How They Do It–Meet the French Jews Who Love Marine Le Pen and Her Far Right Party


ed note–Any individual, group, or ‘movement’ whose focus is on the ’emeeeeegrayshon problem’ that does not posit as THE NUCLEUS of the discussion of said problem the present Zionist-engineered wars being fought by white western countries against the countries in the Islamic Middle East exists as a defacto tentacle in furthering these wars and thus, exacerbating the aforementioned ’emeeeeegrayshon’ problem. All they succeed in doing is throwing more gasoline on an already out of control inferno between the west and the Islamic Middle East that has but one beneficiary–those organized Jewish interests who jinned up this war in the first place as a precursor to seeing the West (which they view as the progeny of yesteryear’s Romans who destroyed Judea in 70 AD) pay for the ‘sins of the father’.

The entire immigration situation is a repeat of 9/11, just on a more extended scale. The aim of 9/11 obviously was to engender hatred of Muslims which then acts as the fuel for sending white western armies marching into Islamic lands. The same dolts who growl about DEM MOOZLUMS ‘invading’ white countries without contextualizing it vis a’ vis the ‘clash of civilizations’ paradigm are in many ways cut from the same intellectual cloth as those dolts who bought into the ‘Arabs did 9/11’ nonsense that was used to then facilitate the ‘war on terror’ which Benjamin Netanyahu once said would last 100 years.

Note as well the smug commentary from the author at the end of the piece, wherein he states that despite the appearance of friendship between Le Pen’s party and its Jewish members, that nevertheless the Jews understand that no such friendship really exists on the Judaic side.

The Forward

Samuel Johnson’s riff on female preachers and walking dogs — “It is not done well, but you are surprised to find it done at all” — comes to mind with the news from France of the creation of the UPFJ, a bland acronym that stands for the Union des Patriotes Francais Juifs, or the Union of French-Jewish Patriots.

That Jews can be French patriots is, of course, not surprising. Ever since the events of 1789 transformed them into citizens, French Jews have long privileged their Frenchness over their Jewishness. What is surprising, though, is that French Jews would join the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and (formerly) anti-Semitic party Front National.

Yet this is the raison d’être of the UPFJ. The organization, which recently held its first meeting, is the brainchild of Michel Thooris. When not working as a gendarme, Thooris — whose mother is Jewish — serves on the FN’s central committee. While the UPFJ has no formal ties with the FN, Thooris coordinated its creation with Louis Aliot, vice president of the FN and companion of Marine Le Pen. (A few years ago, Aliot, who accompanied Thooris on a visit to Israel in 2011, revealed that his maternal grandfather was an Algerian Jew.) Thooris acknowledges the informal but intriguing ties between his fledgling movement and the FN: “Everything that I say or do [as president of the UPFJ] will be seen” in the light of his membership in the FN.

Will Thooris, to echo Johnson, do it well? Will the UPFJ become a robust organization, dedicated to the goal of proportional voting (a mainstay of the FN platform) and to the ideal of a “non-communitarian” France (which aligns with Le Pen’s repeated attacks against the “communitarianism” of French Muslims)? Or will it, instead, remain little more than an idea? (As such bringing to mind another Johnson riposte, this time against a dim-witted critic: “Sir, you’ve just one idea, and it is the wrong idea.”)

For the moment, the organization is as skeletal as its website, carrying little more than its logo: a Jewish star framing Marianne, the personification of French republicanism. Only the coming months, as the political parties prepare the ground for the 2017 presidential election, will tell if Thooris can make this logo stick — if he, in a word, can do it well.
Should we be surprised, though, that Thooris has done it at all? It was not that long ago that the sight of a French Jew rallying to the FN was not just surprising, but shocking. The Front National, after all, is the 40-year-old vehicle of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Bolted together with scratched but salvageable parts from the ideological junkyard of France’s dimmer past, the FN at times sputtered, at times soared on the fumes of anti-Semitism. A political movement many believed was destined to become a detail of history instead proved to be remarkably resilient, not least because its leader insisted the Holocaust was itself a mere detail of history. While Le Pen’s repeated anti-Semitic forays limited the FN’s appeal to a wider public, they also galvanized his party’s base, composed of those who waxed nostalgic for the days when France was still Catholic, Algeria was still French, and the nation’s watchwords were “work, country, family.” (As for “liberty, equality, fraternity,” not so much.)

