Saudi Pilot Commits Suicide after Massacring Yemeni Children

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  1. #1 by Todd Raine on 06/25/2015 - 9:34

    It is a sin in some religions to take your own life.
    For me, the killing of an innocent child would be
    too much for me to bear.
    Mohammed Omar al-Anzi did repent.
    May God forgive him and give him peace in the
    next world.
    May he hold hands with the children he was ordered
    to take away from this world, in the next life.

  2. #2 by George on 06/25/2015 - 9:34

    A noble Saudi pilot indeed — American military men also need to heed:

    “No one of those decades had any inkling of what the Pentagon was really about and just how rotten are the scoundrels and liars of Washington DC who connive with their pals in banking and the military-industrial complex to create the pretext and excuses to wage war against innocent people in far away lands, so said scoundrels can generate obscene amounts of profit and booty for themselves, and all at taxpayer expense.

    “Following the treachery leveled against US service men in the first Gulf war (1991) by its own government in which hundreds of thousands of men and women were subjected to vaccinations that caused the intentionally introduced, lab created “Gulf War syndrome (or illness)”, you would think that far more young people would think twice about joining a Pentagon killing machine that had all the earmarks of satanic stewardship.

    “After the traitors in our military and government, working with the Mossad, orchestrated the events of 9/11, they send US military personnel into Iraq and Afghanistan to engage in such depraved levels of barbarity, cruelty, and murderous savagery (mostly against civilians), that for the first time in the history of the United States, we have scores and scores of returning military men committing suicide because they can no longer take the mental torment that their conscience has forced upon them for their unconscionable conduct in the Middle East”
    — Amazing words of wisdom by Ken Adachi

  3. #3 by Dante Ardenz on 06/25/2015 - 9:34

    I heard from experienced authority that the US quickly sent pilots of the 8th AF home after WW2, because the ones who toured wiped out Germany, and those in the Asian theater (some), who saw the hell they brought the people/cities/ went into shock.
    I feel bad for this pilot..,.his depression must of been massive.
    Suicide is not the way….one must live to fight this war,against the International Jews.

  4. #4 by imhotep on 06/26/2015 - 9:34

    After George Washington helped to establish the United States of America, the first foreign target ( land outside the boundaries of the USA ) were the indigenous peoples. But hey…that was just all Fine And Dandy for nearly all Americans at that time. ‘Our nation was founded on equality and justice for all. hahaha yeah yeah

    Then came the plot to TAKE from Mexico. Another pre planned land grab. And its been that way ever since. And again..its all been just Fine And Dandy for nearly all Americans.

  5. #5 by sotomayor111 on 06/26/2015 - 9:34

    I wish he had flown to Russia and asked for asylum

  6. #6 by George on 06/26/2015 - 9:34

    #4 You are lumping all atrocities onto the most enlightened group of men of America’s birth–the Founding Fathers. It would not be beyond the scoundrels that brought Slavery to America:

    — would be the same who committed atrocities on all peoples everywhere, including the indigenous peoples:

  7. #7 by George on 06/26/2015 - 9:34

    Further, contrast what this Human being did — who would rather kill himself than be forced to commit more atrocities on children–to these satanic spawned monsters that walk among us that get orgasms with dead children:

  8. #8 by nooralhaqiqa on 06/26/2015 - 9:34

    It is sad he felt this was his only option but remember, thousands upon thousands of American men have made the same decision after spending time in battle.

    They are all just dumb military men, pawns in international chess games. Sad but true. The key is waking them up before they enlist.

  9. #9 by imhotep on 06/27/2015 - 9:34

    I’ve believed for some time now that Saudi Arabia is on the hit list. Their time is coming and they will be going down.

    This fighting at the countries of Saudi Arabia &Yemen is the means to begin the bombing in Yemen but then the bombings will magically arrive inside Saudi Arabia with greater intensity. Saudi Arabia will fall into chaos and then succumb.

    On a side note, arms sales to Asian countries have recently spiked due to the ‘Chinese’ threats towards smaller Asian countries. Gee what a surprise. I don’t buy it that China and the U.S. are truly in an all out standoff. Sure, there may be outbreaks of some military action but this is nothing new. Citizens always take one for the team and are sacrificed for a larger agenda.

    I’m certain that as Philippines, Malaysia, Viet Nam. Brunei, and even Indonesia discuss strategy with Washington DC, other subject matters are discussed such as trade, banking, opening up markets, exploration, etc. They don’t even have to invade and steal, just create a threat of using China and doors just swing wide open. Abracadabra.

  10. #10 by George on 06/27/2015 - 9:34

    “They are all just dumb military men, pawns in international chess games. Sad but true. The key is waking them up before they enlist.”

    This is the site they should go to:

    Pass it on and SAVE LIVES. By this manner, the nation can also be saved.

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