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Israel: Police under fire over failure to prevent Gay Pride Parade stabbing

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Ed-note (Sabba)  – More sickening stuff coming from the chosenites from hell.

Jews killing or assaulting jews is not kosher and the police is under investigation. Jews killing goyim… not only it is kosher, but it is the religious duty of every jew.

So a Gentile baby – a littel snake to use the words of justice minister Ayelet Shaked- is holocausted – is no big deal, because “One million Arabs are not worth one jewish finger nail”.

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Analysis: This time, Israelis may have to pay the price tag


Ed-note (Sabba) – Again, notice the wording used in this article and especially in the title.

This time: acknowledging that this is a recurrent activity… May have to pay: they never paid anything before but 7 billions of Gentiles are watching them and they know they have to do something if they want us to continue to believe that judaism is a religion of peace blah blah blah.

They can not openly praise these baby killers only because they can not allow the world to see more in depth what judaism is really about.  Your time is up.

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LEST WE FORGET – Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.


Israeli condemnation ‘not enough,’ say US Jewish groups, after baby killed

Crying crocodile

Ed-Note (Sabba) – Notice the words used to call these jewish baby killers. Note how they mean to ‘condemn’ and show that they too, are human, but the words they use betray their deepest thoughts and feelings on the subject.

They mean to denounce harshly this crime but still manage to link it to the stabbing of jews that had just taken place at the Jerusalem Gay Pride.

Keep your crocodiles tears for yourself: you are not fooling us. We know that jews love to kill goyim in general and goyim babies in particular. We know that Goyim babies are  the best, the purest, the greatest, the most preferred choice for a holocaust to Moloch because they produce ‘an aroma pleasing to your lord’.

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Alleged Jewish terrorists help the Islamists achieve their goals

Israeli soldiers should kill terrorists 'in their beds' following Shalit deal, former IDF rabbi says

Ed-notre (Sabba) – Killing babies and children is THE favorite jewish sport, the only one the excel in. No outrage nor condemnation from the jewish authorities and press when the baby pictured was murdered. Now, they are all united to condemn the latest child sacrifice willingly made to Moloch.

Why? Because the entire world, the universe is watching them and that makes them uncomfortable. For some strange reasons, they do not like it when we watch them being jews and doing what jews do: obeying the command of the god – satan. No, being watched make them uneasy, they can not be ‘free’ to be as jewish and act as jewish as they would like to be. This is something the jews need to look into and analyze (wishful thinking…).

Had we not been in the age of the internet, no one would have known about this latest jewish exercise in human sacrifice. They sacrificed this baby in order to please their god and get something in return (it is always a business transaction with them, even when dealing with their ‘god’). They expect something ‘big’ to happen this September and are doing everything they can to make their prophecies come true.

This is the ‘making of’ the Third Intifada, perhaps a World Intifada, perhaps a permanent Intifada.
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Iran Calls for Denuclearizing Israel

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Ed note,  Ariad–High time to repeat this call until it can no longer be ignored. Iran has signed an historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn

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EU urges Israel to show ‘zero tolerance’ for settler violence


‘Cold-blooded killing of Palestinian toddler highlights urgent need for political solution’

ed note–every time the Jews engage in this type of religious-inspired barbarity, the EU, US and others come out and sing the same song–‘We are ‘deeply concerned’, deeply worried, deeply distressed,’ etc. Nothing gets done. The money continues flowing into Israel’s coffers, arms that will be used to murder infants, women, and children in Gaza continue to arrive daily, and for the simple reason that the leaders of the West understand that Israel and her people hold the various economies of their countries in their hands and anytime they want, can reduce these nations to places teeming with chaos, to say nothing of Israel’s nukes, which are–in the words of Israeli military historian Martin Van Creveld–‘aimed at every capital’. 

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