Michele Bachmann: Iran deal a cause for celebration because………..End Times

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  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 08/10/2015 - 9:34

    Take a good long look,and if asleep wake the hell up. This Bachmann is for real,and their are millions of her kind activated inside the Republican party.
    George W Bush, the criminal retard, believed as she does,and we all know the hell he created.

    This insanely dangerous theology, was created by the Jews,and infiltrated into Christianity, during
    Puritan Period, in England-Cromwell/1600s.
    It was later redefined in the King James Bible, produced by proto Mason, King James II, in 1668.

    It was pushed heavily in mid 19 the crazy America of course,by an assorted bunch ,like the 7 the Day Adventists …founded by mentally ill women,who had ,’visions after being ,hit on the head with a rock !

    The Scofield Bible written by con man, of the same name, and published by Rothschild’s Front codiefied all of this bull.

    Bachman was brainwashed by the Born Again movment of the mid 70 s, sponsored by the Jews,
    to create a mass army of Evangelical s/Puritans, for Jews/Israel.

    She was a devotee of the late Dr Francis Schaeffer ,who gave ,’intellectual’, gravity, to this nonsense.
    His son Frank now denounces all of this.

    They literally are looking for the death of this planet.
    Its a cruel spiteful theology which say
    s obey,or die.
    These kind are so sick,they think the Anti Christ is Anti Israel, and Christ the ,”Jew” is the earthly Jewish Messiah !
    He will come as Yahweh to rule us under the Old Covenant !

    They accuse everyone under the sun,of “666”, except the dear Jews who hate Christ,and his New Covenant !
    Even though the very Star 0f David/Saturn they often mix the Cross with is the Hexagram 666 !

    Beware of Bachmans kind, and take them seriously.
    Forcefully uncover, and defy them.
    On the political front,despite
    His flaws and I have no illusions Donald Trump is upsetting these nuts inside the GOP, as he certainly is not one of them !
    He does threaten their power there and us not pandering to them.
    Of course these nuts have zero power in the Democrat Party.

  2. #2 by marta15 on 08/10/2015 - 9:34

    Protestantism is a sect, a cult.
    They are about 30 000 different protestant sects, all over the world, and every leader has his/her own version of the so called “Christian'” doctrine..
    Some are more crazier than the other , but overrall ,they are NOT fo the Truth.
    Bachmann repesents one of the more crazy ones.

  3. #3 by Dante Ardenz on 08/10/2015 - 9:34

    I must add,of course ,’these nuts have no influence in the Democrat Party,’ but that party relient on Jew money, and media fears them, and takes them into account.
    But the base of that party hates them at least !

  4. #4 by imhotep on 08/10/2015 - 9:34

    ‘jews’ have always been a dangerous cult with their messianic system. It was a good day when Tittus went into Jerusalem, and destroyed their temple, and them as well. He took from them and took it to Rome. This is carved in stone in Rome to this day. (The Arch of Tittus in Rome). He put those things on public display, but the greatest of all was the ‘jew’ sacred texts which Tittus kept in his own private home. Tittus was of the Flavian family; son of Vespicia.

    These messianic jews were always a filthy and dangerous lot.

    This destruction led by Tittus, led to what is known as The Dead Sea Scrolls where the ‘jews’ had to hide their writings. The last gasp of the ;jew’ at that time was when they ran to safety, but eventually ended up all killing themselves at Masada.

    Before Tittus destroyed Jerusalem, a strange thing happened. He had captured a ‘jew’ named Josephus, who was also of the revolt taking place. But he changed his tune when captured and said that Tittus was the one prophesied..

    Josephus then became Flavius Josephus and was ‘adopted’ into the Flavius family of Rome. He became a hired ‘pen’ for the powerful Flavian family.

    The Alexander family in Egypt were ‘jews’. They were perhaps the most wealthy of them all and they had no need for any ‘jew’ messianic revolts because it would upset their position. The Alexander family was also the tax collectors for Rome in that area. The Herod family was also ‘jew’ that were living in Palestine / Judah. They too did not want their boat rocked by any ‘jew’ messianic revolt.

    Herod the Great had a grand daughter and amongst other things, she was a mistress of Tittus. She’s also mentioned in the NT.

  5. #5 by ariadnatheo on 08/10/2015 - 9:34

    She may well be the most profoundly retarded woman in American politics. I guess I am saying she is perfect for American politics.

  6. #6 by imhotep on 08/11/2015 - 9:34

    Good point Dante about the Puritans. They were a large part of what came to the land mass now known as America – United States. It has been written and quoted many times that they were not free to practice their religion in the old country and claimed religious persecution, yet they appeared to be a very ‘weird’ lot, which was even too much for the religious powers of that time.

    Then after arriving in the New World, it was only a matter of time where they began tricking, lying, stealing from, and butchering / raping the indigenous population. It was hee haw – yee haw time even in those days, and the redneck hicks of today have nothing compared to the ‘godly’ puritans.

  7. #7 by Imperium on 08/11/2015 - 9:34

    Marta15 says,’ “My God,is better than your God”. Funny how the Protestants call the “Ceaaaatolics”, a “Cult”, and vice versa.
    What a 2000 year plus mess.
    All of this this nonsense,and confusion based on
    writings of a bunch of Jews !

    Organized religion of every stripe, which was/is a creation if the ruling classes to organize society has a record of unparalleled misery on this planet.

    It codifies the material,temporal,powerful,and sanctifies ignorance.

    The base Puritans, and ‘Church Militant,’ of the Catholics all ripe for manipulation by whom ?

    The Jews.

    Europe was torn apart by this ,and the USA, a huge garbage can filled with millions of Jew idolizing Bachmans, and obtuse ,’Jesus was a Jew,’ (wrong), Catholics.
    These mentalities are the guardians, of the systems power.
    Who is that ,’ system ? ,’. The Jews.

    Thank you Imhotep, and others for great comments.

  8. #8 by marta15 on 08/12/2015 - 9:34

    ad 7 you are an ignorant.
    You are PRECISELY what the Globalist, satanic Jewery wants you to be.
    They LOVE people like you.

  9. #9 by Imperium on 08/13/2015 - 9:34

    Are you referring to me, SG Marta 16 ? I’ve been listing on UT,long before you,and the only one supporting a ,’ Satanic Jew,’ is you….false flag Jew Henry Mskow.
    Funny how religious types, especially Catholics ,brain washed by homosexuals hiding in the clergy from childhood, love to condemn, people free of Judaic centered nonsense.

    Without ,Christianity, ,the Jews could of never penetrated societies consciousness.

    As a former Catholic victimized by them, in their ,’ schools,’ ,I know their horror inside, and out.
    Many are so brain washed, they cannot escape, and just attack others with dilly terms like ,Heretic,’ ,while they fit the definition.

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