GERMANY – Netanyahu to Germany: Take action against department store that removed Israeli goods


 Sabba – Look at the EU flag behind the menorah. What is the EU flag doing in a synagogue?


The German government should take action against the KaDeWe department store in Berlin that over the weekend pulled Israeli products manufactured in the settlement from its shelves, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Pointing out that this department story was originally owned by Jews, and confiscated by the Nazis, Netanyahu said that what began with the labeling of products, has evolved into a full blown boycott of those products. He pointed out that the German government was opposed to labeling settlement products.

“We strongly protest against this step, which is morally, substantively, and historically illegitimate,” Netanyahu said.

Turning to the continuing wave of terrorism, Netanyahu said that in security consultations over the weekend he directed the security services to concentrate their efforts on the Hebron region, from which the majority of the attackers were emanating. This includes conducting arrests, setting up roadblocks, and significantly increasing the security forces in the area.

Netayahu praised the security forces for both thwarting attacks and apprehending the attackers, and also praised the behavior of Israeli citizens in stopping attacks.

“We are facing terrorism from individuals, not terrorism from organizations,” he said, adding that it was “very difficult” to “hermetically” prevent the lone-wolf attacker from carrying out an individual attack.

Therefore, he said, what was needed in addition to the activities of the security personnel was heightened vigilance by the country’s citizens.

“I must say that we are exhibiting that vigilance, a lot of resourcefulness and courage, and this is very praiseworthy,” he said. “We are still in a struggle, and it will continue. This struggle has continued already for 100 years, but we will overcome this wave of terror.”

Regarding ISIS, Netanyahu said indictments were served last week against Israeli citizens who intended to join the terrorist organization. Netanyahu said he is asking the attorney-general to move forward efforts to revoke the citizenship of anyone who joins ISIS, and to ensure that if someone leaves the country to join the group, they will not be allowed to return.

Netanyahu also addressed the release from prison over the weekend of Jonathan Pollard, saying that although he is not completely free, he is at least out of jail.

“As someone who worked a great deal over the years for his release with US presidents Clinton [former US president Bill Clinton] and Obama [US President Barack Obama], I am sorry that we did not succeed in getting him released earlier,” he said, adding that the opportunity slipped away from him twice.

“I am happy that he he is relatively free, and I am sure that along the way we will see him in Israel,” Netanyahu added.

  1. #1 by Tapp on 11/22/2015 - 9:34

    I believe that Department store is owned by a group in Thailand.

  2. #2 by Dante Ardenz on 11/22/2015 - 9:34

    Does not the Polish washwomen Frau Merkel look so at home among her Jewish masters?

    She is so emblematic of all things Judaic …A young pioneer Communist turned Neoconservative….master of the Liberal/Conservative Judaic constructs.

    The hag takes orders from the International Jews of they would pack her off the Gdansk /Danzig to run a laundry.

    How dare Israel tell s department store what they can,or cannot sell.

    Let’s make a deal…Israeli goods go back in ,if David Irving history books,and other honest history authors to !
    Hobbies,toys ,and memorabilia of the Third Reich allowed to.
    I bet the former outsells the later.
    This it what the Jews fear…Germany Awake !

  3. #3 by Alan Kerns on 11/23/2015 - 9:34

    Reminds one of the international Jewish-organized boycott of German goods from 1933 onwards. US department stores kowtowed back then, I think, to their masters’ wish.

  4. #4 by Chris Bowen on 11/24/2015 - 9:34

    Maybe if Netanyahu was out stumping for world peace, things might be different!

  5. #5 by Scott Snow Wolf on 11/25/2015 - 9:34

    What Mr. Netanyahu fails to accept is that a privately owned business in a free market, capitalist economy is free to choose what products it carries and from where for any reason it chooses. Obviously Mr. Netanyahu does not respect democratic principles nearly as much as he attempts to proclaim to the world. It seems that when it comes right down to it, he prefers heavy handed state control of free enterprise.

    As for his opining on Israel’s status of perpetual victimhood, it needs to pointed out that under international law, Israel is defined as a Belligerent Occupation, violating the international laws that Israel signed onto in 1967 regarding building settlements in Palestinian territory. Under international law, the Palestinians have the legal and moral right to resist Belligerent Occupation by any means possible up to and including lethal force. When you occupy a land illegitimately and continue to violate the legal boundaries and pursue an expansionist agenda of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, you are the aggressor and you are not “defending” anything but your indefensible Belligerent Occupation.

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