Settlers raid Palestinian home, beat a woman and pepper-spray her daughter

A group of Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian woman and her child late Friday night during an incursion into a home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron’s Old City in the southern occupied West Bank.

Emad Abu Shamsiya, a coordinator for Human Rights Defenders, told Ma’an that settlers attacked the house of Riyad Abu Hazza and beat his wife as settlers sprayed his daughter with pepper spray and caused her to faint.

Upon hearing the commotion, a group of volunteers rushed to the house to help fend off the settlers and provide first aid to Abu Hazza’s wife and child, Abu Shamsiya said.

Jawad Abu Aisheh, a coordinator for the Hebron-based group Youth Against Settlements, said the assault occurred after a weekly settler march took place in the city — usually held on Fridays or Saturdays — where Israeli settlers chant anti-Palestinian slogans, such as “Death to Arabs,” or “Gas the Arabs,” as they harass Palestinians and damage their properties.

Abu Aisheh told Ma’an that the near-daily settler attacks are only part of a much larger scheme of Israeli settlers attempting to push Palestinians out of the neighborhoods by creating an environment where they must constantly live in fear.

Israeli forces declared the area of Tel Rumeida a “closed military zone” in late October, and has since renewed the military order every month, only allowing Palestinian residents of the area with Israeli-issued identification numbers to enter.

However, according to Abu Aisheh, Sunday is expected to be the last day of the closed military zone as families in the area have not yet received another military decree.

Mistreatment of Palestinians in the Hebron area has been common since the city was divided in the 1990s after a US-born Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein, massacred 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi Mosque.

Tel Rumeida is located within the area of the city designated as H2, an area taking over the bulk of the Old City that is under full Israeli military control, and the site of five illegal Israeli settlements which continually expand into the neighborhoods of the more than 6,000 Palestinians who reside within the Israeli-controlled area.

The several hundred Israeli settlers who illegally reside in Hebron have made attacks on Palestinians and their properties an almost daily occurrence for several decades.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there has been a total of 30 reported settler attacks against Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since the start of 2016, and a total of 221 attacks in 2015.


  1. #1 by mothman777 on 05/16/2016 - 9:34

    Just think, if that was some Jews coming to your house in the US, petrol-bombing your family to death and then ridiculously saying ‘God gave it to us’, and simply moving into your house and claiming it forever, as if you are not human and they are, then in the US, they would be simply shot dead instantly by most Americans when they attempt that, yet in Israel, supported by much of America, robbery with the use of murderous violence and extreme terrorist tactics is evidently seen as quite acceptable by the majority, which we can see from the evidence of Americans consistently voting the successive administrations into office that send American taxpayer’s money to these terrorist criminals in Israel.

    The Americans are being conned by their politicians. In England too, who most people vote for never involves considerations like the funding of Israel’s criminal terrorist regime, people generally set such issues aside and look at all the things the politicians are promising that relate directly to themselves in their own country, more of this, less of that, petty stuff, like more police on the streets, more social housing, that sort of thing.

    Those deceptive sayan politicians generally don’t make issues about Israel the centre of their electoral manifestos, but people should start to consider such issues as extremely important alongside their own domestic political issues, as what happened to Russia in 1917 is soon coming to America too, and then to other nations.The Jewish motto ‘KILL THEM ALL’ applies to ALL Gentiles ultimately. People numbed dead by the distraction of the petty pleasures of Western ‘civilization’, ‘bread and circuses’, merely think that what is happening in the Middle East by the demand of Israel will not affect them in the slightest. But the Jews have every intention of slaughtering them all too, and they will; it is in their scriptures:

    Deuteronomy 20:16 New American Standard Bible;

    “Only in the cities of these peoples that the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, you shall not leave alive anything that breathes.” It is very straightforward, though of course, a crafty Jewish lawyer will argue that these words mean the exact opposite of what they say, and you will go away and no longer question or protest, only to be slaughtered later, just as the words command the Jews to slaughter you. To be a Jew means to follow those edicts. And they will follow those edicts, just as they always have done, as they always will do, until they are prevented from doing so.

