Netanyahu’s Bolton: Terrorists may attack before Obama leaves office

ed note–remember that whenever you are listening to various persons within what we refer to as ‘Camp Neo-Con’ that what you are hearing is the voice of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is their their Don, their fearless leader and their tin god. Therefore, when they make various statements such as that coming from Bolton in this piece, we can be rest assured that they are not their statements, but rather those that have been telexed from Tel Aviv. That Netanyahu wants war, war, and more war, particularly with regards to Iran and Russia, is not a question mark, but rather an exclamation point, and all can be rest assured that sometime before the election, Netanyahu is going to cause something to go BOOM somewhere in America that will facilitate the election of a staunchly pro-Israel/pro-war/pro-Armageddon Republican who will do Bibi’s bidding.

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  1. #1 by duncan lucas on 05/12/2015 - 9:34

    At last an American who has it figured out correctly ! I get condemned for telling US citizens to wake up and vote BOTH Jewish Parties out in the US but some just dont look deep enough in an intellectual capacity to realise although I am criticizing Joe Public I am at the same time giving them due authority as the ONLY people in the World who can stop this Jewish menace . YOU ! US taxpayer can vote both parties out and vote for FREEDOM . I have been told by US intellectuals why you wont both on this website and others but if I said what they said you would take me to be insulting America so I will ask the ordinary American WHY ??? do you stand in line when voting and vote for who Fox “”news “” tells you to . There is no difference in US policy between both parties they BOTH stand for US Jewish Big Business why ??oh ! why ?? do you vote them in when you could vote for Freedom ?? I am sure the rest of the World would like to know .

  2. #2 by Dante Ardenz on 05/12/2015 - 9:34

    Take a look,and how we have degenerated. Bolton is a creep,and fool.A looser,and non-entity. The Jews have disgarded the outsized egotists,for this nasty type. Whatever this Dr Strange love wannabe says is a script. This son,of a fireman ,in Baltimore gets off running with the Jews. A gentile,and non evangelical,he is one of the Neoconservatives original fronts…a nominal Opus Dei Vatican 2 Yahweh follower,conscious,of unconscious-“Caaatheolic”. A part of the Rothschild’s FOX,stable of “stars”,he is full filling his “Churchillian”,role as a self fulling war prophet. If you are somehow still in denial about the Republican Party,take a good look into that prosaic ,near sighted. mug,of ‘cute John”….he’s Likuds choice as US Secretary Of State in a GOP Administration .

  3. #3 by Todd Raine on 05/12/2015 - 9:34

    So, from your many post here,
    Will the Democrats save us?
    True, during and after the late 60’s ‘peace’ movement, Jewish war power
    shifted their alliance and influence and power from Dems to Republicans.
    But do you really believe that the jews have lost any or even most, if not
    all of their control over the Democratic Party?
    Because if you do, I also have a bridge in Gaza to sell to ya at below market
    Goldman Sachs and Soros and state unions funded Obummer.
    Democrats in label, but not in foundational spirit or truth.
    If you have a better point, I would love for you to expound your conclusions
    a bit more succinctly, please.
    I would love to read your retort to my humble question.

  4. #4 by Todd Raine on 05/13/2015 - 9:34

    “The bankers acted against their own profit motives and for the economic strength of the United States, possibly for the last time in American history, when they responded to Johnson’s request
    to streamline some of their international capital outflows. On March 3, 1965, Johnson thanked Morgan Guaranty Trust Company president Thomas Gates for “the response of Morgan Guaranty
    and other banks to my request to voluntarily limit their foreign lending.” He assured Gates, “You can count on our willingness to work with you closely.” Everything was up for bargaining between
    Johnson and the bankers, and everyone would get something out of it, including the Main Street economy.
    This was 50 years ago.
    Forgetting Tonkin treason.
    Forgetting the USS Liberty treason.
    But why should we forget these?
    Because he allied himself to the Jewish banks and war power?
    Should we forgive and forget these assaults on our constitution
    and liberties and innocent people from other lands caught in the
    middle of the power of our own corruption solely because
    Johnson was a Democrat?
    It just got worse after Johnson, regardless of which puppet received
    their mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  5. #5 by Dante Ardenz on 05/14/2015 - 9:34

    Mr Raine I come from a connected Republican background,and had no time for any Democrat from boyhood. But parties ,are organic operations,subject to who feeds,and cultivates them….the Left/Right Matrix was a Talmudic fraud from the beginning. The Democrat Party from before the Civil War,and after hero Andrew Jackson became a Wall Street/Southern construct. The Republican Party supported Industry,protectiong it from British Empire Rothschild’s power,with Tariffs. As Wall Street power grew,this went into decline. The Jews ran Wilson,FDR,Truman,and the Eastern Republican Establishment…albeit hiding behind the Anglo Establishment. JFK,we now know ,due to the fathers power,was the exception,Joe was secretly backing Taft ,and Mac Cathy ,a clever man)…….The LBJ crowd,evil Jews are now where ? Neoconservatives ! The Krystels,Krauthammer,Rostow Brothers,and the whole hang are ex Trotzkyites,or Democrats. Krauthammer worked for Humphrey Mondale ,Carter ! As industry was supplanted by the International Jews,gentile money power within the GOP ended. The GOP since Gingrich is the Neoconservative/Coalition,which mirrors the old Northern Wall Street/Southern coalition of who? The old Democrat Party ! The Ex Commie Jews know mobs,and today’s GOP is International Jews at the top,with Commissars as preachers,and FOX as Big Brother ruling old Wallace backers,red necks,teligious fanstics,and the greedy,for their war/poverty agenda. Their policy of decontrol,is to allow Jewish capital to buy up all state assets. Increasing Jew power,Allah Ann Rands ATLAS SHRUGGED….. she was Pierre Rothschild’s mistress. Was not Bush 2 enough? You admire Putin…I did,but not anymore. But as you say,he “slowed things down”. The modern Democrat Party under pressure from its constituency, is the same. I assure you,their is no moderation,or sense in the Republican Party today….they are functioning soley for Jew power. The Jew operates the Left/Right system cleverly…Chamberlain declared war,but it was.not enough…Churchill was put in place to go all the way….the GOP is the later role. I assure you…the Republican Party/LIKUD/Rothschilds are highly dangerous. Creep Bolton reveals their agenda in full. War abroad,and
    poverty at home.

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