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Jordanian King Appoints Prime Minister With Strong Ties to Israel

israel and jordan sitting in a tree

THE ALGEMEINER –  Jordan’s King Abdullah II — after ordering to dissolve the country’s parliament on Sunday — appointed a politician known for his strong ties to Israel as the new Jordanian prime minister, Al Jazeera reported.

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European M.P calls Israelis ‘a rash’


JTA – A European Parliament lawmaker compared Israelis to a skin disease, spurring the European Jewish Congress to demand disciplinary action. “We can give you a list of all the things we attempted to do, the Israelis are all over this place like a rash,” Martina Anderson of Northern Ireland said  at a parliament meeting in Brussels on May 25.

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Jesus Christ would be BANNED from speaking at universities if he was alive in 2016


THE DAILY MAIL – Jesus Christ (PBUH) would be banned from speaking at universities if he was alive in 2016 along with other ‘non-violent extremists’, a leading Oxford professor warned yesterday. Professor Timothy Garton Ash complained that Britain has become ‘too feeble’ at supporting free speech and insisted that the public must stand up against self-censorship.

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Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse

jew judaism NWO

“The Jew is the plastic demon of decomposition. Where he finds filth and decay, he surfaces and begins his butcher’s work among the nations. He hides behind a mask and presents himself as a friend to his victims, and before they know it he has broken their neck.” Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

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Liberal Jews plan a summer of opposing Donald Trump


JTA – Boycott Trump? Mock Trump? Trump, the musical? Jewish liberals are ready to sow a summer of Donald Trump discontent in ways that aim both to bludgeon and entertain.

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UK – Families Of British Soldiers Killed In Iraq May Sue Tony Blair After Chilcot Report


RT – The families of slain British soldiers might sue former UK PM Tony Blair if evidence suggests the equipment provided to the troops during the Iraq War was inadequate, Roger Bacon, father of an army serviceman killed in a roadside bomb blast, told RT.

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FRANCE – PayPal closes French B.D.S movement account


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE –  Online payment company PayPal has blocked cash transfers to the French branch of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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