Could Yiddish Be A Turkish Dialect?

turkey and israel 2560

THE DAILY MAIL – It may have been spoken for 1,000 years, but the origins of Yiddish – the language of Ashkenazic Jews – has been a bone of contention between linguists for years. Now researchers say the DNA of Yiddish speakers may have originated from four ancient villages in north-eastern Turkey.

And they believe the Yiddish language was invented by Iranian and Ashkenazic Jews as they traded on the Silk Road, challenging the popular idea it is an old German dialect.

Scientists at the Universities of Sheffield and Tel Aviv used a tool dubbed the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) to convert DNA data into ancestral coordinates.

This enabled them to identify the ancient villages – Iskenaz, Eskenaz, Ashanaz, and Ashkuz – close to the crossroads of the Silk Roads, which were a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by Mike on 04/23/2016 - 9:34

    Could Yiddish Be A Turkish Dialect?


    Just have to find some archaeological evidence
    Yiddish contains 251 words for the terms ‘buy’ and ‘sell’….. well i never they love money!

    No Turks in Asia minor at the time anyway – did not appear until 1071 through Armenia

    Nice map

    Asia in New Testament times does not mean China and Japan! It means the Roman province of Asia Minor, which is present-day Turkey.

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