Mask of Zion Report March 25, 2016


“YEMEN BATTLEFIELD UPDATE 4 – Can’t Uproot Us! Zionist Rescue Ops and Saudi-Proposed Fake Ceasefires Won’t Stop Ansarullah” – Debuting “Can’t Uproot Us”, his second single off his brand new Yemen album “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, Jonathan Azaziah breaks down Mossad’s infiltration of Sanaa to ‘save’ 19 Yemeni Jews and the Saudi-UN-proposed ceasefire on April 10th. Another hard-hitting, brilliant effort from our resident Iraqi iconoclast.

Listen Here

  1. #1 by robken on 03/22/2018 - 9:34

    Amazing this blog has six thousand followers and it seems just one or two of us are the only one’s leaving comments. Why be a member if you just view without commenting – I know most are scared of their boss or the CIA or whoever but it’s time to stop your silence and become a member of the human race. The Yemenis are being genocide and the media, the government, and you the people are silent….

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