Argentina & The Sex Slave Trade In The Beginning Of The XXth Century: All Roads Lead To The jews

argentina jews

“By 1910 sex trafficking came to be understood as a “principally Jewish activity”Leon Malach, in a 1928 article for The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, colors the background:

“The first Jews to settle in the Argentine were, not to blink the facts, procurers, who came in the wake of the great European migration about fifty years ago. They enticed girls from the small towns of Eastern Europe into the Argentine and sold them into a life of vice. No wonder that the name “Buenos Aires” became a synonym for shame among the Jews of Eastern Europe or that it was a social stigma to admit to relatives in the Argentine.

These then were the Jewish pioneers of the Argentine: men who made no secret of their disgraceful trade and men who were, curiously enough, chauvinistically proud to call themselves Jews. Taking root in the new land and flourishing, they became wealthy, and with their families whom they brought from Europe established a community which took to itself all the aristocratic airs common to early settlers and first families the world over“. 




  1. #1 by James Benn on 07/19/2016 - 7:06 pm

    Very interesting and very balanced article. But nevertheless, the same old pattern emerges… “Of 164 pimps in a [Buenos Aires] police file of 1893-1894,” reveals historian José C. Moya, “no less than 121 (74 percent) and as many as 150 (92 percent) were Jewish.”

    Dreary me, what is wrong with these people? It’s like a broken record. And this on top of the well-known Jewish role in the slave trade. Not to mention their ongoing notorious role in pornography as a weapon of mass subversion. Not to mention, of course, the overarching power they exert by means of Usury.

    In the meantime, I am getting spammed by some mob calling themselves ‘Sojourners’ (‘’) who bleat incessantly about … “Our dangerous spirituality”. To wit … “The United States of America was established as a white society, founded upon the genocide of another race and then the enslavement of yet another.” I presume, like MoveOn and suchlike groups, they are being financed by financial finagler, Svengali, and nation-wrecker, George ‘Eternal’ Soros. But this outfit is targeting the bleeding heart ‘liberal’ rather than the Christian Zionist ‘conservative’.

    For God’s sake, I wish so-called ‘Christian’ groups would stop all this awful self-flagellation vis-à-vis their whiteness. It’s pathetic. To experience visceral racism in all its nastiness, just grab a copy of the Talmud and study the texts therein. It is full of the most strident racism you could ever hope, or not hope, to encounter. And this is a religion? God help us.

  2. #2 by Isaac on 07/20/2016 - 4:31 pm

    Indeed. There is a book written by an Argentinian Priest. “El Judio En El Misterio de la Historia” “The Jew In the Mistery of History”. by Padre Julio Meineville. He tells how the Jews have perverted the one time Christian society, destroyed the Argentinian economy and promote vices, and engage in all kinds of criminal activity, drugs, racketeering, murder for hire, casinos, prostitution, and use intimidation, coercion, threats on Public Officials etc,,,
    \They are the most destructive people on earth.

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