James Bond SPECTRE: 007 Revelation of the Method & Terrorism (Video)

james bond

By Professor Michael Hoffman The use of the Revelation of the Method for inducing compliance and docility in subject populations

Who is actually behind global terrorism? The terrorists themselves reveal it.

This is a 14 second video of a room where a movie is playing on a TV set. On the TV set the 007 character in the movie can be seen to state to the leader of the Cryptocracy that the leader is behind terrorism in cities in order to convince governments to join a global, all-seeing intelligence network paid for by the Cryptocracy.

The articulation of this truth in a Hollywood movie constitutes Revelation of the Method by the Cryptocracy itself. For more on the Revelation of the Method cf. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman:

“Revelation of the Method is a theory first proposed by James Shelby Downard from his study of antiquarian alchemical manuscripts, and more specifically a phrase contained within them, “Must Be,” concerning the means for inducing inevitabilism (self-fulfilling prophecy) in a target population.

Expanded upon by this writer in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Revelation of the Method entails the timed disclosure, for purposes of psychological warfare, of previously well-guarded secrets by the secrets-keepers themselves. One component of the Revelation is the expectation that this divulgence of criminal power and perpetration will not result in any meaningful backlash or uprising on the part of the victims to whom the Revelation was made, thus compounding their mental and spiritual servitude.” Copyright©2016 by Michael Hoffman



  1. #1 by mothman777 on 07/18/2016 - 4:13 pm

    I think you make a very salient point there Sabba, as Hollywood is not usually known for making revelations about truths in any beneficial manner.

    Maybe the intent of Hollywood is that the entire scenario of the film Spectre, actually based on reality, can safely be put to bed in the human mind now, as it was ‘all just a fictitious crime plot’, nothing more, to be assigned to the realms of mere fantasy that has somehow now been ‘dealt with’. We will see what transpires with the coming Bond films.

    Or was it a wake up call? Certainly the fears about the unlimited spying technology of the intended Big Brother NWO superstate state and who is behind it are addressed in this film, which I consider the best Bond film yet, and the hardest hitting, not having the profusion of silly attempts at humour of some of the post Sean Connery Bond films that rather demeaned the whole thing at times, and the clearest statement yet of an intended NWO government based on SPECTRE.

    The degree of infiltration of the British government by SPECTRE was also revealed to be top level, yet with the assurance that forces for good will somehow prevail, but that can just numb people back to sleep, rather than summon them to do the good themselves. but of course, that will be as much as the writers will be able to get away with without being told to tone it down.

    I wonder if Sir Ian Fleming, the former spymaster who wrote the original Bond novels before his death in 1964, would be delighted to see how original plots for Bond in his novels are now being played out by current Bond writers who have taken over his ideas. I can see some indications of hints at Jewish conspiracy in the earlier novels, the Jewishness of the names in the plots SPECTRE, as in Barbara Lerner Spectre, Blofeld etc. http://forward.com/news/israel/9024/bond-s-semitic-villains/

    The Spectre screenplay was written by John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Jez Butterworth, distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures, directed by Sam Mendes.

    The intricacy of the plot would have satisfied Fleming’s own flair for genius exhibited during his time with the intelligence services in WWII. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Fleming

    Though sadly, Fleming’s obvious genius in real life in WWII was used by him in error on the side of the ‘Allies’, yet he seems to have indicated the true enemy even so, though possibly not being entirely Jew-wise himself, as he once described his ideal woman as “thirtyish, Jewish, a companion who wouldn’t need education in the arts of love”. http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/449901/Dark-side-of-007-author-Ian-Fleming

    Or maybe Sir Ian Fleming liked the idea of a good sporting challenge with the opposite sex, even one who was a Jewess, perhaps for him the ultimate challenge, or, maybe his ideas for his Bond plots would have come to the attention of the Jewish Big Brother and got him in trouble for revealing so much in his novels, so he made such a statement about wanting a Jewish woman to cover himself, one never knows. Like Bond, who often sleeps with women connected to the other side, Fleming, much like Bond in his sexual appetites, in wanting a Jewish wife, is doing much the same thing.

    The name SPECTRE is also very telling, in that one of the letters stands for Revenge, and who always wants revenge, when never truly justified? the Jews, and how would a worldwide criminal organization ever be truly justified in Revenge as a major part of it’s purpose either? A major crime cartel commits crimes, but who would they need to have revenge on? Therein lies a clue as to the Jewishness of SPECTRE, which of course, is also a Jewish name in itself, as Jews have a policy of eternal ‘revenge’ against the Gentiles, all non-Jews, whom the Jews perceive as evil incarnate, and the source of all their ills, who must all be subjugated, and then, ultimately, physically eliminated.

    The film also uses the all-embracing octopus motif on the SPECTRE rings, especially in the opening sequences of the film, and such imagery is very often used to describe the nature of world domination and strangulation by evil Jewish forces.

    Maybe Sir Ian Fleming, like American General George Patton, also later regretted his actions in having worked against the NSDAP forces of Germany, who knows?

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