U.S. overseas military bases have become symbolic of lawlessness and crime


NEW EASTERN OUTLOOK – It is therefore not surprising that the concern about the presence of American troops abroad is growing worldwide. This global trend can be exemplified by the discontent of Latvian women who requested local authorities to sign an agreement with the United States, requiring US troops to pay child support for those children they leave behind. As activists say, such an agreement should be concluded before NATO troops even arrive to Latvia. They underline the fact that Americans are known for “using” the local population while serving in the military. But when soldiers leave, women are left raising children alone.

As for the Americans, they seem to be ignorant of the reactions they have provoked, failing to realize the full extent of the problem…



  1. #1 by Al on 07/08/2016 - 11:18 pm

    We should blame all these US military bases, crimes and aggressions around the world on American people… They are either brainwashed or just careless; they are the ones who should protest or at least not to vote for their fascist presidential candidates…

    I also put part of the blame on American churches who talk about everything except those crimes and injustices that their government commits around the world… In fact they even support many of their extreme right-wing fascist leaders or candidates… It is shame

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