New “Leaked” EU Document Calls For Expansion To Middle East And North Africa


Sabba – On May 18, we posted an article –  Blood Borders: The Clash Of Civilizations And The Migrant Crisis Revisited – with a whole paragraph about “The European Union and the integration of the Islamic world towards a global world government”, where I give the different steps, dates, official document names etc.

(…) “It may come as a surprise to many, but the EU has been actively working towards bringing the Arab/Muslim world into the fold of the EU, into the fold of a jew-friendly world.

In 1995, a Conference of Euro-Mediterranean Ministers of Foreign Affairs was held in Barcelona. Out of that conference, the Barcelona Process, also known as Euro-Med Partnership was officially launched.

Javier Solana of Spain opened the conference by out-laying the goal: to foster cultural and economic unity in the ‘Mediterranean region’ (…)”

So let us not be fooled by the titled: the integration of ALL the Mediterranean countries to the EU has never – NEVER – been a secret. It has been on their agenda since the 1990s and all the official documents are available on the European Commission website. 

The Duran and the Express, to their great shock and surprise,  seem to discover  this only today thanks to some ‘leaked’ documents, but it is something that any student of contemporary history/international relations/geo-politics has known about since the mid 1990s… 



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