    For the Jews to actually carry banners in the streets, demanding ‘KILL THEM ALL’ is totally off the scale of acceptable human behaviour, these Jews are the ultimate criminal terrorists, and of course, ISIS works for them as they slaughter and enslave peoples, as they rape and kill women and children or sell them into sexual slavery.

    The Jews use the rule of extreme violence alone, they should be in top security prison mental hospitals, administered by military forces, under military supervision, that is the only kind of language these demented sadistic psychotics are capable of understanding, and if that does not produce some reformation in the Jews due to then arriving at a sincere understanding that the Judaic cult is criminal and psychotic, causing them to renounce it fully, then it is only right that those whom the Jews intend to murder and rob should be protected by the use of military law and military force by an international peacekeeping military body, set up by the demand of the peoples of all concerned nations, and literally be stopped once and for all by military force, so that the Jews can no longer murder, terrorize, enslave and rob as they do at the moment.

    The UN is finished, it works only for Israel, as indeed, it founded Israel in the first place.

    A new understanding must be insisted upon by the peoples of the world, before Israel can enforce it’s Noahide Laws all around the world and have hundreds of millions slaughtered for ‘idolatry’ as they very seriously intend, that being the wording of the laws themselves without the slightest ambiguity, or have entire peoples killed even, simply for refusing to be placed under jurisdiction of the Noahide Laws, which is also a punishable offence that invokes the death penalty according to the rabbis who had the Noahide Laws set up in the US in 1991.

    The Noahide Laws may look harmless to most people at the moment, and that is by deceptive intention, so as to permit the frameworks to develop so that these laws can be more easily adopted all around the world, and when these insane laws have successfully been placed on statute, backed by government armies and armed police forces, then the terrible murderous power of them will be fully effected, by orders, orders which those forces will be made to obey by one means or another to murder countless hundreds of millions of Gentiles using the military forces of each country, or NATO forces from many countries combined, then totally under Jewish command, likely combined with the likes of ISIS.

    Judaism must urgently be declared an illegal criminal terrorist organization all around the world, any politician who cannot see the absolutely vital necessity of that, and then have the courage to act on that, is not fit to be in office at all, as he is a coward and a traitor allowing even his own people to be at risk of world domination by these mass-murdering genocidal racist criminal psychotics.

    More and more now, it can be seen in the media that for anyone to say even the slightest criticism, or what can be construed as criticism of the Jews, Judaism and Israel, results in the press publishing demands for this person or that to be totally removed from their position for life, and to be forever barred from then taking up any similar office.

    This is called Stalinism, and soon it will be backed up by physical violence, just like the Noahide Laws will inflict on all who have any other religion that does not worship Yahweh, but another God, so all Christians will be executed, quite literally, and that alone should make people stop and think.

    But very few know these laws even exist, and even most of those who do actually know that these laws exist do not see any potential danger in them, after all, they consider, people are not being dragged off the streets by death squads and simply executed now, are they?

    But there will be such Jewish-controlled death squads on the streets when the full power structure intended to effect those Noahide Laws is fully set in place, and then it will come smashing down like an iron fist, with such terrible power that very few will survive anywhere in the world, the evil of it is terrible.

  2. #2 by nooralhaqiqa on 05/16/2016 - 9:34

    Mothman nails it.

  3. #3 by 5 dancing shlomos on 05/17/2016 - 9:34

    show some understanding

    if your soul was as empty
    if your face was as ugly
    your brain cells as filled with lies
    your mind as diseased

    but for the grace of God …

  4. #4 by Bill Burroughs on 05/20/2016 - 9:34

    Ditto to what Noor wrote – Mothman nails it down yet again! Good work!

  5. #5 by Bill Burroughs on 05/20/2016 - 9:34

    Every time I see that picture of the snotty arrogant little Jew kid kicking that Palestinian woman, I want to jump right into the picture, staple that beanie right to his skull, and then break his fucking little demon neck like a cat twisting the head off of a bird while swinging it around.

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