Inevitably, the occasional Jew nevertheless insisted on joining a club that, in principle, did not want him in the country, much less in its ranks. Most notable is the case of Robert Hemmerdinger, who after having fought in the Resistance became, like Jean-Marie Le Pen, a diehard militant of French Algeria. In the 1980s, after losing as an FN candidate for the European Parliament, Hemmerdinger founded the Cercle National des Français Juifs. While Hemmerdinger failed to square this particular circle — under his watch, the CNFJ never amounted to more than a curiosity — the FN nevertheless resurrected it in 2011. Its aim, as Aliot announced, was to counter the attacks made against the FN by the leaders of the French Jewish community.

But since Marine Le Pen took over her father’s party in that same year, it appears as if everything and nothing has changed in the relationship between the FN and French Jewry. Her efforts to “de-demonize” the FN have centered on its anti-Semitic past. Not only did she declare that the Holocaust was the “summit of human barbarity,” but she also gave the bum’s rush to the party’s collection of Holocaust deniers and revisionists. Of course, this housecleaning ultimately swept up her own father when he revealed himself to be a recidivist on the matter of historical details. Last year, when asked during a radio interview whether he still held to his position on the Holocaust, Jean-Marie Le Pen replied, “Yes, absolutely, I still maintain this opinion, because I believe it is the truth and it should shock no one.”

Except, perhaps, his daughter. Shaken by this paternal attempt to undermine her authority, Marine Le Pen launched the process that eventually led to her father’s removal from the party he created. While the series of events burnished her image as a reformer, she had already impressed Roger Cukierman, head of CRIF, the country’s umbrella organization for Jewish institutions. Shortly before the falling-out between father and daughter, Cukierman had announced that Marine Le Pen, unlike her father, was “personally irreproachable” — a remark he quickly walked back in the resulting firestorm of criticism.

To his credit, Cukierman had all along insisted that, Marine Le Pen’s personal character notwithstanding, French Jews should never vote for the FN. Yet in the presidential election of 2012 — three full years before the eviction of her father from the FN — nearly 14% of French Jews had already checked off Marine Le Pen’s name on their ballots. While hardly a landslide, her showing was 10% higher than her father’s in his 2002 presidential bid. More important, it may well be a harbinger of things to come.

Pollsters like Jérôme Fourquet argue that events since 2012 have sprung the “lock” placed by French Jews on the FN. Not only have Marine Le Pen’s efforts at dédiabolisation begun to pay off, but so, too, has the cascade of jihadist terrorist attacks in France. Fear, Fourquet concludes, is driving the “Jewish vote” ever further to the right — a fear adroitly exploited by Le Pen, who recently declared that in the face of “Islamist totalitarianism,” the FN was French Jewry’s “best shield.”

Hemmerdinger justified his support of Jean-Marie Le Pen with the old chestnut, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” With Marine Le Pen, Thooris has taken this claim one step further: My friend also happens to be the enemy of my enemy. The tragedy is that both of these claims disguise what is always already true: This particular enemy of my enemy has never been and never will be my friend.

  1. #1 by Dante Ardenz on 05/11/2016 - 9:34

    Yes ” no friendship exists on the Jewish side ” but Kosher rightists need to show ” they are not anti-Semites “,to the Jew loving public ,and to silence the media .

    The immigration agenda is to make ” Europe multicultural ” as the Jews /Globalists have clearly stated .
    As Barbara Specter Jew activist for Soros has stated ,” Jews are at the forefront of this ,and Europe WILL be multicultural “.

    This is the beginning of a world without borders ,as John Kerry has clearly stated

    One Financia/Monetary system ( Jews ) no sovereign people ( Gentile ) ,and no Western Hellenistic culture ( Europe ) ,and no Nationalism in the Middle East ….just war / tribalism .

