Parents of East Jerusalem Teen Ask Court to Demolish Jewish Killers’ Homes


Mohammed Abu Khdeir was abducted and burned to death by three Israelis. Defense Ministry told the family Jewish population doesn’t require such extreme deterrent.

ed note–before getting into the meat of this story, let’s put this thing into the kind of perspective that it warrants–

1. The religiously-driven judaic terrorists who murdered this boy forced him to drink gasoline before setting his body on fire in what was a modern-day re-enactment of the same judaic religious ritual that jews practiced for thousands of years where a lamb, goat, or bull was killed and then incinerated in pleasing Yahweh, the vengeful, violent, racist god of the Jews.

2. The only reason, ONLY, that the perps saw the inside of an Israeli courtroom was because there was too much public awareness of this horrific crime and to do otherwise would thus lend credibility to those (such as the editors/readers of this website) who maintain that Judaism is an inherently barbaric, bloodthirsty cult theology that must be understood/dealt with in a rational, reasonable and moral way lest the entire world suffer the same fate as this Palestinian boy.

3. Remember as well that that only thing differentiating what was done to Mohammed Abu Khdeir and what is done with systematic regularity to the innocent men, women, and children in Gaza is scale. When the IDF does it, it receives the sanction of the state and thus a certain amount of acceptability worldwide, but in substance, that is the only difference.


The parents of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the teenage boy burned to death by three Israeli Jews two years ago, have petitioned the High Court of Justice, demanding that it order Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to demolish the three killers’ homes.

The Defense Ministry had earlier told the parents that there is no need for home demolitions in this case because the Jewish population doesn’t require such acts of deterrence.



Two months ago, a few days before the sentencing of Yosef Haim Ben David, the last defendant in the case, the attorney representing the victim’s parents contacted then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and asked him to either demolish or seal the homes of the three killers, as is frequently done with the homes of Palestinian terrorists. Defense Ministry legal adviser Ahaz Ben Ari replied, “Considering the extent of the phenomenon of serious hostile crimes in the Jewish sector, the need to use this authority does not arise.”


Ben Ari also quoted a ruling by Supreme Court Judge Noam Sohlberg, who wrote, “There is no place for symmetry. … There’s no denying that there are indeed attacks by Jews on Arabs, and there certainly is a need for criminal prosecution and appropriate action. But the difference is unimaginable, the gap is immense – in the quality of the attacks, in their quantity, and in particular with regard to the environment – the firm and decisive wall-to-wall condemnation on the Jewish side, which is not the case on the opposite side.”


The petition filed on Wednesday by attorney Mohannad Jabara on behalf of Hussein and Suha Abu Khdeir argues that in light of recent events there is indeed a need for deterrence against Jewish terrorists.


“It’s apparent that the Jewish sector is getting more radicalized by the day, which has led the defense establishment and the Shin Bet security service to implement dozens of administrative detentions against extreme right-wing activists to halt the danger they pose and the inflammatory statements they’ve made.”

The petition was received by Justice Menachem Mazuz, who said it would be slated for a hearing as soon as possible.

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