US Mayors Blast Obama, NATO: War Games on Russia’s Border Endanger Humanity


ed note–imagine for a moment, all of us, the 7 billion Gentiles making up what we might call the Moral Majority on God’s green earth, sitting in a room full of ticking time bombs of various sizes, designs, shapes, and characteristics. Some have the word ‘economy’ written on them. Some have ‘Western/Zionist-manufactured Islamic Terrorism’. Others have ‘social/political meltdown’, etc, etc, etc…

The biggest one in the room however has 3 words on it– ‘War with Russia’.

Not only is it the biggest one, it is also the one that right now is the easiest to set off. As tense as things are–in addition to other criteria–all someone would need do at this point is to say the word ‘war’ and it could go off.

Now, let’s assume that Washington has no intention of getting a war started with a nuclear-armed/understandably-paranoid Russia right now, a country that is being led by a man who is immensely popular, and not on only in his own country but around the world. Let’s say that Washington has no intention of moving this thing to DefCon 1 any more than it does of putting a gun in its own mouth and pulling the trigger, but only intends to push the envelope in such a way that concessions can be gained short of out-and-out war.

It doesn’t matter what Washington’s intentions are–what matters is what Israel is willing to do in taking advantage of this situation to her benefit.

As we have stated before on this website, on June 8, 1967, when Israel was busy trying to sink the USS LIBERTY, the intention on the part of the Jewish state and a few traitors in Washington DC was (if necessary) to get a war started between the US and the USSR, and these elements almost achieved that, but for the grace of God. However, despite the fact that this planned-for war did not in fact kick off that day, this did not mean that the planners gave up their plans. As the old saying goes, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again…’

In the movie Sum of All Fears based upon the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, ‘Neo-Nazis’ out to revive the failed Third Reich mean to get a war started between the US and Russia by utilizing a series of pre-planned false flag events, leading to an escalation of tit-for-tat events that quickly spiral out of control. In the movie, the ‘head guy’ states plainly that this hoped-for 4th Reich, now only in the embryonic stages of its development, cannot defeat the US or Russia by itself and therefore the obvious solution is to have the 2 nuclear powers defeat each other.

This in effect is what Israel wants in bringing about the revival of her long-hoped-for ‘Reich’ with Jerusalem as its headquarters and from which all world affairs will be dominated/directed/dictated by Judaic interests and Judaic ‘ethics’. Now, with her nuclear-armed subs and her network of spies and saboteurs spread throughout the world, the Jewish state has all of her pieces in play, ready at a moment’s notice to activate them in bringing about the very same series of events that was the stuff of ‘fiction’ in Clancy’s made-for-film novel.

This is why we have maintained on this website from the beginning that priority numero uno must be to frustrate the enemy’s plans at every turn by denying her the primary thing she is trying to foment–war between the West and the Islamic world, which now by extension includes Russia. All other considerations–chemtrails, vaccines, ‘hoaxes’, reptilians, ‘immegrayshun’, ‘white rights’, ‘gay rights’, gun rights, Hitler-Rehabilitation/Holocaust-denial, etc, etc, etc, must–if we entertain any hopes of getting through this dangerous period alive–take secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, and denary positions of importance in this political variation of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, or as one might say in Latin– ‘obliti privatorum, publica curate’…

To do anything else is to allow ourselves to be used as pieces on a chessboard by the very elements who mean to destroy us, or, as described a few sentences above–for us to put a gun in our own mouths and pull the trigger.

In closing, we’ll make our point by utilizing another ‘Clancy moment’ from the film Hunt for Red October when National Security Advisor Jeffrey Pelt is speaking with the Russian Ambassador to the US in his office about the growing storm taking place between the US and Russians, to wit–

‘You would do well to remember Mr. Ambassador, that having OUR ships and YOUR ships, OUR aircraft and YOUR aircraft in such close proximity is inherently DANGEROUS. Wars have begun that way Mister…’

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