  2. #2 by Dante Ardenz on 05/11/2016 - 9:34

    I might add any ” Nationalist ” party who calls itself ” Right ” is into the Jewish Matrix consciously ,or unconsciously .
    Only by breaking the ” Conservative/Liberal ” Jewish Dialectic can a nation be free .
    Unity v Jews .
    Community ,Self Interest .

  3. #3 by Peter on 05/11/2016 - 9:34

    It’s racist to say that white nations and only white nations have to accept masses of immigrants. The destruction of countries ethnic makeups is only happening in wealthy white countries and the Jews are the primary movers behind it. Opposing Israel and Jews is desirable but it’s a separate issue. The anti-white / anti-European bias is obvious on this website, particularly when someone justifies the wiping out of a people for something they supposedly did 100 years ago or further back.

    Without whites you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come to one of their advanced nations, which you seem determined to bring down to a lower level. But what is really disgusting is how the Islamic countries of the world, which have far more land mass than the continent of Europe, do nothing for the so called “refugees”. And the wealthy Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and others also do nothing for the “refugees”. Like Mexico to the US, they are unloading their uneducated and burdensome on Europe. Why not, if Europe is stupid enough to take them. That may change soon. More and more Europeans are awakening to what is going on. You might even see a mass of “refugees” cross the sea back to where they came from someday.

    ed note–this is why–like debating jews and Zionists over the Israel question–it is nearly impossible to have a rational discussion with white nationalist types about immigration. It is all emotionalism on their part, similar to Jews and their ‘anti-semitism’ issues where an adult, productive discussion simply cannot take place.

    At what point, either in the ‘ed note’ or the article itself, was it said, uttered, hinted, sneezed or even coughed, that

    a. white nations and only white nations must accept masses of immigrants…
    b. that wiping out of a people (white) for something they supposedly did 100 years ago or further back was good…

    etc, etc, etc…

    never, not once, not said, uttered, hinted, sneezed at or even coughed.

    White Nationalists behave exactly like Jews when the right buttons are pushed. They boast of their ‘advanced nations’, believe in the superiority of their cultures/contributions, hate the fact that their ancestors did things in the past (the veracity of which charges they then deny by using words such as ‘supposedly’) and in general, prevent an honest, intelligent discussion from taking place vis a vis the inextricable connection between western-led wars in the Middle East and the present wave of refugees fleeing those weestern-led wars, and anyone making the claim that such is the case is accused of being ‘anti-White’ in the same vein as Jews accuse their critics of being ‘anti-Semitic.’

    The math is very, very simple, and if you fail to ‘get it, then perhaps you are not as smart as you think, Peter–

    A. Wars cause people to flee to safe places, and not because they want to ‘steal their white women’ and ‘steal their white welfare’ and ‘steal their white jobs’ and all the rest of the BS that WNs such as you claim. If suddenly, the Chinese, Russians or little green men from Mars began bombing the hell out of your white countries, you would all flee to safer havens, just as these people are.

    If you want the illegal immigration into white countries to stop, then stop the white invaders from destroying these peoples’ countries.

  4. #4 by Peter on 05/12/2016 - 9:34

    I fully agree with you that “white invaders” should not be attacking other countries. I consider the USA’s behavior criminal, but Europe, particularly castrated Germany and Austria, nor most of the other EU countries should not have to pay for what is almost fully the USA, under the Jews rule responsibility.

    You are referring to me as a “white nationalist” but I don’t believe I’ve ever referred to myself with that charged term. I simply believe European countries, like Asian, middle eastern and all the other countries around the world have a right to maintain their culture and ethnic makeup and I in fact strongly believe they should do that. Under the UN definition of genocide, the deliberate eradication of a people or culture is “genocide” and genocide does not necessarily involve murder. Theodore Kaufman’s plan to sterilize Germans was a genocidal plan.

    I have seen a comment at least once before by one of the editors or persons that runs this website that said white nations colonized the world so they owe the world and this comment was made to defend the destruction of their countries. Your use of the term ’emeeeeegrayshon problem’ indicates it’s not a problem for you.

    Until 1965, like other countries around the world, the US had an immigration policy to maintain its overwhelming majority white Christian culture and it did this by primarily admitting Europeans to the USA, with very few others allowed in. Many or most countries around the world had such policies and I believe many non-European countries around the world still have those policies and goals, which I support for all countries.

