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Religious ultranationalist Zionists have taken over Israel


First they built the settlements, then they killed off the two-state solution, now they are free to turn to their next target.

ed note–generally I like Gideon Levy’s positions. He in not the typical Jew, meaning arrogant, haughty,  condescending and with a magnetic pull towards love of self. 

On this issue however his head is in the clouds.  He writes from the perspective that the Judaic nutcases in Israel have taken over as if this weren’t a predetermined outcome that existed from the very beginning of this venture, which it was.  Remember that all the early ‘Zionists’ were for the most part leftists like Levy and they were just as violent and rapacious as their right wing counterparts who rule Israel today.

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Essential info for battling the NWO

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Ed note (Trevor) I want to wish all the TUT readers and contributors a Happy New Year. My resolution is to do everything in my power to destroy the NWO. Here is a blog post in which I condense years of study into an informal essay which is candid and sincere. Cheers, and may 2016 go down in history as the year Gentiles defeated the NWO once and for all, the Year of the Gentile.

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Muslims hilariously troll the hell out of ISIS after their call for new jihadists ends up on Twitter



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US NGOs sued over $280bn tax-deductible aid sent to Israel – report


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Must read by Gilad Atzmon–Jewish Religions and The Prospect of Dissent

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US seeks to infiltrate Iran despite nuclear deal


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SINGAPORE – israeli diplomat uses Singapore flag as tablecloth, Israel apologizes


Sabba – No big deal here: Singapore is known all throughout South-East Asia as the Little Israel  of Asia. This could explain why big israel issued an apology to her little asian sister.

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