrest him there isnt a anti-Muslim racist law only a Jewish one . Open your eyes and see this is the “humanity ” of the Jews . Quite right is the FACT that they are Khazhari born of the Mongol race who slaughtered 100000,s of Europeans -raped -pillaged destroyed homes etc this cannot be removed from their DNA its built in -blood-blood and more blood no wonder they sprinkle blood over the congregation and even drink it when a Jew is circumcised even though their god says = thou shalt not drink of the blood for it is life there again they are real Hebrews are they only converts. With Nutteryahu shouting only those born of a female Jew are Jewish and hypocritically barring real Jews from North Africa because they are black and he has the brass neck to criticise Hitler .

  2. #2 by Darwin26 on 04/09/2015 - 9:34

    This is why there can only be One State: Palestine ~ we must throw the Jews back where they came from or the sea which ever comes first. Israhell has no right to exist. to that end i commit myself daily.

  3. #3 by NLG on 04/09/2015 - 9:34

    They took this down because it leaves them naked for what the Jewish State really is: a monstrosity.

  4. #4 by Greg on 04/09/2015 - 9:34

    I think this has been faked

  5. #5 by Katie Findley on 04/09/2015 - 9:34

    Times of Israel apology for hoax blogger: http://www.timesofisrael.com/hoax-blogger-posts-vile-post/

  6. #6 by BDS on 04/10/2015 - 9:34


  7. #7 by imhotep on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    The Bull Dog used to be a dog much different than today’s version of a Bull Dog. A Bull Dog used to be bigger, longer, and athletic. But humans that were interested in achieving a certain look, bred it to highlight certain genetic characteristics like the flat face, the protruding lower jaw, greatly deformed legs, and a huge head. They achieved this by continually breeding these dogs to favor these genetic traits.

    If trickery. deception, manipulation, genocidal butchery, egotistical pride, narcissism, psychopathologies, hatred, and laziness were the qualities the ‘jew’ were looking for, then they have achieved their results.

    Did they develop these traits by selecting them in order to compete with their rivals way back when?

  8. #8 by The Equalizer on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    This is probably one of the most significant posts TUT has ever done. It must be spread far and wide so the sheeple of this world know what we are facing. These people, exemplified by Bornstein, are insane and must be neutralized of their power and influence by any means necessary. It took me over an hour to read this screed because I would get so nauseous after each paragraph I had to turn away. The jooz truly do come from the “bowels of Satan.”

  9. #9 by Marco on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    Wow!! This is one arrogant jew! They don’t usually blabber-on about their insane, racist, supremacist ideology. It’s always been somewhat of a secret that needed to be kept from the Goyim. Today, they’ve ripped off their masks completely and are telling us what the future will be with them in charge….they’re not quite in charge enough now, but they’ve made giant strides, especially since their False Flag attack on us on 9-11.

    The Protocols are for real.

  10. #10 by mlo on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    At first I thought this guy was just high off the smell of his own feces. Then as the article progressed, I realized he must have been eating it.
    If real, this creature needs to be locked up or maybe even put down before he hurts someone.

  11. #11 by Konrad on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    @ Katie Findley:

    I hacked into the Times of Israel web site and made an adjustment to their apology…

  12. #12 by ariadnatheo on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    Konrad, you are the best.

  13. #13 by Konrad on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    I just looked again at that Time of Israel article again. I mean the apology. The last paragraph says this…

    We consulted with Bornstein in writing this article, and he asked us to make crystal clear that he had nothing whatsoever to do with this entire episode. “I deplore racism,” Bornstein stressed. “I’ve fought racism since I was four years old.”

    There are many things that make Jews sub-human, and one of them is endless Jew hypocrisy. Most Jews claim to “oppose racism,” yet they are ultra-racist toward all Goyim, and especially toward any race that has Muslims. (Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis, Indonesians – you name it.)

    We expect this from Jews, since their skulls are full of excrement, not brain cells.

    What’s appalling is that the Goyim excuse this Jew hypocrisy.

    Very often the same Goyim who condemn racism condone it in Jews. Because of the hoax.

  14. #14 by ariadnatheo on 04/10/2015 - 9:34

    I appreciate Konrad’s comments. I just wish he was less ambivalent and expressed his opinions in a more forthright manner.

  15. #15 by nooralhaqiqa on 04/10/2015 - 9:34



    These are other instances of Jews speaking out too loudly and clearly for their own good and being denied as hoaxes. Some say the Finkelstein one was a joke from the beginning but, as with the Protocols, there is a lot of truth there ~ very in your face.

    H W Rosenthal died under mysterious circumstances a short time after the interviews he gave. The old plane crash trick ~ no one else died in the event.

    As with this Bornstein chap, and I do believe his piece must be passed about widely, it is withdrawn and denied. Too honest for the goy to get a read of….

    The Protocols….

    Do you believe denials of the Jew or your own lying eyes?

    Oh, and Konrad, ty once again for the dark chuckles.

  16. #16 by Forbidden Rose on 04/12/2015 - 9:34

    Time will show us who the emperor will be and to whom this empire belongs…
    Israel has to accept the fact that nothing -whether bad or good- happens without our God’s permission and will. I believe that God is always right, and I Believe in God and I Believe in Right. Most importantly, I believe that this land belongs to Real Human Beings, not to fake black- hearted ones.

