FRANCE – What happened in Nice – A Russian Analysis (Must Read)

Ed-note (Sabba) – Remember: ‘modern, progressive, secular’ are euphemism for judaized to the bone, so much that it has lost its original essence. Europe was built on Christian foundations. Any other foundations are alien to its essence. Europe/the West as it is now, is not liberal, it is not progressive, it is not secular: it is jewish thru and thru.

The first step to get rid of any addiction is always to acknowledge it. The West is addicted to jewish values and jewish way of life which deluded Westerners believe are their own ‘achievements’. For as long as the West cherishes and holds on to these jewish values, there will be no way out for us but to be vaporized in the soon to come WWIII. The jews may be the drug dealers but we are the drug addicts. The responsibility for our destruction is ours, and ours alone.

PRAVDA – Those fighting for the freedom of a people do not slaughters them as happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria. It is not the secular and progressive West of Bernard Henry Levy’s “modern” Illuminism which defends here and now freedom and human dignity.

In defense of these categories there are now the Lebanon of Hezbollah, the Syria of Assad and of the many religious denominations, the Russia of Putin, the Iran of the ayatollahs. Certainly not the “modern” West. Whether you like it or not, this is so.


  1. #1 by rehmat1 on 07/19/2016 - 12:36 pm

    On July 14, the BBC’s Jews announced that French Jewish president Francois Hollande has decided not to extend the state of emergency imposed after the Friday November 13, 2015 Paris false flag operation.

    Hollande government has failed to suppress a 3-month-old anti-government violent mass protests against a new labor law. The protesters are demanding the resignation of French prime minister Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti with a Zionist Jewish wife.

    Hollande is the least popular French president in country’s history. His current popularity rating stands at 14% and falling in comparison to Nicolas Sarkozy’s (Jewish) 21% and Front National’s Marine Le Penn (have a Jew boyfriend) at 28%.

    On Friday, by coincident a truck ramped into a crowd of people celebrating the Bastille Day (French Revolution 1789) in city of Nice killing 84 people and injuring another 100. Hollande immediately announced the extension of the state emergency.

    French police has named Tunisian-born French citizen Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, as the ‘lone’ truck driver. Like all the other false flag operators, police had been watching Bouhlel for years – and he was killed by police on the spot before he said ‘Allah Akbar’!

    Police claims Bouhlel was emotionally very upset over his wife of three children divorcing him. If that could turn a man into a terrorist – then more than half of all French male population could be terrorist. France has 55% divorce rating. Belgium has world’s highest divorce rating (71%). French president has proved this theory wrong by producing four sons without marrying his live-in partner of over 20 years. He is currently living with his third live-in partner.

    Various videos are being played by the Jewish-controlled media in support of the so-called ‘Muslim terrorism’ – but what I see is lots of people running around and shouting like in a Hollywood film (see below) – no dead actors or blood.

    This is the third terrorist event in France since country’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius (born to Ashkenazi Jew family in 1946) warned Netanyahu in 2014 that France may recognize an independent Palestinian state if the so-called ‘peace talks’ between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority failed. He repeated the warning in January 2016.

    Why French are victims of Europe’s most terrorist attacks? France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population (7-10 million), great majority of which is non-White and pro-Palestine. France is also home to Europe’s most powerful Jewish Lobby (CRIF). Last year CRIF condemned Hollande over meeting with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani in Paris.

    France also has its version of Jewish terrorist organization, Jewish Defense League (Ligue de Defense Juive (LDJ).

    Nice is widely regarded as one of the best gay-friendly cities in France, second only to Paris. From beaches, to museums, bars and clubs, the gay scene is lively and varied in Nice and last year the first LGBT centre of the Alpes-Maritimes was opened here!

    Interestingly, on July 15, French newspaper Le Pnsuer reported that Bouhlel is alive and well in Tunisia.

  2. #2 by Mike on 07/22/2016 - 4:56 pm

    I agree “how convenient” and it is a gift for the Zionists no doubt but……

    “Various videos are being played by the Jewish-controlled media in support of the so-called ‘Muslim terrorism’ – but what I see is lots of people running around and shouting like in a Hollywood film (see below) – no dead actors or blood”

    Well here are your “fake actors or blood” i found this just a few minutes ago

    Crisis actors? Hollywood blood?

    Will you put this footage on your website that people may have been killed?

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