The Piper Report Feb 2, 2011

Michael Collins Piper's debut on Truth Jihad Radio

Egypt–the real deal or another Israeli operation? MCP discusses the likelihood that the current turmoil taking place in the land of Israel’s ancient enemy is as much deliberate as spontaneous and the long term Zionist reasons for doing it.

Download here

  1. #1 by shaukatkhanhotmail on 02/18/2016 - 9:34

    MCP to you every conceivable compliment is meant

    your image and memory fills us with sentiment

    Insha-Allah, you have achieved Peace for your sacrifice

    away from this jewish world to a Place in Paradise

    you are in a place that permeates all things

    lucky to be in a place of exploding stars and robins sing

    Allah has blessed you with a pure heart

    that has been seeking Truth from the start

    for Truth you have intellectually roamed

    in His Infinite Love and Mercy, He took you Home

    you struggled to take humanity to a new height

    Allah put you on the course of a beautiful flight


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