  17. #17 by Watchman_on_the_Wall on 04/12/2015 - 9:34

    The Babylonian Talmud reveals what the Khazar impostors posing as Jews (the “jews”) truly believe concerning all non-“jews.” These psychopath mass murderers need to be locked up until Yahushua (Jesus) returns in His second coming in late 2016. These foul Satan-worshippers are the synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and the Antichrist of these finals days of the end times in which we are living. Anyone who shields these immoral bastards from exposure has taken on the mark of the beast and is as guilty of reprehensible and unforgivable sin as they themselves are.

    Between now and late 2016, the world community needs to ostracize and totally isolate the rogue terrorist and welfare state of faux Israel from their midst. Next, let us expel every last “jew” living in America, since we all know that every last one of them are lying, seditious traitors living in our midst. This has been done 200 times before in history over the last 2,000 years. Let’s make it 201 times and be done with these rats and cockroaches from hell forever.

    Anyone who is not filled with rage and fury at these immoral, unjust, evil cowards is himself immoral, unjust, evil and cowardly.

  18. #18 by Thomas Faber on 04/13/2015 - 9:34

    If this is real, then the jewish guy who wrote this is OBVIOUSLY a highly ethical and humane man. Can’t you tell irony when you see it? Don’t you understand how brave the man is to post such a thing, if it is real? The Talmud also states that any non-jew who reads it must be killed, and that, as far as I remember, that any jew who exposes it must be similarly killed.

    Come on, people. The world is not black and white. Not ALL jews are evil, even though a lot of them act that way. You can check out Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro of True Torah Jews to see a very sensible, respectable and humane jewish man.

    As for The Talmud, it should be thrown in the toilet where it rightfully belongs, and only a few copies preserved for research and historical purposes.

  19. #19 by R Findling on 04/14/2015 - 9:34

    This is so clearly written by a complete extremist sadistic crazy individual. This is not Talmudic law, and this does not represent who Jews are and what they believe. You have to be a total idiot to believe this trash written by a psycho. None of it is true. I’ve been Jewish since birth – 54 years – and have never heard of any of this stuff. This guy belongs in a psych ward.

  20. #20 by Watchman_on_the_Wall on 04/16/2015 - 9:34

    A “jew” is a religious fanatic (and a Khazar impostor who claims to be a Jew and is not) who secretly worships and serves the devil and the teachings of orthodox Judaism which are codified in the Babylonian Talmud. These vile teachings most assuredly teach “jews” to kill all non-“jews” they can, provided that they can get away with it and not bring shame on the “jewish” community. “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,” by Rev. I.B. Parfaits (for which he was assassinated by “jewish” Bolsheviks in Russia), fully documents and explains this. Furthermore, it reveals that in the twisted and demonic worldview of orthodox “jews,” is is perfectly acceptable to lie to and deliberately deceive non-“jews.” Nothing is more obvious than the prayer of Kol Nidrei which “jews” pray on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) which negates any promise or commitment they make to a non-“jew” in the coming year.

    Thus, we can safely disregard any “jew” on this blog thread, or elsewhere, who denies these hidden secrets of orthodox satanic, demonic Judaism as deliberately attempting to deceive us stupid goyim (cattle). Nice touch, don’t you think?

  21. #21 by duncan lucas on 04/16/2015 - 9:34

    The problem Thomas is that Zionism and seemingly the Israeli majority along with the majority of Jews in the US approve of violence against the Palestinians . The excuse is -they fire rockets at us have you actually seen the damage they do ?? a few small holes in the road etc it is so glaringly obvious that they could send a lot more powerful rockets at say Tel Aviv that many thing Hezbollah is in league with Mossad. Jews run the US 6 media giants run 95 % of US news and video/films for a minority group they wield more power than the around 90 % non-Jews . They run congress -they bribe steal and get the US to attack many countries round the World for their resources. Just look at the latest -Ukraine what was the first thing that happened Al;l Ukrainian gold was shipped to the US . Who runs Ukraine -well as a Jew you should know its Jews forget the false -flag Nazis this is for Putins benefit to upset him and make use of those who dont realise they are being used . Your country Israel is itching to start WW 3. Who is going to get killed why the Goyim of coarse by the multi-millions . Who are the richest 1 % of the Western World -IMF/World Bank etc its the Jewish race . Goyim would need to be deaf-dumb -blind not to see REALITY its staring you in the face . But what gets me VERY angry is the poor -sick-old dying even more now because of welfare cut-backs to pay WHO ?? Billionaire Jews because they intentionally got those countries into deep debt .

  22. #22 by Danielle Marin on 06/01/2018 - 9:34

    wow, over 3 years later from time of this article and i see many here were right on the mark. even though i have read many portions of the protocols of the learned elders of zion/talmudic laws, seeing that supposed article by bornstein, written in such a way, my heart rate still has not returned to normal yet. i didn’t even realize my teeth were clenched, i was seething with rage like a wild cornered goy animal, oy vey!!

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