    My concern for the US is not like it is for Europe, but given what I believe is the Jews primary role in this ethnic destruction in the US, I don’t know if the US should pay for Jew war mongering.

    I don’t think I’m writing in an irrational way, but I do think you’re biased.

    ed note–again, as I stated earlier, it is nearly impossible to have a rational conversation with WN ‘types’ (whether they officially refer to themselves as such or not) because too much of their ModOp is emotion-based rather than pure, honest reason.

    Indeed, ‘white’ nations have colonized much/most of the world, or do you want to deny this historical fact as well? Much of what they brought was good, but it resulted in devastation and destruction for a lot of peoples, many of which negative consequences continue to exist today, or do we want to engage in the irrational business of disputing this historical fact as well?

    The fact that the US did most of the killing in the Middle East, whereas other European countries played ‘minor’ roles is immaterial as well. Had these countries not participated in the destruction of these various countries, then indeed they could make the claim that their being forced to bear the brunt of the backlash is an absolute travesty of justice, but they can’t. How many NATO members–for reasons of principle–left the union following the destruction of Libya?–0. How many European nations–for reasons of principle–have cut their ties with the US, GB, France, and other nations who are actively engaged in the destruction of Syria? –0.

    So please, let’s cut all the boo hoo hoo for the ‘innocent’ people of Europe and the West, and while you’re at it, cut the business of accusing this website and yours truly of being ‘biased’ against whites. I am/we are as ‘anti-white’ as I am/we are pro-Zionist, and it is only symptomatic of the intellectual anemia afflicting those ‘WN types’ who–rather than engaging in discussions of this type like well-adjusted adults, instead level the charge of ‘anti-white-ism’ against those who choose to apply a certain measure of reason in their understanding of the causes of the immigration crisis.

  5. #5 by Peter on 05/12/2016 - 9:34

    You’re projecting onto me what you are doing. There were only a few European colonial empires. The majority of European countries were not colonizers, but you don’t distinguish. Turkey also had a colonial empire, but apparently that was OK – they don’t have to commit ethnic suicide.

    ed note–there it is again, that emotionalism that clouds and confounds an otherwise rational discussion.

    The British Empire was so large that the sun never set on it. The French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgians and even for a small period of time, the Germans, colonized Africa, North America, Central America, South America, the far east, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They were all ‘illegal immigrants’ invading ‘non-white’ lands, exploiting their natural resources, and in some cases, notably the Spanish, enslaving the local populations and forcing them to convert to an alien religion.

    You can throw diversionary words such as ‘projection’ out all you want Peter, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. What goes around comes around and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  6. #6 by Peter on 05/13/2016 - 9:34

    “What goes around comes around …” There is no question that you are advocating genocide against the Europeans. You want them wiped out for what you claim they did to non-Europeans.

    ed note–and with that inane, baseless charge, you have now proven my point vis a’ vis the irrational, emotionally-driven, and at times paranoid and unstable nature of the WN types more accurately than I could have hoped to in a decade’s worth of back-and-forth commentary.

    And with that, Peter, now that you have ‘let the cat out of the bag’ regarding your own instabilities, you are free to wander elsewhere.

  7. #7 by Dale on 05/14/2016 - 9:34

    ed note was correct–White Nationalists DO behave just like Jews wen the right buttons are pushed, and the commentary from Peter is proof. Not once on this site have I ever run into commentary that white nations deserved what had befallen them as relates to the immigration problem, but rather that it is the unavoidable consequence of destroying others’ homes and forcing them to take refuge elsewhere. No did I read or even detect for that matter the notion that genocide against whites was advocated simply for stating the fact that what goes around comes around.

    Does all of this mean that sometime in the future when (hopefully) the Zionist menace has been vanquished that we will all be treated to movie after movie, book after book of the White Holocaust that took place, be forced to all pay reparations and be silenced everytime we engage in intelligent criticism of the foreign and domestic policies of white nations with the accusation of anti-whiteism? Ya Allah, I pray not.

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