The Piper Report Jan 7, 2011

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Michael Collins Piper continues with the discussion concerning the inanity of worrying about the EEEEEEVIL Nazis, using as the backdrop the recent article written by Keith Johnson of

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  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 01/18/2016 - 9:34

    People who use the ” evil Nazi” analogy on everything are as MCP puts it ,” either fools or liars “.

    Fact : ” Nazism ” Which is National Socialism ,or that other ” bad word ” Fascism is a system which blends Community ,Tradition ,Sovereignty ,and puts the nations welfare over all.
    It believes in the Classical ideals of the past,and harnessed them in the modern state .

    It rejects all Judaic constructs .It believe in non usurious money ,and independent ,state run currency …no borrowing from International Finance .
    It supports industry over stock speculation.
    It is not multicultural or into ” Globalism “.
    National Sovereignty of ALL .

    It is neither Left ,or Right ideologically and breaks the political cycle of divide ,and conquer.

    ” Nazis ” or ” Germans ” have NO power in the USA ,and the Germans running today’s Germany are traitors under the NWOs Occupation.

    German culture ,traditions ,industry ,science has done nothing but GOOD in the USA ,and indeed the world .
    But these things NEVER had ,or do have ANY political power in the country since some before WW 1 , and in Charles Lindbergh America First which tried to stop WW 2.
    All good …get it ?

    The United States ,and West is entirely run by the International Finance in the total command of the Jews .
    The US power/wealthy ,where wasps in the past and never ,or are ” German “….they made alliance with the Jews for capital ,and now most supplanted by them.

    Twice last century the USA helped smash Germany ,Europe ,and Japsn which adopted ” Nazism ” to great national success .

    I assure you if ” Nazis ” ran the USA ( the real ones ,not trash types white racists etc ) we would not be supporting Israel Wall Street ,NAFTA , Gay Marriage , or would Jews be allowed to own Hollywood ,Media , or our politics !
    Nor would industry have left for third world nations.
    Cities would not be falling down ,and to dangerous to enter in some cases .

    Where are these ” Nazis ” who ” run us?”

    Under Jew stooge Alex Jones million dollar mansion the Israelis bought him ?
    Or Jim Marrs hat ?
    In the old dusty John Birch Society closets ?
    Or Reverend Hagges food pantry ?

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