Israeli ‘Justice’ minister Ayelet Shaked renews bid to lock up Amelekite rock throwers for 20 years


Ayelet Shaked revives law proposed last year to up maximum penalty on Palestinian Gentiles by 18 years, ease burden for prosecution to prove intent

Times of Israel

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked reintroduced a draft law Thursday that would extend the maximum sentence for stone throwers in Israel to 20 years and also alleviate the burden on the state to prove “intent to harm” during prosecution.

The legislation is the first major move by the new justice minister, seeking to put a measure back on track that was okayed by the cabinet last year but failed to become law.

Currently, convicted stone throwers generally receive only up to two years’ jail time.

That gap, explained a written draft from Shaked’s office, demonstrated a need for new legislative action because current sentences do not properly reflect the actual severity of the crime.

The new legislation would introduce a harsher punishment for people who throw stones at moving vehicles or police officers in the line of duty, lengthening the sentence of people convicted for this offense.

Rock-throwing by Palestinians protesting settler activity is a frequent occurrence on West Bank roads, as well as in East Jerusalem, and less commonly in some parts of Israel proper during protests.

Israeli settlers have also been known to hurl stones at Palestinians or Israeli security forces during clashes.

While the attacks usually cause damage and minor injuries, there have been a number of cases of fatalities and serious injuries from rocks being thrown.

“The goal of this legislative amendment is to help deal with the phenomenon of stone-throwing at moving vehicles, whether they belong to civilians or law enforcement, which has become common over the last several years and resulted in roughly 1,000 indictments being filed,” an introduction to the draft stated.

The new legislation would create two tiers of offense, in which the lower one, in which clear intent to harm cannot be proven, would be punished with a shorter length of jail time, while more severe crimes would trigger the maximum sentence.

The proposal last year was pushed forward by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and came amid an uptick in attacks in East Jerusalem and the West Bank as tensions rose over the status of the Temple Mount.

“Israel is taking vigorous action against terrorists and those who throw stones, fire bombs and fireworks,” Netanyahu said ahead of a ministerial vote on the matter. “We will also pass stronger legislation on the issue. All of this is in order to restore quiet and security throughout Jerusalem.”

Last year’s proposal was not intended to cover the West Bank. It is unclear if this version would.

Under the proposal, cases would be decided before one judge in district courts, rather before tribunals of three.

  1. #1 by Gary on 05/28/2015 - 9:34

    Typical jewess, fixed nose,heavily photo shopped picture. God curses these cretins by giving them hook noses,moles everywhere and an ugliness that grows with each passing year. They have the worst skin. Leathery- all the make up in the world can’t hid their hideousness. I saw her real picture and she’s got big dark moles on her face-what a mess.Mirrors break when they try to look at themselves. Again,God’s curse on these soulless spawn of satan.

  2. #2 by Ostmann on 05/28/2015 - 9:34

    “Amalek” is the jewish description for Aryan meaning ‘valley dwellers’. Since Aryans were the original cultivators/agriculturists not involved in exploiting/enslaving goys (and would not be enslaved ether).

  3. #3 by Bill Burroughs on 05/28/2015 - 9:34

    These vicious untermenschen “settlers” fully deserve to have rocks thrown at their cars at every occasion while they drive along their apartheid roads up to their illegal settlements (fully paid for with U.S. taxpayer money). In fact they fully deserve to have machine gun fire ripping through their vehicles every single day until they leave the country. And if I were a rich man… I would see that all these young Palestinian men would at least have professional long-range sling-shots so they could blind the IOF scum on a regular basis, of course, ideally they should have M-16s and RPGs so they could massacre all those little Jew cowards in the watchtowers and at the crossings. There would be no IOF roadblocks, as in none, if they knew that every time they set one up, or reported for duty at one, their comrades in arms would be ripped apart by M-16 fire from all directions. Even the pro sling-shots alone would give these young men better range and better accuracy, and would preserve their elbow tendons better. They should also closely study the pitching techniques of major league baseball pitchers. If this battle was on a fairer, more level playing field, and IOF “soldiers” were being fired on with automatic gunfire 24/7, they would run back to their momma’s aprons so fast, it would amazing. The Israeli “army” loves to fire on unarmed people. They adore a non-level playing field because they are spiritually and morally degraded and possess zero courage. Give ‘em a fair fight, however, during which they might get hurt or die, and they run like hell (cf. Lebanon, 2006). So forget the rocks, kids, and start learning how to put rounds down range. Regarding Ms. Shaked’s call for twenty year prison sentences for Semitic people defending their country from Khazarian barbarians, the people who actually should be given 20 year plus prison terms are the citizens of Israel and every single Jew worldwide that has supported this demonic monstrosity called IsraHell. If you are pro-Israhell, then you are anti-Humanity, PERIOD!

  4. #4 by imhotep on 05/28/2015 - 9:34

    These creatures like to say that they are a different race and / or that they had been ‘chosen’. Looks like this could be just cover to try to excuse themselves.

    Mutations do occur on chromosomes. Sometimes a gene sequence can be missing, inverted, and otherwise mutated. This can lead to deformities and / or traits that are not the norm. But all mutations do not have to be ‘bad’. Some mutations can be productive but in the case of these like minded people. I would say that any such mutations in their case, are mutations that give them the character traits that people witness even today. Their behavior is the same thru history.

    If they have isolated themselves, then they’d keep those genetic traits all in the fam. They would be passed on from one generation to the next and would end up being the dominant genes that give them such traits as ease of telling lies with no conscience, murdering, raping, and thieving with no qualms whatsoever and to bury those acts in a religious thought.

    Judaica / Zionism is a disease.

    Also, it is somewhat strange that they say that all the land is theirs; it all belongs to them from Turkey to Egypt. WHY is that truly so damn important them? Why is it so important to have papers that say the land is owned by them? Why must people CONTROL something such as land while claiming to be of ‘God’? Wouldn’t a ‘God’ support the concept of sharing and living together? They want the world to think that they are victims and simply follow a loving, righteous, compassionate ‘God”, but this is not what they do.

    Who says that they must have ‘legal’ paperwork drafted to show that they own from Turkey down to Egypt? If they were truly loving people that have been victims all thru history, then why not share the land and live in harmony? Oh that’s right. They are surrounded by hostile Arabs and hostile Persians, and hostile Christians, and hostile atheists. They are just defending themselves.

    BULLshit !

  5. #5 by I support GOOD men and women who are Jewish on 05/28/2015 - 9:34

    Only Democracy In The Middle East™

    “Avoid driving into ultra-Orthodox Jewish areas of Jerusalem on Shabbat (from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday). If you attempt to drive into these areas local residents may stone your car.”

    I wonder if Nazilet Shaked supports equal punishment for Jews and non-Jews. 😉

  6. #6 by huaska on 05/29/2015 - 9:34

    Israel should be stopped. Isolate by walls they build themselves. All jews around the world returned to Promised Land. AIPAC disbanded and Americas richest jews forced to do the same.–extraordinary-influence-proisrael-lobby-had-on-former-pm-20140409-36dys.html
    Before they screw up other countries to.

  7. #7 by Ostmann on 05/29/2015 - 9:34

    @ huaska. The last time when all jews were located in one area was during Roman times when they suppressed a rebellion and pulled down their temple. Jews cunning answer to this threat was to move into the ‘nations’, where through manipulations they are in the position to steer one nation into another incase one peoples are trying to free themselves from their enslavement. WW2 is a typical example. jews will eventually flock back to ‘israel’ when they have complete control of all the globe (“the key to all the worlds riches”), to set up the reign of ‘their’ king. At least that is the Demiurge plan.

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