Congress’ Test of Allegiance: US or Israel?

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  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 08/13/2015 - 9:34

    As Pat Buchanan once eloquently equipped, ” Congress is Israeli Occupied territory”.
    That pithy observation, made over 20 years ago,by a courageous DC insider, was attacked by outraged Jews, and ignored by the FOX News, TV Preacher base of the Republican Party, who’s collective cognitive dissonance is without peer .

    The Democrat Base of the modern era, is much less rabid in Israel ardoration.
    But the top of the party is run,or terrified of Jew money.

    What amazes,and troubles me to the core of my being, is how entranced this country is of a foreign nation, Israel ,owning its politics !

    You have denial ,political correctness, liberal guilt, conservative hypocrisy, and religious fanaticism holding up this abject slavery .

    It is the real manifestation of the Jews use of their vaunted Haglian Dialectic.
    Thesis/ Counter Thesis/Synthesis.
    The Left/Right Matrix, brilliantly revealed in the classic French Film, Occult Forces 1943/You Tube.

    Unless all of us start speaking up, with courage, about this, this county is further doomed, and the world

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