FRANCE – Disappointed, French Jews leave Israel


ELECTRONIC INTIFADA – Among those who do leave France for Israel, many return home disappointed. In an in-depth look at the issue this week, the Paris newspaper Le Monde cites estimates that somewhere around 15-30 percent of French emigrants to Israel eventually return home. Exact figures are unavailable because the question of returning to France is subject to a “double taboo”: it’s seen as a failure both for the returnee as well as for Israel.


  1. #1 by Blake on 07/19/2016 - 8:30 pm

    Netanyahu told French Jews to go to Israel, because there’s nothing like solving one country’s postcolonial problems by contributing to the neo-colonial project of another……

  2. #2 by mothman777 on 07/20/2016 - 3:08 am

    Part of the deliberate strategy of flooding the West with aggressive immigrants is to push the Jews in Western countries to emigrate to Israel, as the Jews will not want to live in such mixed communities in the end, leaving only the white Gentiles to permanently have yet more malcontents amongst them to blame for the wars and dire economic conditions in their own countries back home.

    It is a continuation of the Jewish policy of race-mixing what they view as their principal enemies, the white people, just like the Jewish slave-trading companies flooded some Western countries with black people years ago, for the very same purpose, and now the descendants of those black people, along with the more-recently immigrated, are permanently malcontent with a very ugly chip on their shoulder, always blaming ‘white’ people for what happened to their forbears years ago, even though they were entirely slaves in the first place, to other black tribes, who had taken them prisoner in war to become slaves, as was the custom there, and then the blacks who had the other blacks as slaves simply sold those blacks who were already slaves to the Jewish slave traders to sell to a 95% openly Jewish group of buyers in the West.

    The longer that silly, ignorant and gutless people elect Jews into their governments, the worse it is going to become.

    I guess the the heat is a little too hot for the Jews even in Israel, for many of them to want to leave even there. And if they can’t stand Israel, they should also reason to leave the Jewish religion entirely.

    It is high time for the Jews to leave the silly war-mongering Jewish religion, but very few have the ability to reason as they should, or to deal with being social outcasts from the Jewish community if they do so, or having to assimilate into non-Jewish communities. Rather, they most usually remain crypto-Jewish to enjoy the best of both worlds, whilst poisoning ours discreetly by still continuing to support the Jewish and Israeli agenda nonetheless behind all our backs, with quiet malice.

    Erstwhile French President Sarkozy, a Jew, clearly stated his agenda of strongly encouraging not only racial mixing in the French community, but also racial interbreeding, something the Jews themselves would never recommend or even permit in Israel.

    It must be getting really uncomfortable now in Israel if the former French Jews think it is even worse in Israel than the deliberately inflamed atmosphere created by their own politicians back in France.

    Maybe this means these Jews are just cowards in the end, or just a lot thicker than we thought. Or maybe they just had an Israeli Jewish refresher course in being complete bastards before coming back to France, to help the Jewish agenda along there, after all, America sends it’s police and military to Israel for ‘training’ and to get G’d up, so why not these people too in some way, even if that was not their original conscious intent.

  3. #3 by SimplyFred on 07/20/2016 - 3:47 am

    Imagine a jew free France! Imagine a jew free Europe! Imagine a jew free United States! We could be wholesome and family oriented once again!

  4. #4 by hubert helmreich on 07/20/2016 - 7:26 am

    I wisch this Parracites will Dissapear to another WE Gentiles can Breath again.

    On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 1:57 PM, The Ugly Truth wrote:

    > Sabba posted: ” ELECTRONIC INTIFADA – Among those who do leave France for > Israel, many return home disappointed. In an in-depth look at the issue > this week, the Paris newspaper Le Monde cites estimates that somewhere > around 15-30 percent of French emigrants to Israel ev” >

  5. #5 by 5 dancing shlomos on 07/21/2016 - 4:04 am

    no returns allowed

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