Mask of Zion Report March 18, 2016


my personal ed note, MG, in just 2 words–


‘The Rise Of The Donald Trump Phenomenon – True American Populism vs. Organized Jewish Interests’ – A brilliant, balanced, much-needed analysis from an Islamic perspective on Donald Trump and the all-out, 360-degree Zionist war on his presidential candidacy, delivered in a fashion only Jonathan Azaziah can deliver–Factual, furious and ferocious.

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  1. #1 by Ben Warburton on 03/17/2016 - 9:34

    God bless Jonathan Azaziah and Dante Ardenz for their sharp wit and fascinating analysis. However, I have to say, I share no enthusiasm for the Trumpmeister. Nor does my barber, Mohamed, from Jordan. He reckons a Trump presidency is likely to be even worse for the middle east than O’Bumma. And who am I to argue with him.

    The Trumpeter’s remarks about the ‘dancing Arabs’ may have been a coded message prompting unbelievers to search the internet and, lo and behold, stumble across references to ‘dancing Israelis’, but that’s too subtle for most people. They will NEVER connect the dots. Instead, they will believe what they want to believe. Namely, that all Yanklandia’s problems can be laid at the feet of ‘Them Mooslims!’ And they will follow the Trumpmeister come hell or high water to middle earth and back, slaying Them Mooslim demons to right, left, and center. And they’ll feel mighty fine about it to boot.

    Wars for Israhell? Bring it on baby! Christians dying for Jews? Why not? Jews are chosen, are they not? IMHO, it really doesn’t get much more sophisticated than that. Trump knows it. His handlers know it. I truly regard all the gnashing of teeth surrounding Trump as a tried and tested formula for securing his popularity and setting him up for a presidential bid. Whichever way it blows … Trump or Hitlery … THEY WIN.

    And when I say ‘THEY’, I mean the Jewish bankers and all their admirers and supporters both within and without the Tribe of Judah … including all those Free Masonicals … and all those deluded ‘Xtian Zionists’.

  2. #2 by Dante Ardenz on 03/18/2016 - 9:34

    Mr Warburton thank you for the compliment to me ,and our Jonathon .But you obviously have not been listening to me very closely because of your reference of Mrs Clinton as ” Hitlerary ” which I find most annoying as an admirer of Adolf Hitler .
    That implies you think all of the lies laid on Hitler ,and Trump by the Jews are true .
    This site is dedicated to clearing up all things the Jews lie about including WW history,no matter who likes it.It is also about finding the political truths go our age .
    Funny how people like yourself who dislike Jews also seem to believe their lies pertaining to msny things obviously from the German Fuhrere through the Donald .
    Personally I feel my mission of truth failed in your regard pertaining to both men.

    I think yuu should stop listening to your ” barber from Jordan ” ,and more to this site for political / historical tutoring .Nobody on her does this lightly ,or uses terms like yours the same .

    Do you know Jordan is puppet state of the International Jews ,are the Gulf ones ?
    Your barbar should stick to cutting hair ,and hopefully for your sake knows more about that ,then politics .

    ” Nothing happens by mistake in politics “. FDR. Donald Trump is representing the old American Republic and to the risk of his life ,and fortune has set about trying to salvage something .
    Nobody on either side has denounced the plans of organized Jewry as he has ,and gone this far .

    The Jews reaction to him across the Matrix says it all.

    I admire him ,and would suggest you and the barber / secretary of state wanna be , give all of us a suggestion for an alternative ?
    Wouldn’t it be thrilling if he would of been knocked out by now ?
    No indeed .

    Every Neoconservative ( Jew) is denouncing him,and endorsing Mrs Clinton.

    I’ll take the ” Fascist ” Trump ( I am one you know ) on the advise of an old side maxim ,” I like him for the enemies he has made “.

  3. #3 by Eva F. on 03/18/2016 - 9:34

    Thank you,Jonathan, you’ve pointed out all the important aspects concerning Ms.Trump: loook at his enemies and support him. – We have to see clearly that Killary would lead to WW III- that is her task given to her by the Jews.
    Her in Germany it is allmost impossible to speak about Trump open-minded. The people here are so brainwashed by the NATO- media, that the are unable to see Putin ( and Trump ) in a independent- thinking way.
    Also thank you for bringing up the kibbutz past of Sanders. Many gentile people of my age are sooo proud of this ” wonderful experience ” in their youth in an kibbutz. I always refused to go there. Today I know that is nothing to be proud of but instead a shame. Gentiles working for Jews so that they can commit genocide!

  4. #4 by Eva F. on 03/18/2016 - 9:34

    Concerning evil Seorge Soros:he and his Open-Society are behind the refugee- tsunamy that is directed to Europe- he funds the destabilisation through his NGO’s.
    Refugees come to Europe demanding “their car, their house, their jobs”, because US and UK – backed op-adds promised that. Sometimes they get very angry when they discover that all this is not waiting for them to take.

    Soros has demanded of Europe to take in 10 millions refugees in the next years! He would give the necessary credit- money.

  5. #5 by Dante Ardenz on 03/18/2016 - 9:34

    Eva you are so right ,and thank you for your support of these podcasts from my beloved Germany .
    Jonathan has revealed to us with his usual emphatic enthusiasm what this is ALL about .
    The Jews want Trump stopped period …one can either JOIN the Jews in denouncing him ,or fight them ,by supporting them.

    Soros is behind the demonstrations against the police ,and Trump …he is an evil Jew
    This nominal ” Democrat ” is now funding Republican candidate Kasich of Ohio ..the ” sensible choice ,and hope of Conservatives ” against Trump.

    The Jews lost the Left Right Dialectic from Sanders through Hilliery onto the Conservative idiots to achieve power.
    Trump is breaking this Matrix ….” Merkel is destroying Germany ” Trump has said ..! insulting the poster women of open borders NWO.
    Soros pet project .

  6. #6 by doc noss on 03/18/2016 - 9:34

    Jonathan is a brilliant commentator, and has my utmost respect. I wonder if Jonathan will still back Trump after he names Ted Cruz as his running mate?

  7. #7 by Tone on 03/19/2016 - 9:34

    Thank you Jonathan for an incredible breakdown. You really opened my eyes on many fronts.

  8. #8 by nooralhaqiqa on 03/20/2016 - 9:34

    Best breakdown on the Trump phenomena yet.

    Thanks Professor Azaziah. I love how you confirmed my innermost thoughts…. as always.

  9. #9 by truth4ever99 on 03/20/2016 - 9:34

    Thank you for the powerful, passionate broadcast with the wealth of information.

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