Austrian neo-Nazi wanted to ‘kill all asylum-seekers’

neo nazi

Police arrest suspect in raid, find weapons, ammunition, Nazi memorabilia

ed note–the predictable reaction/response within certain neighborhoods in this ‘movement’ will of course be to cry ‘set-up, hoax, false flag’, etc, but this is more than likely not the case.

Having known these white nationalist/neo-nazi types for not just years, but decades, I know first hand how unstable and prone to violence many of them are. I remember one in particular, years ago, who announced to me personally that he had finally–after  many  months of cajoling and haranguing on his part–convinced his new bride to go along with his directives that if he were killed/captured by the feds in any upcoming confrontation, she was to shoot her 2 children (from a previous marriage) and then turn the gun on herself.

This is why I/we warn people in this movement away from any association with  individuals/groups such as these. Besides the fact that they do a large part of the Jews’ dirty work in painting all Gentile opposition to them with the same brush, these types are–as underscored in this news piece, ticking time bombs who can go off at any moment and where any one in their nearby environs is going to catch the heat and the shrapnel.

It is also the reason why the out-of-proportion emphasis on rehabilitating Hitler, the 3rd Reich, and hyper-focusing on debating the forensics of the Hollerco$t is–in terms of strategy in waking up the Gentile masses to the nature of the problems we face as a result of organized Jewish interests-an absolute exercise in futility. That is a battle that was lost a long time ago, and despite the fact there may be a handful of people around the globe who can be exorcized of the demons of false historical narrative, the fact is that we will never–repeat, NEVER–bring the kinds of large conversion numbers we need on that issue in order to deal with the problem of organized Jewish interests practically and successfully. All the lies concerning Hitler, WWII, the Hollerco$t and the rest will be ironed out after the vampire’s fangs are off of our collective neck, but in the meantime, activists need to focus on what works, which is appealing to the here-and-now, visceral, up-close-and-personal growing discontent amongst Gentiles in terms of their ability to earn a living, live their lives peaceably in freedom and prosperity and how the absence of any ‘quality of life’ is due entirely to the stranglehold that organized Jewish interests maintain over the economic, political and cultural systems of the West. 

Times of Israel

Austrian police commandos have arrested a suspected neo-Nazi who allegedly threatened to massacre asylum-seekers, recovering several weapons and ammunition at his home, police said Sunday.

The 20-year-old repeatedly told friends that he wanted to ‘shoot dead all asylum-seekers with his shotgun at a refugee center’, police in Upper Austria state said in a statement.

The man also used neo-Nazi language and sent a friend two text messages that included “National Socialist ideology,” police said.

In a raid on his home in the Linz-Land district on Thursday, police also found wartime Nazi memorabilia. Elite “Cobra” commandos arrested him near his home in the early hours on Friday.

Austria last year received some 90,000 asylum requests, the second highest per capita in the European Union, and saw around 10 times that number pass through towards Germany and Scandinavia.

The influx has boosted the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) — which says it rejects all violence — but Austria has largely been spared the attacks against refugees seen in neighboring Germany.

Last Sunday a man with neo-Nazi links opened fire with a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a concert in Vorarlberg state in western Austria, killing two people and injuring 12 before shooting himself.

Police said the man, who until 2013 was active in the local skinhead scene, had several assault convictions and was banned from owning weapons, had had an argument with his girlfriend shortly beforehand.

On Friday evening some 1,500 motorbikes — the concert was organized by local biker gang “The Lords” — drove in a huge convoy past the venue in memory of those killed and against violence.

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