Donald Trump Faces Summer of Yucks and Jeers From Liberal Jews


ed note–But, but, but…I/we thought–based upon some of the commentary from a few ‘experts’ in this movement–that Trump was the ‘favored’ candidate for organized Jewish interests…He’s said all sorts of nice things about Israel and Netanyahu, and this PROVES he is bought-and-paid for and will do their bidding…

Yes, I know folks, I am tired of the routine as well, but unfortunately, as long as the type of myopia continues within certain ‘neighborhoods’ in this ‘movement’, than it is my/our duty to hone in on this vapidity and see it receive the type of intellectual evisceration it deserves. Unfortunately, within this ‘orchestra’ we call the ‘truth movement’ there are far too many wannabe ‘players’ and far too few actual ‘musicians’.

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