Jewish masochism and German masochism


By Professor Robert Faurisson – I am struck by the tendency among a great many Jews to keep reminding themselves and the rest of us, tirelessly, at every turn and even, at times, with no apparent justification, of the sufferings or humiliations that they or their forebears have endured, particularly during the Second World War. It has now been seventy-six years since that war ended with the Jews’ victory, thus the defeat of their enemies. Yet certain Jewish organisations give the impression that they are continuing that war which they won on May 8, 1945 (…)  For them, the defeated country is never beaten and humiliated enough and the past hardships of the Jews are never sufficiently present in everyone’s mind.


  1. #1 by Ostmann on 07/09/2016 - 8:28 am

    I would say it is indeed a form of resignation on the part of Germans.
    But not to worry Germans were given now ‘pegida’ so they can assemble for the defense of the ‘Judeo-Christian European heritage’. And just how old is this manipulated Christian ‘heritage’ brought by the swords of the Papal armies? 1500 years max. With massive influx of refugees, who all claim to be from Syria, the saying that: “Same enemy make friends” comes into effect. Protecting jews. Not to speak of the kalergi-plan, who formulated in the 1920ties his ideas that through population transfer a new European ‘race’ should be created “.. of Afro-Mongolian appearance with a color of the old Egyptians, to dumb to comprehend but still able to work (and exploitable) with no connection to the land..”.
    There is also the ‘Anti-fa(shist) sort of anarchist movement who screems: “Bomber-Harris- Do it again” and beat any patriot into the hospital. Their role is to squash any real Truth-National-Patriotic awakening, protecting the treasons politic system.
    That and the constant reminders in the jewish owned system media that absolut nothing good came out of the German Reich, and the holohoax indoctrination starting in shool, are all CONTINUATION OF WAR BY OTHER MEANS. As I keep mentioning, Germany has no PEACE treaty, its Constitution is not used and it is still on the list of UN-enemy states (UN chapters 52 and 107).
    But the underlying core is that the second ww was a war of jews on the German people. War declared 24th of March 1933! in major western newspapers. Since jews consider Germanic peoples as being Amalekites, they must be all killed unless they pay a tribute/tax to them, then they are ‘only’ soft-killed. See the top rabbi’s and memonidas on the subject.

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