WATCH – Auschwitz Deaths lowered again……

  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 03/12/2016 - 9:34

  2. #2 by Mike on 03/12/2016 - 9:34

    And yet the figure remains, obviously something to do with Jewish creative accounting.

  3. #3 by lolathecur on 03/12/2016 - 9:34

    just a reminder to all. If you plan to vote for Trump you must be a registered republican by the specified date in your state of residence prior to the deadline/cutoff date. If you do not register in time(and it is running out quickly) you can vote but it will not be counted. This is just another way they rig elections. Poll numbers mean little when this republican party election rule comes into play. Be sure to check with your state on these rules and dates.The republican party is not going to tell you this simply because the candidates they are promoting are not doing well in these polls. They hope that swing voters are not aware of this. Spread this information widely. The Ron Paul campaign made this very clear during his two runs. Force them to steal the election by other means…….trust me, they will. This does not mean we should help them though. Off the topic of this post but just a reminder.

  4. #4 by Dante Ardenz on 03/12/2016 - 9:34

    But the Jews cannot give up 666 million ..the ” 6 ” their magic number .
    666 Star Of David ,Mark Of The Beast .

  5. #5 by mothman777 on 03/12/2016 - 9:34

    @ nooralhaqiqa The figures in the table that you posted above of course include deaths of many from amongst the millions of captured Russian prisoners of war and other groups, including common criminals serving short sentences in the labour camps, so the number of Jewish deaths in that table of camp death figures would only constitute a small fraction of the total death figures for all the camps.

    Some hold that millions of Jews in occupied Europe, around 2.2 to as many as 2.5, were actually transited through the camps to Birobidzhan in Russia to be held there in safety for the duration of the war. I have even seen it stated that this was done as a result of an agreement between Stalin and Hitler.

    There is no doubt that millions of Jews went to Russia for the duration of WWII, and the revelation that they may have stayed out the war in Birobidzhan is quite ground-breaking, with that state created as an autonomous oblast for the Jews within Russia in the 1920’s by Stalin, being given full official recognition in 1934, intended as an alternative to Palestine for Jewry, and it still exists today, and some Jews still live there. It is an agreeable policy of Mr Putin to invite all Jews in the world to come to live in Russia, as that state of Birobidzhan, even if they were to all live there rather than amongst the general population of Russia (heaven forbid), is about the size of Switzerland, big enough for them all to live and maintain themselves through industry, mining and agriculture, minus the Samson Option Israeli nuclear missile arsenal of course, much better for everyone, with no more wars in the Middle East, unless, of course, Mr Putin makes the foolish mistake of treating them like sincere members of society and letting the parasite take over Russia again, which would assuredly mean literal death for everyone else in the world, and the Judaic Zohar does state that all Gentiles will be exterminated from this world when the Jewish messiah comes, that all Gentile souls will be sent to hell, under the ‘Angel Duma’, so maybe the Duma is the Russian legislative body of the same name, in prophetical vision, so maybe Mr Putin makes that mistake in the future.

    Even in 1974, a West German finance minister stated that over 4 million Jews had claimed compensation as holocaust survivors, when of course, there had not even been that many Jews in all occupied countries during WWII, perhaps 3.5 to 3.7 million or so, so those who hid out in Birobidzhan obviously sneaked back under false pretenses after the war and tried this scam on, with many additional fraudsters who had never even lived in any European occupied country at the time joining the ranks of those parasites.

    500,000 Jews in France were never deported throughout the war under German occupation, 50,000 German Jews were deported to Palestine after receiving training in the camps in agriculture and machine work to help them live independent productive lives, in accordance with National Socialist ideals of helping even Jews to reform, only for those same Jews to spit in the face of the Germans and lie about them after the war.

    150,000 nominal and half Jews and the additional numbers of their families who sympathized with German National Socialism stayed in Germany and served the Third Reich, and watching the History Channel, you can see even Hitler Youth children with heavily Jewish names as members.

