MACEDONIA – Another U.S. regime change strategy to block Russian and Chinese projects in Eurasia


SOTT – The “Colorful Revolution” that’s presently ongoing in the Republic of Macedonia is nothing more than a Color Revolution masquerading as a “legitimate” civil society movement. It’s really a foreign-supported regime change attempt that employs state-of-art political technologies inspired by the teachings of Gene Sharp, the godfather of this stratagem (…)  the US’ ultimate fallback plan is to devastate the Balkans with another regional war if it can’t seize control of the geostrategic territory through which Russia’s Balkan Stream and China’s Balkan Silk Road are expected to pass.


  1. #1 by The duke of zundeledonia on 07/18/2016 - 2:28 am

    Macedonia is in the midst of a war against the very rats which engineered the Ukraine civil war, the command centre of the enemy is in Israel, the general is the state department of the US and London who both issue orders to the european soviet communist union of nihilism.

    We Macedonians have so far seen through their games and withstood their illegal probocations using peaceful means and politics of a nationalist tone with patriots such as our president Ivanov.

    The rats expect us to respond with force so they can reenact the Nato invasion of Yugoslavia, steal our resources and privatise our industries at a serious discount then, repeal our right of self determination, partition our land and split it with those who do their bidding in the region, namely Albania and Bulgaria. Oil is the big game here sure but what the rats really want is to flood Europe with intent of miscgenation where the bond of race and religion as we share to some extent with the russians no longer ensures peaceful mutually beneficial cooperation at an ecenomical level. We would be doomed to perpetual debt by the imf, our water supplies under foreign occupation and religious wars… sounds like communism was transplanted to in the west.

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