jews make fake Hamas video to urge Brexit


Sabba – How many other videos featuring Hamas or some other muslim group have also been made by the children of satan, the jews? Here are a few tips on how to spot them: anything/anyone who calls for the death of Christians, who calls for the destruction of Christian sacred sites & places of worship, who calls for ‘jihad’ against the West (but never israel…), who demands the ‘Islamization’ of the world,  who demands ‘sharia’ law to be implemented in the West is 100% kosher certified jewish. PERIOD.

Remember that all the bolsheviks who raped Mother Russia and left her for dead were jews who had Russian names, who ate Russian food, who spoke Russian, who dressed the way Russians dress etc. So let no one be fooled by jews who use ‘muslim’ names, let no one be fooled by their speaking arabic (it is a requirement to join Mossad), let no one be fooled by their clothing, let no one be fooled by their ‘Islamic’ rhetoric and let us recognize for what it is: jewish rhetoric. 

The Messiah, Jesus (PBUH) warned us for all eternity: they are the synagogue of satan, they are the children of satan who, like their father, do nothing but lie, lie and lie again.  What else, how much more do we need?


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Hamas militants summoned a press conference to urge Britain to stay in the EU — or so it seems, according to an Israeli-made spoof. The Regavim organisation has made a video using footage from a Hamas media briefing, dubbing it with an anti-Brexit address.

“The UK must remain in the EU,” says the spoof voice of the Hamas spokesman. “The Zionist-controlled media will tell you it’s a waste of money… but they’re wrong, it’s worth every penny.”

The aim of the video is to parody the EU’s friendliness of the Palestinians, and convince Brits that if they support Israel, they should vote for Brexit.

The video is part of Regavim’s pro-Brexit online campaign — funded by donors including several British-Israelis — and a drive for British expats in Israel to register to vote.

Regavim, a right-wing and pro-settler organisation, decided to take the unusual foray into British politics after years objecting to EU policies on Israel and the Palestinians. Ari Briggs, international director of Regavim, said: “If we can take out the British taxpayers’ money from its budgets it will reduce the damage it can do to Israel.”

His main grievances against the EU are that its money is allegedly being used by the Palestinian Authority to pay stipends for terrorists who are in Israeli prisons, and that the EU builds Palestinian homes and facilities in the West Bank in violation of Israeli planning laws, while condemning Israeli building there.

Mr Briggs is also angry about EU guidelines encouraging the labelling of settlement goods, and had his spoof militant saying: “Europe hasn’t had the convenience of labelled Jew products for over 70 years since that angry little German man tried it.”

A screenshot from the video Hamas wants UK to stay in the EU (Regavim Advocacy Project)A screenshot from the video Hamas wants UK to stay in the EU (Regavim Advocacy Project)

  1. #1 by Sassine on 06/22/2016 - 9:34

    Your first introductory paragraph tells it all. Perfectly said

  2. #2 by Mustacq Abdullah on 06/22/2016 - 9:34

    Spreading Islamophobia For Dummies – Version 6

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