Phenomenon of car bombs the feature of constructive chaos, Syria, Iraq, Libya,Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

syrian baby, lost his life as many other civilians , in car bomb committed by

–Syrian baby, lost his life as many other civilians , in car bomb committed by “moderate rebels”

At least 10 civilians lost their lives in car bomb attack in Lattakia on Wednesday 2/September/2015 which took place at the outskirts of Lattakia, in one of the poorest neighborhood,foreign-backed “moderate rebels” detonated.

A white van with large amounts of explosives, days ago of this incident the so-called moderate rebels launched barrage of missiles on the downtown of the city.

This is not only the situation of Lattakia, unfortunately this is the situation of all syrian provinces since the color revolution, the arb spring covers the region.

Damascus, Alepo, Homs, were a soil for such terrorists acts, since the year 2011, The western social media call those criminal, freedom fighters.

While we as syrians can easily see Israeli hands, masterminds, behind this bloody scene, supported by the GCC budget.

Syrian father carried the dead body of his baby which covered by his innocent blood,that baby as many syrian kids was killed after terrorist bombing, suicide bombers, or car bomb, this baby brought to our minds the picture of Baby Ali the Palestinian baby who was burnt to death by israeli settlers, under the blind eye of the international community.

Suicide bombing used to take place in public places, near primary schools as in Homs Ekrema, or near Universities as in Aleppo, Homs, Damascus and also as in Lattakia However here was by launching advanced missiles.

Security Cancel is away from this scene, unfortunately mainstream media also is busy accusing Syrian government by killing syrians, and turning blind eye about the truth.

Contradiction,Those who claim that they care of syrian people, imposed sanctions on syrians people, and support the enemy of syrian people.

The other phenomenon is ISIS or ISIL the islamic state in Syria and the Levant, which US led coalition anti- ISIS, Coalition consists of the most supporters of those terrorists.

However before ISIS was in the map, USA was supporting those foreign fighters under the name of Free Syrian Army FSA, to topple president Assad,the elected president by the majority of syrians.

Same crimes, same slogan, and who knows if it is by chance the weapons which has been sent to the “moderate rebels”

ended up in the hands of terrorist organization “ISIS”.

This  Missionary campaign  of Constructive Chaos by Mrs Condoleezza Rice and The new middle east, turned the life of people in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen into a real catastrophic humanitarian.

If you didn’t die by moderate suicide bomber or by the bloody conflict in the world of USA’ imposed democracy, you will die drowning in the sea, or in the borders of EU countries while you seek for human asylum.

The option is defend your country.

  1. #1 by duncan lucas on 09/03/2015 - 9:34

    Yes you got it right and if you trace the history of the car-bomb especially to Palestine you will see that “our good friends ” the jews invented the car-bomb senario blowing up British troops and Arabs when they terrorized Palestine with the help of the US and total shame on Cameron etc for keeping it quiet it shows= Jews -no. 1 -UK citizens-no.2 this applies in spades to the US as well . If there was ever a nation of sadist perverts the Jews qualify – the “chosen few ” (of god ) more like the chosen PHEW!!

  2. #2 by maisoon on 09/10/2015 - 9:34


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