Jewish Democrat Gives 11 Million USD To Ted Cruz – To Stop Trump


THE OBSERVER – Hillary Clinton’s supporters endlessly criticize Bernie Sanders for not being “a real” Democrat.

“I’m not even sure he is one,” the former first lady said in an interview via a Politico podcast. The attack is baseless and divisive, and with it Ms. Clinton and her supporters draw a line in the sand, telling Democrats who support Mr. Sanders: If you aren’t with us, you’re against us. In some ways, their argument is true. Mr. Sanders isn’t a true Democrat—he’s something much better.

Mr. Sanders’ campaign platform includes proposals and ideas Democrats have fought for over several decades, albeit incrementally. The reforms Mr. Sanders instills into mainstream conversations—issues like income inequality and the corruption and greed embedded in the American political system—have fallen by the wayside in recent years as both parties are beholden to special interests, rather than the greater public good.

Most politicians like Ms. Clinton and Jeb Bush spend their time courting deep-pockets, and in this election cycle the two candidates have shared over 60 of the same wealthy donors. Time Magazine cited one billionaire donating to Ms. Clinton, Mr. Bush and Senator Ted Cruz—who believes the country would be in good hands with any of the three as president. Goldman Sachs—whose CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, called Mr. Sanders “dangerous”—also donated to Mr. Cruz, Mr. Bush andMs. Clinton.

Billionaires and millionaires aren’t supporting candidates like Ms. Clinton and Mr. Cruz because they’re passionate about campaign platforms. Wealthy individuals contribute to campaigns because they know that, in order to keep large donations pouring in every year, candidates like Ms. Clinton and Mr. Cruz will return the favor. This cycle enables massive corporations and wealthy one-percenters to maximize their profits through tax evasion, outsourcing and government subsidies and tax breaks.   CONTINUE READING 

  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 04/19/2016 - 9:34

    Think being a ” Liberal ” or ” Conservative ” means your opposites ?

    Nooooooo way …both ” ideologies” are controlled and spawned by the Jews .
    Its their natural Talmudic Dialectic .
    Left,Right,Left ,Right you march into their control …..the prison with two wings .

    Throw out the charge …” You Liberal ” ,” You Right Winger ” and the Jews laugh as round and round you go in their Matrix.

    Example Cruz ,Clinton both give Israel unconditional support, support the Globalist Trade agenda ,TTP, NATO expansion , abuse Putin and Assad ,and get funded by Goldman Sachs !
    They both want permanent war .
    They both want economic austerity .
    Both ” work for the hard working middle class ” and that means you ” work hard “,and you get really poorer “.

    Both are funded by Goldman Sachs ,and creep Cruz long suffering wife works there .

    Learn this only breaking the Left / Right Matrix and Jew looses .That’s why National Socialism / Fascism / Greco / Roman systems / Arab Nationalism / are demonized .

    That’s why anyone outside of the ” mainstream ” is marginalized .

    Drop the labels ,and find the balance ….the truth ,and end the divides ….only MONEY counts and the Jews know this .
    Ideology is fraud …only natural precepts can free people .
    Only stripping Jews of money power can begin this .

    Stopping ” conservatives ” like Cruz is where it begins …supporting Nationalists like Trump essential.

    Not falling for ” Liberals ” like Mrs Clinton essential.

    Don’t believe the labels ….nor should a nation be divided against each other .

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