    I have read evidence that in Berlin, a Jewish hospital with capacity for 200 Jews existed throughout the war, and that it remained in use by the Jewish community there continuously, so it is most interesting that hospital patients residing in that hospital were not, and had not been deported, that there remained Jews in Berlin even at the end of the war who could access the medical facilities there, so it was obviously not the case that all Jews were deported, nor that there was a total policy for that to occur, otherwise they would simply have been in Palestine, or in Russia, in the transit camps receiving training or doing work for the war effort, or elsewhere, and they were never deported either. 200 Jews were found in Berlin by the ‘Allied’ troops in that hospital at the end of the war.

    But of course, the minds of most will still be swayed to believe the utter impossibility of that by statements like ‘But I have seen the photographs of the dead Jews in the death camps” (that were carefully constructed as war propaganda, whilst real, fat-faced, smiling, well-kempt Jewish camp inmates in their freshly sterilized and laundered stripy clothes were photographed being ‘liberated’ when the erroneously-named Allies entered their camps, when in truth, those same Jewish inmates were probably about to be deported to Birobidzhan, as Stalin must have agreed to take them all off the hands of Germany).

    Alfred Hitchcock, the British horror film director and Billy Wilder, the American film director, were taken to German camps at the close of the war to carefully construct such artificial truths as the ‘death camps’ in accordance with the propaganda policy of the British Jew Sefton Delmer, who claimed that atrocity propaganda was how the ‘Allies’ (mind-controlled forces under Jewish control) had won the war, and that such propaganda would be how they intended to maintain that victory indefinitely, through it’s continual dissemination throughout the future, exactly as we are seeing today in the Jew-controlled mass media.

    Of course, if there had ever really been any death camps, and any policy of extermination of the Jews, no Jews would have been serving in the armed forces of the Reich, and the Jewish soldiers, naval crews and airmen would all have mutinied and destroyed the German army, navy and air force from within.

    Yet still the Jews hammer us relentlessly with mass bombing attacks of their propaganda, to burden our minds so much that under sheer pressure of immense weight and great intensity of such continuous barrages, we must surely say eventually that we are so tired of resisting their interminable drivel that we would rather not respond or resist it any longer, and simply lie down in bed and let it all wash over us and through us.

    Of course, we should well know what would happen then, in the absence of our continued vigilance and efforts to maintain even our own understanding, and to educate those around us, that the Jews, then totally unchecked, would achieve their objectives all the sooner, having totally suppressed all truth, having erased all ability of the people to know reality, making all Gentile peoples completely susceptible to being sent to war against each other, such policy of assuring us all of the unavoidable necessity of war being the constant Jewish means of annihilating the ‘goyim’.

    If the collective mind of the entire people becomes sufficiently weakened by the Jews, allowing the Jews to subjugate them entirely to the Jewish purpose alone, the Jews, unless checked, will be able to complete their program to physically enslave and genocide all non-Jews, exactly as is demanded in their criminal terrorist manuals claimed to be scriptures, as there would be no-one left to even be capable of thinking to say a single word to counter their nefarious plans, and that is what the Jews are trying to do, to simply tire us all to death, so that we will say, to hell with it all, I have had enough.

    But our energy springs ceaselessly to research and establish the prominence of the real truth in all things, as that is the nature of the eternal soul unfettered by evil, and that truth is a beginingless and eternal truth that can never be destroyed.

  6. #6 by Matthew/Boston on 03/14/2016 - 9:34

    Can someone tell me who manufactures the signs for gas stations? We need a row of easily swapped numbers like they have with the ever changing price of gas. And don’t forget the extendable wand with the suction cup at the end!
    A: Super idea. Especially the part about suction cup.
    Another would be a McDonald type billboard “6 million Jews killed, 6 million Survivors.” Only the Survivors number will need a periodical upward adjustment.

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